MEMORY AND FORGETTING Decay Lack of Consolidation Interference Working memory Multi store Model Retrieval Failure Levels

of Processing Episodic Memory Semantic Memory Procedural Memory
1. When we learn new information that takes place of the old things. 2. Refers to the structures and processes used for temporarily storing and manipulating information. 3. When experiencing, people feel that the blocked word is on the verge of being recovered. 4. Refers to the idea that forgetting occurs because the recall of certain items interferes with the recall of other items. 5. It is a spontaneous or gradual process in which old memories are unable to be recalled from memory storage. 6. Also known as Atkinson-Shiffrin memory model 7. Refers to the memory of meanings, understandings, and other concept-based knowledge unrelated to specific experiences. 8. Memory of events, times and places, associated with memory. 9. Also known as implicit memory or unconscious memory, is the long-term memory of skills and procedures, or "how to" knowledge. 10. Describes memory recall of stimuli as a function of the depth of mental processing.