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Published by Sean Joudry
A presentation for a grade 10 business class.
A presentation for a grade 10 business class.

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Published by: Sean Joudry on May 26, 2010
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Presents: ‘Cheese Float’

Connor Muir *Jordyn Martell *Andrew Little Sean Joudry *David George

Market Research Findings
 Over

1 billion cans of soda are sold a year.  This is a $150 billion dollar industry with most profits going to Coca-Cola and Pepsi.  The younger generation more susceptible to change.  A big seller in the summer.  Innovation is good for the industry.

Package Designer
 Something

simple is best.  We went with a simple design with the name of the product being on the back of the package.  Can 2.0  Makes people pick it up to see what it is.

Advertising Co-ordinator
 Ads

should be simple.  The product must be shown it can work due to its innovation.  Put ads inside magazines like People and EGM to aim towards teens.  The internet is a powerful tool.  Put ads on TV around 4:00-9:00.

Graphic Designer
 Logo

is simplistic, small, and clean.  The thing a customer notices first is the design.  Business cards are clean and simple as well, with the basic information.

Story Board
The commercial will show how different devices revolutionized the world. Starting with the wheel.

Story Board Continues…

Then to the telephone

Story Board Continues…
The Television

Story Board Continues…

The Computer

Story Board Continues…

‘Cheese Float’ appears with a white background

Story Board Continues…

Then a female walks up, it cuts to her quickly pulling the tab, having the ice cream fall in, and drinking it, then walking away.

Story Board Continues…

Cheese Float Float Your Boat

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