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EMORY COLLEGE DISTRIBUTION REQUIREMENTS A Revision of the General Education Curriculum: Submitted by the Task Force onthe General Education Requirements tothe Emory College Governance Committee March 7, 2008 1. Freshman Seminar (FSM) Must be taken in the first year; ane course, 4 credit hours. Il, Freshman Writing Requirement (EWR) Must be taken in the first year; one course, 4 credit hours: English 101 or 181; or Comparative Literature 110. UI, Continuing Writing Requirement (CWR) Three CWR-designated courses TV, Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning (MQR) One course, 4 credit hours. V. Science, Nature, Technology (SNT) Two courses, one with a laboratory component; 8 credit hours. VL. History, Society, Cultures (HSC) Two courses; § credit hours, VIL. Humanities, Arts, Performance (HAP) Four courses; or 16 credit hours. Must include 8 hours of coursework in a single foreign language wherein the language of instruction is not English, with possible exemption of 4 such hours by AP credit, VIII, Personal Health (HTH) One course, | credit hour. May be exempted through examination, 1X. Physical Education, and Dance (PED) Three one-hour courses, one of which must be a Principles of Physical Fitness course; 3 credit hours. Varsity athletes may exempt each such course with one semester’s active participation on a varsity team. NOTES: LL Normally each course in the Course Atlas will receive a “tag” (as above) from its sponsoring department or program indicating the numbered category in which it is felt to satisfy a requirement. Except for courses tagged “FSM” and “FWR,” the normal or default tag attaching to courses offered by: ‘© the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science = MQR ‘© departments and programs in the social sciences division HSC * departments and programs in the natural sciences division = SNT * departments and programs inthe humanities division = HAP the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Dance = PED (except HTH). 2. A department ot program is free to label @ course with other than a normal or default tag if the subject ‘matter of the course falls outside divisional boundaries. A department or program may also stipulate that certain special courses will not be tagged. 3. No course may carry more than one tag except those designated “CWR.” No crossrlisted course may satisfy more than one GER. 4, GER courses may normally be exempted only with Advanced Placement test scores of Areas Il and 1V-VI