7473 W. Lake Mead Blvd. #100, Las Vegas, NV 89128 May 25, 2010 To the Hon.

Ross Miller: We are writing to ask you to revoke the rule that bans chicken suits or T-shirts from polling sites around the state. First and foremost, we consider the fact that this rule came suddenly as Early Voting began to be a dangerous precedent. There is no statute prohibiting dress that includes costumes. If I wanted to vote as Uncle Sam would that be a problem? If I chose to dress as a gorilla, would that be a problem? This ruling has been explained in press accounts, yet has not been formally announced to the community. We find existing statute protecting both free speech and fair elections to be just and necessary. We do not know how this ruling came to be or who requested it. If it came through the request of a campaign, we find that a highly dangerous misuse of the public’s right to free and fair elections. As the state’s election officer we ask you to fully explain the regulation’s origin and why it only became necessary in this election. Again we stress that current statutes are legitimate. We find this ruling to be a spurious affront to bedrock freedoms and we ask you to rescind it and order all county election officials to stop enforcing it. Once you begin limiting political speech you tread down a highly slippery slope that is dangerous to the very foundation upon which this democracy thrives. Respectfully,

Erin Neff Executive Director (702) 401-7959

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