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A rocket attack on Kandahar air base - Military News for Canadians


Conquest strikes hit the occupiers of heavy losses in lives and equipment

Wins the Mujahideen on the San enemy

U.S. efforts failed in the light of Afghan history

Germany not to sell the historic relations with the Afghans to American interests

(Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) the symbol of resistance overall

LATEST A rocket attack on Kandahar air base

VIDEOS Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 11:06

According to news arrivals of the region and broaden the rocket attack last night on the
Kandahar airport, which is the second largest center for the soldiers of U.S. forces and
NATO troops occupied.
Increase in the fall of
NATO aircraft in Adds news: Mujahideen fired from several points of missiles and bombs, which was hit by
two rockets at the airport terminal and several rockets landed on the housing of other
soldiers in different arenas at the airport, killing 13 soldiers occupied and injuring 8
others were seriously injured.
The report adds that the result of the missile attack burned several military posts at the
D zoom Castle Vale - airport as well.
new version of the
emirate Foundation He also told a number of translators Afghan soldiers of the occupying forces, told
reporters on condition of anonymity that the attack began missile landed a number of
rockets at the hall helicopters at the airport, and then reached the other missiles and with
the crash, near military posts, he announced the military command center loudspeakers to
Holocaust crusaders the soldiers occupiers to enter bomb shelters and safe places as a warning to a violent
and apostates in the
land of Khorasan
attack is coming.
(Emirate Since the beginning of a series of conquest, this is the fourth serious attack on the soldiers
who are U.S. and NATO forces suffer losses and spiritual damage.

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