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The Reformation

The Reformation

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Published by: Aboud Fahel on May 23, 2010
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The Reformation

Reformation is when there was change overtime in the early 1500’s and that change was about the happened to the Catholic Church. At that time, the Catholic Church and the popes only wanted the power and wealth and they neglected their duties as spiritual guiders. • As a way to increase their power they authorized selling indulgences and the people who sold indulgences were monks. (Johann Tetzel, a monk, is the one who sold indulgences). Selling indulgences was when people paid to be forgiven. (The pope used indulgences in a way to increase his power by tricking poor people into believing that if they bought indulgences they would be forgiven). ○ Purgatory: is like a waiting room to heaven. (The pope also used this to trick people). Many people were against this and one of them was Erasmus who did not favor this and came up with an idea called the philosophy of Christ. ○ The philosophy of Christ: explains that being a Christian is not only going to heaven but also having a good life. (Sole fide) ○ Bible is only source of religious truth. ○ Deemphasizes rules and regulations of the church. ○ 2 sacraments instead of 7. ○ Clergy should be allowed to marry. ○ New style of church service emphasizing bible reading, preaching the word, song. Another person, who did not like this was martin Luther, he was a catholic monk and a professor. ○ One of his ideas was justification by faith which meant that you only need faith to get into heaven. ○ He ended up excommunicated by the pope because he was considered a threat to the pope’s power. ○ He wrote 95 theses to change the church and its laws by pining them on the church door and when people saw it they started believing. ○ After a while people started to trust and support Luther and after time his policy was also known as Lutheranism which was the first Protestant faith. ○ They went war with each other because they had different ways of faiths.

➢ The effects of this action:  Open minded/independent  Different sects

 Growth of faith  Wars  Increases education

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