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APRIL 200<\ ISSUf ,31B

I'ubl,sh~r: U~ Stevens EdJtor-ln-O'lef: Matthew Semen Art Di~Cl0n US.) Chid"

A~~lstant Edrto!>: Mil,,, M~~ ;mll F. Weltey Schneid~.

C."'phl( Design: Patriel! velfitta Advel'lrSll11! Doreclor: R"b Stewilrt

Director of Prod 8. "L'IlU [,1 ~l uring: M~tt Oc;ll!i rreprel~ Miln,lger: IWlly O'Gricn

Clrculalion l'la~r:Keltn ~l.l"Ohr"


Sh.,wn 8<'0' .... u, Tood 1-I~rTi~, Howard Lyon, John Kmoalrc. Tony Mo,'!!)', Eric PoIOlk, Marc Sa~50, Dim Scan, Anne SlakeS. A.)f"on Willi,'"", Sam Wood


Sh<!lIy EI.,ur, FlQI1k Brunner. Mom~ Cook. Bruce R Co, dell, Je-;it' Dlo(ker. Ml(tl"ei DonJ"., Thoma', Hartan, [ames J.]cobs, Ken 1-l,lr;IDle. Ndt Smtih, SkIp Wlih.llm,JMII<!1 W)'iltl


3 N 5 146tll PI ace SE, Sui!.' no ~llevue, WA 9B007

Chief E~e(UtlVe Ol!ic('r

U5~ Sleven,

vice P~',,<!cnt

Keith Strollm Technical Djt-e.:tOt Vic Wertz Operauons H.lnager J~ff At.arex

Dov.wN (USPS lIS·nO) is pubh!:I'~ monthly by Pallo Publisllll'!:.llC, 3245 1~61h PI;'(e SE, Suite 110, I3elll?Vlle, INA 98007. U'1ileCi S!.\I~'$ o! !\merlc,,(lSSN' 1062-2101 ) ""rlo<;li~.ll~ I'o~il.g\! l'a!d ~I Belle."e, WA. .mel .It additional mailing omc!">.

POSTNASlTR: SEND ADDRESS CHANGES TO PallO Publ"llln~ 3245 i'l611, !'lace Sf, SUr[e no, IldCMle. WA 98007.

~: 2'00", W'I;( ..,(1\ of {hl~ C~ -a, tnc.

No p¥t o(uV\ ~r.t" rT\l'I be n"(VtlIl~.I(l""i1 't-,,'1){ 10t' ~w ~ -, ) WI~11IJlJI{ lhto priOr W'I"'1ItL'fl Comt"f1\ ol ffW' ~-r: t-'LIiItYi.1IlH.t*'.hN;J htrl._ ..... c.b."":.jlt'.C ru-f~....n,. I't'lIe<t I~ IJIW'"O''' <Jl P ... ,,, l'ubll~ [LC. II, '''''~'''''''''''' or .'. t"dftoridl U,in, -o'fho IIIJI:'~ ~ rQf"~Klft\ IlI't"t'fl_ 1"loU pn)().J(\ I'\,jII1'<'1 "n." ~r~"p~ OWfM."tJ ..,. tllr <amp"""" ,lUI pLi:*\I1'OO'oI' ~I~ l)S<- oIlhO " .... ~u( i6t'( 11lf'Dduc. YoiInoul mention or fr.xlr.m.irk ~l.Jl\J\ 'IiVM ~ f\()( be (OIl1olm(l1j r.. J d~ U'I t.ucfl'mo1rk'l.

ni,ltrd to Itlr f)"'- .. !(I't~ i\'r.I ...... .c. IIdlJdlllX [)w ..(,

DlttAJ'_ .... .IIlI'1 0&1>.n ~ .. ~ VVil~ dine C(J.} ~

In< 1lJ.., ,l\<'Il ,.,.,." I~"'" rrc.-., WIJ>nJo, allhr C ..... 'd.

nc ~ (If JIJ'h'D.It't..

114()( rS-SUE5: W'WW,p'~lzCl,com or Collt '!1~ 2M'· n-40 ~UIlSCRJ>'TIONS CHANGE OF ADDI16., COf'U<I r.Jizu I'Ib WwlC" _.~"i<)OW' paIlO.,_." c ... ~21-289-00w

1Il!~' "" ""''f'I'''''''''''''''''' 10 fl'\WI1.<,a"""", <l<WPrY n 'IoUhfr'ct IH It .... dn.c~aon dI'\t1 IY wtwn 01 pi"t~ pcooo

ncl ")'OU '\oM" nOI I'N rM-'d 04 ft\,lgdhIY' nr ~. ,*-,,,,'0(' (CM"'NJI\ wtth)"O'S M.u1 RDom .at ... lIj(.", Tht\ ~~ 1\ 1M)( l~lt)ll\lllJl,c({J(non·cjQ'INr."f'f.

