State of Community Broadcasting Approval Process in Bangladesh

Election Manifesto of Bangladesh Awami League

A Charter for Change:
19.1 The freedom of all types of mass media and flow of information will be ensured. Initiatives will be taken for Community Radio Services, besides national radio network page: 15

National Strategy for Accelerated Poverty Reduction-2 FY 2009-11(PRS)

In the light Election Manifesto of A Charter for Change
Step Towards Change:
Promoting Good Governance Chapter

Access to information and Awareness building at the grass root level through Community Radio
-Ministry of Information

Bangladesh Parliament
Mr. Abul Kalam Azad,Honorable Minister, Ministry of Information “

Community Radio will started very soon at Upazilla/Zilla and local level”

Star Question No: 648 8 October, 2009

Digital Bangladesh Process
Digital Bangladesh Concept Note: Prime Minister’s Office
Community radio can emerge as another channel of communication for the poor and the marginalized. If people’s participation in programming and management can be ensured, community radio can be a sustainable platform for people-to-people communication and problem solving

CO N N E C T IN G T H E C I T I Z E N S Chapter. Page 8

National Institute of Mass Communication Ministry of Information
- NIMC has invited 7 Community Radio
Station Manager for attending Month Long Radio Production Course

BNNRC nominated 7 CR Station Manager out of 26 CR (Short listed) to NIMC BNNRC attended as a facilitators of Radio production Course


Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission

BNNRC already demonstrated two places World Telecom day, 2009 and Bangladesh Rice Research Institute

Community Radio Academy
Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) has setup Community Radio Academy for Building Capacity of Community Radio Sector in Bangladesh. Three Unite of CRA 1. Capacity Development 2. Research and Development 3. Technical Cooperation

Ministry of Home

Ministry of Home already cleared regarding security clearance for 27 Community Radio Station for the first phase.

Center for e-Parliament Research

Center for e-Parliament Research has joined the Community radio movement; Objective of CePR is: Making Bridges between people, parliament and government through ICT.

Road to Bangalore: 2nd AMARC Asia and Pacific Conference
Pre Consultation in Bangladesh - Bangladesh Delegation to AMARC Asia and Pacific ( MPs, High Official of Ministry of Information and Civil Society/Initiators - Meeting with AMARC International Board - Post Consultation ( May, 2010)

Ministry of Information
- Now Ministry of Information will called meeting on National Regulatory Committee for final Approval of Community Radio

Thank you very much
Dr. Akram H Chowdhury, MP Advisor Community Radio Movement of Bangladesh NGOs network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC)

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