Oil or Ether Oil or Ether, that is the question.

Weather is it better to withstand the misfortunes of oil spills and war or unlock the agents of the anti Tesla agenda that say there is nothing in the air or ether that matters. I have studied the remnants of Nikola Tesla's legacy in publications and under Tesla researchers such as William R. Lyne and feel mankind should be concerned about identifying the ether solution. There is more now known as perhaps Tesla had not considered the Papp Engine. A Tesla generator might have powered submarines of Germany at the end of WWII. Tesla worked his entire career with the ether and those that say nothing carries light or radio or Tesla's electrostatic waves must be considered in error. Tesla made motors and generators using the ether. Tesla invented the radio using the ether. Tesla proposed earthquake and Death Ray equipment to the US government and made fertilizer and ozone and any number of discoveries such as waves from the planets and 50x the speed of light particles from the Sun and millions of volts on the Sun using the ether with his coils and tubes. Pushing the air/ether into plus and minus charge forces from the ether are considered the vehicle mechanism of the so called Foo instrumentation in 1940s Germany and the American endeavor into the production of saucers that flew over Washington D.C. in the 1950s right up to using the same product of Tesla's electricity to pressure in the ether for the 1980s Triangle ship flight over Belgium coming from their western border.

So do the ether ships eliminate the need to make kerosene or jet fuel obsolete. Lets say that was what William R. Lyne was suggesting in his letter to State and Federal representatives and President Obama's Administration. Is the copper, iron and aluminum tri metal electricity generator still in operation with the ether still in existence somewhere using liquid or compressed air in an over unity configuration. Root ideas taken from the works of Tesla as suggested in books of William R. Lyne as the above ideas may result by any reader.

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