ADVEJrnS-"""G: ({)fli!.oI{l [)u; .... ""Yt·.~1W'tl Dlrt-ctot, Hotl Slc-W,Vt, .rt (41~llB9 B4~ AI;wI<; ,If!' -.._qt-<IIO 4'lltOV"'l)' ..... 'o~ LIL. whKh 11.""""" the "1:1'110 Il'Jt"<I 0111)' .... fOll·M1'frt'~~.nd Qlto1~~Oj ¥lvrrtJ\('f"o; ~ no< Iu 110icJ P .. l0 P,_101i.lOC !wille ler ""r.'" or _hum *l<'<I~!NII ~ ., ..... ""101 U .. puIlhUllon of <uch -'K<mffl'~

P,snun!JTlCN, ""''''''-', ¥od ",1.'nU!iCn.lI <lHtrbiJbon ~ pro Wk"<l II:< C, ..... Cot{lJ,U>(If1 C~ 731) _1Io.K1 New MIIDn1". OM"-le< (~DI 16)< ;1000 U" 'lQl)6J"JoI'>9.

OI'EN GAME CONTENT: lJnIeU 0(_0 ""'.'<1. lhi< P;rilO f\~UC pn><Mt<on~ oo ~,G .. , .. C",rt_ No pa1lon allhA ""'"' rN)' ee ,..~"" ., ""I fo-m WIIl10Ul _""" 10 ir_ ITOI'I' """" II,., O!><'n C'..vr'OI1£ l;c"",. _U'" d20s,.t'''''lJ(~_p' •• ""'."",,

W'! dID

Pnn",d., In. U.SA

4 April 2004




24 HEI-YA! Todd Harris's Ninja gets ready to make you see stars (well, at least one anyway),

6 wynn's Turn

Man rells of the monkey thar almosr broke the dinosaur's land ninja's and pirate's) back.

8 Scale Mall

A coilectlon of letters as varled as this month's rheme,

11 Up On a Soapbox

Gary explains his frustration when DM Rob Kuntz played Ihe name game just a little too much.

14 The Ninja
Master the parh of stealth and
shadow from levels 1 through 20.
31 Oriental Adventures
James Wyatt redefines the quin-
tessenlial Far ~t Dungeons Dt
Dragons expenence,
50 X Marks the Spot
Hook up with some booty!
Get It? It's funny because pirates
have treasure , ..
S6 Port Royal
Visit tropical Jamaica, hobnob
with the rich and Infamous. and
walk the mean streets of "The
Wickedest City in the World,"
62 Dungeons & Dlno~aurs
Eleven beefy beasts to be famil-
iar wlrh or food for,
70 Children of Ka
lizardfolk druids, dinosaur wiz-
ards, and rhe saurian god they
battle to save.
76 Hecate's Ring
Theodora and Harold lose their
baggage but find some allies.
86 Countdowrt to Eberron
Warforged. Built forge fough,
90 Expanded Pstonics
Preview #4
Psionic monsters wifh which ro
suck brains and take names.
94 Under Command
Unearth a drow campaign for
DEitDMinialures and the
venomous arsenal of telrh's
chosen warbands, COMICS

14 Zogonla 21 Nodwlck

23 IDork Tower

Issue #318 . AprU 2004 Vol. XXVIII· Number \I NINJAS, PIRATES, DINOSAURS


98 The Plays U1e Thing

So you can get by Without swordsmen and scoundrels. but how do you live wiThom your magicians and medics?

102 Sage Advice

The clever sage clilrifies your creanrre-connecred conundrums.

104 Advertiser Index


Love II 0" hale il. you can't deny it: The

... L.J~I Unicorn" Ih" 1"'51 unicorn movie ever made. Okay. so mJybf: you'r~ rernem';I berm!~ J few 01 us sappier moments and

• Ihm~ Ih~t l<"{;end. with the devil-horned

Tim Curry. tops Ih~ R.ln'in and Bass car... loon. Vel .11 our I"SI (h~d. ... rarcd Ihe Las! lhncorn ,]1 -7 '!dr5 hith~r

• than Lt~:cnd. Also. compare the mos: mem-

orable quoles from In" mOVH~5, lel;t'nd

"\>Ib,']! is Ii!~hl WilhoUI dark?" The t,1.<1 Unicorn

"There are no happy €ndinp,s-beeJuse no!hin.~ ends.'

Both allempl 10 be profound. but only one hus ,hi! mark, Still nor con\lin(~d? Compare them yourselves. Ihc Lim Unicorn DVD IS on sale now,


Dec<"pllvely cure ninl" children. nash an,' matron, and more rhan a linle eore come 10eeln"r m Aromfilm's online ,1illfi:mure senes, "Ninja., !he lrTlle Ninla," ",h,ch follows the adventures of a SToic, sunhatweanng. 10' vear old Wllh anirne-vrvle nlilia lelh,llily, Ira\ll!l~ Ihroup,1l .11'1 ancien! land. sear~hin~ lor hi, rorf-Ollen pas: and brutallv ,Iayoni~ bandits, nt"~r·do-weIl5. and other mruas alone Ih~ way, lr's ,1 (.OM~II".,f, lillie srorv II yvu can ~1<Hl<J Ihe bloody spray. Check II out al www.nmjai.corn.


