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Published by: tim105 on May 21, 2010
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234 Fatsal - 5 sigaret Ark Royal Butter Rum E-Liquid Butterscotch E-Liquid Cabin Cappuccino E-Liquid Caramel E-Liquid Caster Cherry Cheese Cake E-Liquid Chesterfield Chocolate Covered Cherries E-Liquid Chocolate E-Liquid Chocolate Hazelnut E-Liquid Cinamon Roll E-Liquid Clove E-Liquid Cocoa E-Liquid Coconut E-Liquid Coffee E-Liquid Cola E-Liquid Cotton Candy E-Liquid Creame De Menthe E-Liquid Davidoff Dijarum Black Doublemint E-Liquid DR Pepper E-Liquid Dreamsicle E-Liquid Eggnog E-Liquid English Toffee E-Liquid ESSE Fruity Pineapple E-Liquid Garam Grape E-Liquid

Special Ordering Instructions for the 6-Pack Sampler
Choose your Flavors and Strength from the list below and enter them into the fields provided in the checkout cart.

Insert Here
Please remember the sampler packs are only available in 0-24mg.
Each Field should have your flavor choice and the strength:
Example: Bottle 1 Flavor/Strength Example: Bottle 2 Flavor/Strength Watermelon-18mg Mar-Bro– 24mg

Strength Choices 0mg 6mg 12mg 18mg 24mg

Green Apple E-Liquid Guava E-Liquid Havana Honey E-Liquid Jaeger Bomb E-Liquid Jolly Rancher Pineapple E-Liquid Juicy Peach Juicy Pear Keoke Coffee E-Liquid Kiwi E-Liquid Lamberti Lark Lemon E-Liquid Lemonade E-Liquid Licorice E-Liquid LUCKY STRIKE Madarin E-Liquid Mango Mango E-Liquid Maple E-Liquid Marshmallow E-Liquid Mint E-Liquid Newport Nutty Amaretto E-Liquid Orange E-Liquid Orange Cream E-Liquid Pall Mall

Peace Peach Daquiri E-Liquid Peach E-Liquid Peanut Butter E-Liquid Pecan E-Liquid Pepsi E-Liquid Peter Stuyvesant Pina Colada E-Liquid Plum E-Liquid Pomegranates E-Liquid Prailines & Creame E-Liquid Pralines and Cream E-Liquid Pumpkin E-Liquid Pumpkin E-Liquid Raison Raspberry E-Liquid Red Licorice E-Liquid Red Licorice E-Liquid Reece Cup E-Liquid Reece Cup E-Liquid Root Beer E-Liquid Royal Raspberry E-Liquid Rum E-Liquid Salem Salt Water Taffy E-Liquid SaltWater Taffy E-Liquid Spearmint E- Liquid Watermelon E-Liquid Vanilla E-Liquid Vanilla Butternut E-Liquid Virginia slims Strawberry E- Liquid Strawberry Kiwi E- Liquid Sweet Apple E-Liquid Teaberry Tropical Punch Turbosmog Tutti-Fruity E-Liquid

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