Edmund Fung 2-A Summary

I think that the three religions, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam, are very different. Although they are different, they are held together by similarities. One very basic one is that they are all religions. Through my poster, I have concluded that Hinduism is the religion which is the most different from the other two. Christianity and Islam share four main items. They both believe in one god and only one basic god. For the important person, I found that the two people from both religions were real, and others believed that they were the messenger between God and the humans. I can deduce that Christians and Muslim are more socially comfortable, because they both practice their religions in groups. On the other hand, Hindus practice in groups. Authorities are always debated in society. For Christianity and Islam, they both have two systems, which are two different kinds of authority. Although the names of the systems differ between the two religions, they had the same basic idea. One group wanted people in charge or for state and church to be directed by a different person, or that one person is in charge and that one person is in charge for both state and church. Hinduism is mostly by itself. They worship more then one god. They have a God for almost everything. For example, one for fire, death, water, etc. The Aryans brought the eternal truth, but the Hindus never really thought of them as connection between God and human. Since they worship individually, they practice at home. Hindus are all vegetarians. They are prohibited to eat meat. All three religions have their own holidays

so all three differed it that category. In the Hinduism society, they have a triangular view of their society ranks, which is only one system of society. Hinduism is really different from Christianity and Islam, but one special thing do hold all three of them together, other than they are all religions. All three religion’s goal, as a reward at the end of life, is to be immortal. To all three religions, immortality seems to be the absolute honor. It seems to be an honor, because in order to be immortal, you have to abide by the rules of your religion completely. In other words, be good and go to heaven and be immortal. To all humans, death is bad, but it happens normally in nature. In order to not have death, is to life forever. But in real life, this is impossible, therefore all three religion put this “unachievable goal” of immortality in the “next life” after you die. All this is hoping that people would follow their beliefs and people are following just so they can live up to their dreams of immortality. This might be why Christianity, Islam and Hinduism all pull together on this topic. In conclusion, Christianity and Islam are closer together then Hinduism. There is one possible explanation for this. Christianity is adopted mostly by the Europeans. Islam was taken over by Europeans in the 18th and 19th centuries. This means that both Christianity and Islam has been influence in some ways by the European culture. So in the final resolution, Christianity and Islam have been pulled closer by the Europeans while Hinduism has never been influence by the Europeans leaving them different from the other two.

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