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Connection With Allah

Connection With Allah

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Published by MUSALMAN BHAI
Sheikh Shah Hakeem Akhtar
Sheikh Shah Hakeem Akhtar

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Published by: MUSALMAN BHAI on May 25, 2010
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Therefore, if we wish to become Allah-Walas, we merely have to establish a link
with a Sahib-e-Nisbat or an Allah-Wala. Shah Abrarul-Haq Saheb



Connection with Allah Ta’ala

'Those people who do not have a connection to a Buzurg (pious) and fear to take
the Buzurg as his Peer or Shaikh then choose him as your Musheer (advisor).
Continue to consult him on Deeni matters and matters pertaining to reforming the
Nafs, and practice on that consultation. This will be sufficient for reforming the
Nafs, Bay`at is not necessary.

Some people fear to become Mureeds because they dread the possibility of various
limitations and restrictions being placed upon them. For them it would be sufficient
to choose an adviser without becoming a Mureed. Presidents and Prime Ministers
also have advisers who advise them on matters of the state. So why should we also
not have an advisor in our Deeni matters.

Hazrat Maulana Abdur Rahman Kemalpuri

was a Shaikhul Hadith. He was
not a Mureed of any Shaikh but had established an Islaahi (reformative) link with
Hazrat Thanwi


After sometime, when Hazrat Thanwi felt that Maulana's heart had been
sufficiently illuminated and he had reformed adequately, he conferred Khilafat
upon him. Maulana said: "But Hazrat, I am not even your Mureed, how could you
confer Khilafat upon me?" Hazrat Thanwi

replied, "You have fulfilled a Farz
act, i.e. you have attained self purification and self reformation. To take Bay'ah
(pledge allegiance) is Sunnuh. Came, you may take Bay'ah even now."

In the above case we see a person becoming a Mureed after becoming a Khalifa.
From here we also learn that Islaah-e-Nafs (self-reformation) is Farz, and it is the
most important thing, even more important than a Sunnah act, just as salaah,
fasting, etc. are Farz acts which are more important than Sunnah acts.

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