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Explore the Advantages of ASP DOT NET Development

Explore the Advantages of ASP DOT NET Development

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Published by Jessica
ASP DOT NET is a cutting edge technology. It has lots of advantages over other web development languages. Here we have taken a brief tour to view its advantage.
ASP DOT NET is a cutting edge technology. It has lots of advantages over other web development languages. Here we have taken a brief tour to view its advantage.

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Published by: Jessica on May 26, 2010
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Title: Explore the Advantages of ASP DOT NET Development Summary: ASP DOT NET is a cutting edge technology

. It has lots of advantages over other web development languages. Here we have taken a brief tour to view its advantage. Body: ASP DOT NET stand for ASP means Active Server Pages and dot net is a framework developed by Microsoft. It is for creation of web pages and web application based on dot net framework. In the competitive environment ASP DOT NET provides a cutting edge technology for the web development. There are lots of advantages by using ASP DOT NET web development. The first advantage is speed of application development because ASP DOT NET require less coding so you can develop a big application within a reasonable time limit. Less coding also means less manpower requirement and less manpower use means less needs of working hours and that leads to less overhead cost for your project.

Second advantage is Multilanguage support, yes, you can write code in VB dot net or C# too. dot net framework contains common language runtime that is responsible for the execution of program. dot net framework has huge library of classes that contains pre define functions for common programming problems. More support means more functionality. Functionality is a factor that decides the scale of the application therefore; you are able to create big enterprise application with ASP DOT NET web development easily and in a commendable ways. ASP DOT NET is a server side technology means source code is executed on the server before it sent to parse in a browser as output. This provides lots of flexibilities and powers to the pages. This property also gives an opportunity to make dynamic web pages. In short ASP DOT NET is a dynamic language. Within Visual Studio integrated development environment ASP DOT NET developers can use its rich toolbox. This powerful tool provides WYSIWYG editing, drag-and-drop server controls, and automatic deployment features. In ASP DOT NET development source code and HTML resides on the same pages. This makes writing and maintenance of ASP DOT NET pages easy and manageable. The important function of ASP DOT NET runtime is to monitor the all the processes therefore, when any process seems dead the new process is immediately created in place of it. In short it keeps application constantly available to handle any request generated automatically or manually. Big advantage of ASP DOT NET development is that there is constant monitoring of web server over your pages, component and applications. When it notices any memory leaks, infinite loops, other illegal activities, it immediately destroys those activities and restarts itself. ASP DOT NET development has one more advantage and that is it allows software interoperability means it allows various programs to read write the same file format and use same protocol by exchanging data via a common set of exchange format. This interpretability leads the development path to fulfill the custom requirements of the clients and let a developer to develop robust application of any scale in ASP DOT NET. Applications can be hosted either internally or on remote systems and various modules of a software application can communicate through standard internet protocols (XML and SOAP). Some other significant features of ASP DOT NET development are: • • • • • • Master page, that helps to maintain constant look and feel of web pages or web application throughout. Ajax control, this insulates your application from the complexities of Ajax. Language Integrated Query (LINQ), gives data querying capability to C#, VB dot net, etc. so you can retrieve data from the databases, objects and XML. Window Presentation Foundation (WPF), you can build feature rich applications using user interface, media and documents. Window Communication Foundation (WCF), Makes use of a service-oriented programming model to simplify the development of linked applications. Rich Output Catching, It allows you to catch the data and avoid the needs of recreation.

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