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Sir Alexander Fleming:

Discovery of the Enzyme Lysozyme
Found an antibiotic substance penicillin from the fungus
Penicillium notanum

This is important because:

Discovery of penicillin started worldwide antibiotics.
Saved people from the diseases.

Brief Biography:
Fleming was born on 6 August 1881 in Scotland and had
three brothers.He went to Louden Moor School and
Darvel School and then earned a two year scholarship to
Kilmarnok Academy. His next destination was London
where he attended the Royal Polytechnic Institution. After working in a shipping
office for four years, Fleming had inherited some money from and uncle (John
Fleming). He then enrolled at St. Mary s Hospital after some advice from his older
brother (Tom). So he joined the research department at St Mary's, where he
became assistant bacteriologist to Sir Almroth Wright. On 23 December 1915,
Fleming married a trained nurse, Sarah Marion McElroy. The discovery of penicillin
was an accident as one day when Fleming came back from a holiday in August he
had noticed the colonies of staphylococci had been destroyed by a mould later
known as penicillin. This accidental discovery marks the start of modern
antibiotics. In 1955 Sir Alexander Fleming sadly died from a heart attack and was
cremated a week later at St. Paul s Cathedral.

Facts and Other Information

๏ Fleming was awarded the Hunterian Professorship by the Royal College of Surgeons of
๏ Fleming was knighted in 1944.
๏ In mid-2009, Fleming was commemorated on a new series of banknotes issued by the
Clydesdale Bank; his image appears on the new issue of £5 notes.
๏ Faroe Islands stamp was created to commemorate Fleming.
๏ The discovery of penicillin was ranked as the most important discovery of the millennium
when the year 2000 was approaching as it had saved an estimated 200 Million lives.