CWL Limited Edition Set
Telecommunications giant Cable & Wireless has released a limited edition set of five prepaid calling cards to celebrate the global group's I25th anniversary in 1997. A unique feature of the set is that the five cards, depicting various aspects of telecommunications, have been produced by different operating companies in the Cable & Wireless empire. Each holding a value equivalent to US$3.00, the cards are produced by Cable & Wireless Communications (formerly known as Mercury) in the UK, Cable & Wireless, Telecommunications and Telecommunications of Jamaica. Cable & Wireless traces its roots back to 1872, when its predecessor, the Eastern Telegraph Company, laid the first submarine cable linking London to Hong Kong. Today Cable & Wireless companies deliver a complete range of international, domestic and mobile telecommunications services to 15 million customers in 70 countries. The group is the world's fourth largest carrier of international traffic, provides mobile communications in over 30 countries and operates the world's largest and most advanced cable ship fleet. Richard Yalen, Chief Operating Officer of Cable & Wireless, Inc., said "CWI is very pleased to join the celebrations marking the 125th anniversary of those daring steps taken by our founder, business visionary John Pender, and his team of Victorian entrepreneurs who presuaded investors to back a high risk venture - laying a telegraph cable in a sea as wide and deep as the North Atlantic."

ITC October 1997

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