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3C Newsletter Washington

Elementary School
Mrs. Anderson

Academics Volume 5, Issue 36

May 14, 2009

Math Science
Next Week’s Calendar
Reading Next Week We will begin our live Tech
Next Week We will be working science unit STP Meeting 7pm
Campbell Soup label pick up
We will be reading on these topics— “Organisms have
“Do Animals Think?”. volume of a prism, Character”. Tuesday
Language division by 10 with Social Studies
mental math, nega- We will be working on
We will be writing
tive numbers, divi- Michigan Dailies. Wednesday
comparative essays. Art
sion of 2 digit by CORE
1digit, determining Websites
Spelling unit cost, and map
Next Week information Our spelling words Gym
Lesson 28 Test on Friday
Trial Test Thursday Math games Music

Final Test Friday

Coming up Field Day
reading June 4th
For ties to our reading


Lansing Field Trip

The information and per-
mission note was sent home
today. Please send it back
by May 25th. If you are
planning to chaperone, send
that slip in as soon as possi-