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Utensils I

R: Welcome to Chinese Studio Wo Shi Raymond.

Y: And wo Shi Yajie. Hey Raymond why are you eating with your hands?
R: Because Yajie, don't you know the food tastes better.
Y: Really? I think its cause you don't know how to ask for utensils.
R: Fine. You figured me out. Lets check out these Key Words of the day.

Key Words of the Day

a pair of chopsticks 一双筷子 a spoon 一把勺子, a bowl, 一个碗“I’d like a pair of chopsticks.”
请给我拿双筷子。All in today’s Chinese Studio.

R: Well Yajie, you should teach me how to say chopsticks.

Y: You don't even know how to use them.
R: Yea but I think I should learn how, after all they can be used to pick my nose later.
Y: Well first we should teach you how to say a pair of something then we'll teach you
a pair of 一双,yi4 shuang1
chopsticks 筷子 kuai4 zi
so this is how you say “I’d like a pair of chopsticks.” 请给我拿双筷子。
Qing3 gei2 wo3 na2 shuang1 kuai4 zi.
Qing3: please
Gei2 wo3: to me
Na2: bring or take,
shuang1: is the measure word for chopsticks; it’s short for yi4 shuang1, which means one,
Y: Well see that wasn't so hard there. But now you need to know how to say spoons.
R: Why?
Y: Cause you're trying to drink soup with chopsticks. Okay, this is how you say a spoon
一把勺子 yi4 ba3 shao2 zi.
Ba3: measure word for spoon; here it’s short for yi4 bai3, which means one spoon,
Shao2 zi: spoon

R: And the bowl is too heavy to pick up, so I need some help with this.
And this is how you say a bowl, 一个碗。Yi2 ge4 wan3.
Y: Well that makes it easy to learn Chinese here at Chinese Studio.
R: That's right, hopefully you will all be able to say "I would like a pair of chopsticks".

  Coryright 2007