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"The Rutgers Connection" is a trimester newsletter designed to inform and strengthen the connection & loyalty between our customers and Rutgers Landscape & Nursery

Be a "Steward of the Earth"

Rutgers "Steward of the Earth" program consists of a number of initiatives that aim to bring awareness of environmental issues and funding for green projects throughout our community.

From June 18 through August 15,2010 Rutgers Nursery will donate 2% of all lox a 8'tuWM 4 t/" t(/f(4 sales to the New Jersey Tree Foundation.


The NJ Tree Foundation is a state-wide non profit organization dedicated to planting trees in New Jersey's most underserved neighborhoods. To learn more about the NJ Tree Foundation please Click on the link below. Or, you can visit their website at: hUp:llwww.newjerseytreefoundation.orgfhome.org

NJ Tree Foundation

How can Trees turn your town into a "Hometown"?

... and help reduce the Greenhouse effect while reducing your air conditioning needs up to 30%, and thereby reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned to produce electricity?

You can read the entire article on our website Help our Environment - Eco-Friendly Trees or

you can visit our website at: http://www.futgersLN.comfti eeo friendly trees.asp


Nursery is excited to announce our 2010 Seminar program! All seminars begin at

1 :OOam. Bring a friend and learn from our talented knowledgeable staff and guest speakers.

to win our Seminar Raffle!

H.REE LUCKYWINNERS will receive a $100 gift in November, 2010! Every seminar you d increases your chances of winning!

May 22

Year Round Tree Care May 29

Container Gardening June 5

All About Composting June 12

Shade Gardening

June 19

Butterfly 8< Hummingbird Gardens June 26

Rose & Clematis Gardening July 10

All About Water Gardening July 24

Seeding & Lawn Care

Click seminars to view our entire Seminar Schedule or visit our website at: hUp:llwww.rutgersLN.com/s s sched.asp

Summer Gardening Ideas

Be Water-Wise

Wait! Before you drag out the hose, dig your fingers into the soil and around the base of the plant 1/4 to 112 inch to feel if the soil/plant is "cool/moist and soft-ish" or "rock-hard like stone". If the soil feels like the former, coo'l/moist and soft-ish, YOU DO NOT NEED TO WATER! Remember, the soil conditions in Western NJ and Eastern PA are more part clay, than part sand, and they hold your fertilizer and water in the soil for much longer time periods. Your plant may be wet enough! Over-watering causes as many plant problems as under-watering. Special Note: Often a plant will show the same conditions of stress, whether the plant is too wet or too dry. SO, before you pull out the hose, DIG IN to check the plants current moisture level!

Prune back roses

Roses should be pruned back after their first bloom. You can either dead head the spent blooms or cut them back to tame them and keep under control. Cut back all weak and dead wood as well. Most importantly, cleaning up all spent leaves, especial.ly those that suffered from black spot will help from further diseases.

Pinch back summer and fall perennials

Continue to pinch back all late summer and fall perennials to keep them bushy and healthy and to stagger blooming times.

Plant summer blooming bulbs

Continue to plant summer blooming bulbs such as dahlias, cannas, lilies.

Finish pruning spring blooming shrubs

Pruning of spring blooming bushes such as azaleas, rhododendrons, lilacs should be completed shortly after bloom and new growth has "hardened off' (usually June, before July 4th) so that they can begin new growth for next spring.



'Most Beautiful Garden Contest"

t's time to enter our Most Beautiful Garden Contest! Gift cates up to $500 will be awarded.

I entries will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to Rutgers ursery for participation in June, 2010.

I entries must be received by 5/31/10. This date is getting

close! All entries will be contacted in June of 2010 to set up a "Garden Review Date". To register, simply click Best Garden Award form and submit to a Rutgers Staff person! Or you can print a form by visiting http://www.rutgersLN.comfpdf/BestGardenForm2010.pdf Winners and awards will be completed in June, 2010.

Take advantage of Summer Blooming Flowers in your Landscape

Summer is the best time to add lots of color to your garden! Whether you want to dress up just one area of your yard or spotlight another, perhaps around an ornamental, there's no better time to

accomplish this than now while summer blooming annuals are at their peak! You can't go wrong with adding masses of just one color or a mixture of them, either way the outcome is just as astonishing.

There are numerous types of summer blooming flowers you can add to your landscape whether you want to incorporate them within your existing garden or add color into your patio with the use of container plants!

is the season when perennial plants take center stage with bright, long lasting flowers that stand up to the summertime heat. Large blocks of add impact to a garden and the best way to achieve that is with long ing perennial flowers such as:

Yarrow Coreopis Dianthus

Coneflowers Rudbeckia Gaillardia

Liatris Catmint Sea bios a

Sedum Speedwell

Visit our website for "Tips on Planting Perennials" or hUp:/Iwww.rutgersLN.com/ti_perennial_tips.asp


Annuals add a splash of color to your landscape! Not only are

they Versatile, but they can be planted in masses, edge your walks and driveways, fit them in with vegetables or under shrubs or accent other plants in your garden. They adapt well to containers. Picture petunias tumbling from a hanging basket, blanketed in blooms, just above your hammock. These flowers are perfect for smaller gardens or to liven up your patio. ir blooming cycle and low maintenance make them naturals for pots, window boxes and hanging baskets or just about anywhere you to catch some attention! There are hundreds of varieties of annuals that

wBi fit your needs whether you have a sunny location, shady or a good of both light conditions. To keep your annuals blooming beautifully all summer long, try adding a Bloom Booster Fertilizer which will enhance blooms rather than root systems or foliage growth, or when planting your annuals, you can use Osmocote fertilizer which is a slow releasefertilizer which will feed them for up to four months. To learn about Deer Resistant Annuals, click on our recent blog post on "Deer Resistant Annuals" or visit our blog at: http://rutgers-Ieslie.blogspot.com/2010105/top-10- deer -reststant -annuals. htm I


Want to add the "WOW' factor into your landscape this year? Try adding some tropicals. They fill the need for that tropical paradise effect by your pool, hot tub or beautiful new patio. They are butterfly and

hummi and create an unbelievable ambiance to any outdoor entertaining area.

plants love the heat but will also require a regimented water also just like annuals and perennials. While some tropicals are for texture, others are appreciated for their vivid, bright colors and have beautiful scents like gardenia's and jasmine!

. out how to make your garden a tropical paradise by visiting our blog on "Adding Tropical Eye Candy to your Landscape" or visit our blog http://rutgers-leslie .. blogspot.comf201 Ol04/ad ding -trcpical-eye-candy.html


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Save Money at Rutgers Nursery!

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