A worksheet to make you think about what and how you correct, and why.
Do you agree with the following? 1= agree ; 3=disagree
The objective of correcting errors is for students to learn Students associate a red pen with criticism Students look at the amount of corrections rather than to corrections themselves The final product is more important than the process




Who should correct the writings? Why?
The teacher The student (self correction) The student’s partner (peer correction) The whole class Other:

What should we correct? Why?
Fluency vs. accuracy Clarity of content Language, content or task completion Everything What we told the student’s beforehand that we would correct Micro vs. Macro-correction

How should we correct? Why?
Using a red pen Using a pencil Circle the mistakes and correct them Circle the mistakes Using correction codes Other?

Which of the following is important? How could you (the teacher) do it?
Enabling the students to edit their own language/mistakes. Developing strategies to make the students less dependent on the teachers. Helping students see that making mistakes is common and that it is a good learning tool. Keeping their self esteem and encouraging them to keep writing.

What else should we do when correcting writings?
Consider student’s level Consider student’s personality Mark writing depending on length Always find some area to praise Others…