Land Requirement

1. Main Plant Facility: 531 ha = 1200 acres 2. Coal Transportation Facility: 50 ha = 125 acres 3. Inlet & Discharging Channels: 51 ha = 20.4 acres v Land Required for other Associated Facilities: 1. Transmission Lines : PGCIL will be responsible for all land acquiring rights. 2. Coal Shipment & Unloading Facilities: Mundra Port & MSEZ facilities will be used so no land required for this facilities 1. v

Site Location

Plant Layout

Contract (Contractor’s) Evaluation
1.Expertise in Similar type of Work. 2.Resources I.Technical II.Machinery & Equipments 3.Certificates. 4.Financial ability. 5.List of Clients 6.Current Projects / Work Capabilities / Bid Capacity 7.Claims & Litigation Records 8.QA & QC Policies 9.Safety / Health / Environment

Land Requirement for Main Plant and Auxiliary Systems of Indigen 1.Boiler, T.G. & Transformer Yard •Indigenous coal has gross calorific value of 3000 kCal/kg and 35-45% ash content, Imported Coal has 6000 kCal/kg and 10% ash content. (half the output of imported coal) (Page-9 of 55) • •

2. Coal Handling System (i) Merry-Go-Round (MGR): Economical & reliable, used in pit head power stations. (ii) Wagon Tippler Type System: Used when power stations are located way from coal mines. Coal is crushed in coal crusher and sent to coal bunkers or coal stockpiles.

3. Raw Water Reservoir Land for raw water reservoir depends upon the source & quality of raw water available For coastal plant where sea water is used, land required will be much less. The reservoir capacity is kept for even 30 days of water consumption.

4. Water System The water system includes the pre-treatment & clarification plant, water treatment plant, circulating water systems with cooling towers & effluent treatment system. Land requirement depends upon type of cooling towers (Natural draught cooling tower-larger area, induced draught type cooling tower-relatively less space) and quality of raw water.

5. Switch Yard •The land requirement for the switchyard depends on the type of arrangement of the bays – i.e., either a 11/2 breaker system or a 2 main bus + 1 transfer bus system is adopted for the switchyard layout for 400 kV and above. •The land requirement for HVDC switchyard is not included in this report and such requirement, if any, would be extra.

Land Requirement for Imported Coal based Coastal Thermal Power Station

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