Monday 31st May @ Diamond Valley Baptist

(7:30pm after 6pm Community Dinner)

Life Care and Suicide Prevention
Suicide takes the lives of more than 2000 Australians every year. It has a devastating impact on families, friendship groups, workplaces and communities. The Life Care and Preservation training will empower individuals to reduce suicide by early intervention and support our through alert friends and community.
What can be gained from Life Care and Preservation (LC&SP ) training? An individual equipped with heightened LC&P awareness skills should be able to adopt a proactive response to a member of the community who display signs of a suicidal ideology. An individual experiencing emotional, physical and spiritual trauma is more likely to confide in a friend, family member, teacher or work colleague before they seek professional assistance. Life Care and Preservation training has a two fold motivation:• To minister to the needs of the individual • To empower the community to participate in the area of LC&P Who can take part in LC&SP training? Anyone! Every individual is vulnerable to suicidal ideology at some point during their lives and therefore reducing suicide is every persons responsibility. Most of our training is facilitated in churches, schools or community groups and Chaplaincy Australia encourages access for all. Who will conduct the LC&SP training? Pastor Mark Bateman, National Director of Chaplaincy Australia Chaplain will lead the training. He has nearly 30 years of experience in pastoral ministry, critical incident response, suicide negotiation, planting churches and caring for communities across Australia. The LC&SP training breakdown. • Does an individual or community have a suicide problem? • The myths surrounding Suicide • How to know if someone has suicidal ideology • Perturbation – How intense is the plan? • Ambivalence – Right time versus wrong time • Suicide Negotiation - Contracts, retrieval and referral • Who are the high risk groups? • Discovering support teams and nurturing for the care person The training is adjusted to suit youth at High Schools, all the way through to Professional Care Persons. Our belief is that up-skilling community members to know how to offer support to those experiencing the effects trauma or change will build community spirit and enable a full Recovery.

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