Khang Duong 05/31/2008 THE MIRACLE WORKER Title: The miracle worker Author: William Gibson Setting: Where

: around the Keller homestead in Tuscumbia, Alabama. When: the 1880’s Major characters: Annie, Helen Keller, Kate… Minor characters: James, Viney, Captain Arthur Keller, Doctor, Percy, Servant, Aunt Ev… Plot summary: Helen Keller is deaf, blind and mute child. She so unlucky but her family trying to teach her becomes a normal children. Annie going to teach Helen, she explains that “language is to the mind more than light is to eye”. And they’re trying to spelling the letter and learning Sign Language. Helen is the child never gives the others worry for minutes, not question about her. Even with this blind, deaf, mute-woman, everything she done becomes events. Then Helen allowed to go to school, place help her to read and write just for blind ones. Her family also teaches her anything they could. She spells more words with Annie, faster…Helen thanksgiving to her because “given us back to child” Annie said “I don’t even love her”. Helen wanted start anything she learned over, Annie knew she love Helen so much and she not only the teacher but like a mother forever and ever with Helen. Conflicts: That many conflicts can see in this play, but almost is these conflicts: The characters are conflict with him or herself. Other conflicts are the characters against an outside force like man, social, nature… Themes: The play “The miracle worker” is story of how a person can come in and change everything inside other one, like Annie with Helen. Annie is trying to given back normal children. And with her resolution teaching Sign Language, spelling to Helen that how the way change other people look like.

Ms. Barmaki English II