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Image & Grooming by Azuddin Jud Hj Ismail

Apa itu Imej?
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“A projection of one self” Branding!!! Body, Mind and Spirit – your knowledge and skills Penampilan dan Personaliti Imej:
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Positif Negatif

Kenapa Imej?

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Imej membina kerjaya dan masa depan “Image Builds Business” “Image Is Everyone’s Business” If You Don’t Brand Yourself, Others Will Brand You..And It Will Be A NEGATIVE Brand!!!

Word of Wisdom
“The world of business and professional is too busy a place to give time and recognition to just anyone and everyone. So if you want attention – you’d better make it pretty clear why it ‘should be you’ rather than all those wannabees out there.” - Robert Pante -

Fesyen dan Imej
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Image is not about high fashion Personal image speaks volume about ourselves Less is more Which Is Sellable Palestine’s Dire Images or The Image of The Powerful Jews!!

5 Perkara Pokok Bertatarias
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Tempat/Venue (environment) Majlis/Occasion (nature of our job) Waktu Siapa turut hadir Pakaian/Dress code

Penilaian Diri?
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Gaya Adab Warna Perhiasan Corak What to expect

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So we have to look “Fit in” Look like you know what you’re talking about Be congruent, consistent, believable and trustworthy Clients’ and employers’ expectations Make a difference What do you want to communicate?

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