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HOPPER May 24, 2010

Volume 1
Issue 34

Mrs. Hough’s Kindergarten Newsletter

yyyImportant Datesyyy Snack Schedule
œ May 31 – No School (Memorial Day) Monday – Isabella G.
Tuesday – Steven
œ June 4 – Field Trip Wednesday – Mary Beth
œ June 7 – Field Day Thursday – Karlyn
œ June 8 – Last Day of School Friday – Lily

Early Dismissal œ School-Home Links: Retells Stories or
Parts of Stories – Part 2; Part 3
June 7th and 8th are early dismissal
days. School will dismiss at 1:00 PM. œ Handwriting: Write about anything.
œ Math: More Time, Less Time; Use a
œ Decodable Book: Is It a Fish?

We will have a sight word test on the words

listed below on Thursday, May 27th. Your child
should be able to quickly read these words by
sight without sounding them out. Please make
flashcards to practice these words every night if
This Week your child is not yet able to do so.
Theme: Under the Ocean (Week 3)
Skills: Sound Substitution; Sound Blending; œ Sight Word List œ
Sound Deletion; Sound Addition œ play
Math œ so
Make a Concrete Graph; Read Picture Graphs; œ saw
Make Picture Graphs; Problem Solving Skill: Use œ out
Data from a Graph; Read a Tally Table; Make a
Tally Table œ went
œ We will have a quiz (mid
chapter review)
on Thursday, May 27 .

*Science and Social Studies are

integrated in reading and math concepts yMayy
Please contact me via phone or Isabella G.
e-mail if you have any questions.
(352) 466-0990

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