II you aren'l alrMdy droollrlf, 10 see thrs film. you should check our I he Irdilcr.; onlim~ (wW"W.v" Sur~. the premise IS a hnle hol~y, hUI who can re~ISI a tiltn II'JllJrlne a leJlher·c!ad.l'.oop'cl·IO!· in:; HUf~h Jackman f'.'!hllrl8 everv famous UnivNsal horror-Iilrn monster bIll Ihe l"lummy? II reteases neXI month,


We' ... , look,ng lor new lall';nl 10 produce lanl.lsy artwork. You muSI h., ;)bl" 10 work digl!ally 01' provide a !inDI RGB 300 dpi uif,lwllmag~, AbIlity to be nexiblc and meer lighl deadlines is an absolute musr,

To sullmll your WO'I'''. place four of your Ires I PI~r.~" on I 0 one 8. 5 on. X " m. im~.,!c

a rca I h JI i ndud es yo u r nam e. phone number. and ern.ul addre~~. lhe 1~1l imaJle <hould be no hl:!hl~r Ih<JO 72 dpr. Emilll your submission 10: dmaMI'



Iwon" lake cr,edil for rhls issue's th,eme-I can't, The forces: that brought this issue to you in this form were set In molion lang before I became editor-in-chief. Jesse Decker put "Nin as and Dinosaurs" on the lis! of themes for DrtAOON in 2004 more than a year ago. He says that he pur ir rhere as a joke, knowingrhar other members of the DRAGON staff or the folks at Wizards of the COa-SI would laugh it off and quash the idea. He was parlially right Everyone laughed.

Working on a monthly magazlne is a funny Thing, Events gamer momentums of their own. A myriad of deadlines joslle one another, pressing 1heir way into our tunnel-vision view. We're conslanliy lTying to look fWO direclions at once: months forward and ar jhe days and hours remaining before 'the nexr due dare, II's like dri\ling a train full-steam on a track you're frantic81ly laying down JUSf 8 mile ahead.

When Chris Thomasson became engineer of The DRAGON train, rhe ninjas-anddinosaurs Theme was finally visible around the bend. It wasn't a far-off hypothetical anymore but a piece of Ihe track, already laid. As the magazine rolled inevitably onward. a strange kind of madness overtook him. He began talking seriously about adding another element to th April issue: pirates.

He had been quietly campaigning for if while Jesse was still in charge of DRAGON.

We thought it was a joke. and like ihe genesis of the Aprif therne, it probably was. When Chris was editor of DUNGEON, it was easy to mollify him by agreeing to his madcap plan. "Sure Chris. we'll put il on the list," we'd say. Yet when he joined the DRAGON staff, the joke was on us.

A kind of delirium seemed to overtake Chris whenever he talked about this issue.

There was a glow to his eyes. not unlike rhat which would appear in Jesse's when he firsT talked about the ninjas-and-dinosaurs theme. I tried to tal Chris down from rhe fedge-I told him rhar rhe ninjas-and-clinosaurs combo was enough wackiness for one issue-bur it was hopeless. Pirates of the Caribbean didn't help.

When it was time for me to sit in the editor-in-chief chair, I looked ar the issue schedule for 2004 and found "Ninjas. Plrates, and Dinosaurs" staring back at me. I checked the Issue's folder and found the track alrelloy laid-articles in and authors at work.

Although I argued againstlt. I found myself thrilled 10 see pirates in the mix, Each part of rhe April theme migtlt not have been strong enough to stand on irs ovm, but together, the triune rheme seemed greater than the sum of irs parts.

If was then that I felt the madness overtake me. From a dark part of my brain (no doubt the same part that used 10 tempt me to chase pigeons and Throw snowballs at cars) there came the inspiration iO add another element to the April issue's theme: monkeys.

After all. pirates liked monkeys, and kung fu has monkey styles, which is kind of related to ninjas. Of course, dinosaurs are separated from monkeys by millions of years. but the same is rrue of pirates or ninjas. That's part of the Theme's charm. right? People like pirates, ninjas, and dinosaurs, so why not monkeys?

As I sat there considering the idea, I'm sure rhe manic glow I saw in ChrIS'S and Jesse's eyes was present in my countenance, I credit both of them for pulling me 'back from the eelge and salling rhls Issue fr-om the straw that wou'ld have 'broken ils back; Both Chris and Jesse, at separate times. asked me if I was going to add monkeys to this issue's theme. Their half-joking questions, andthe mania still dimly glimmering in their eyes, was a lifeline.

Of course, I couldn't completely resist wh8reVer curse or mad muse possesses the editors of this issue, and you II find a monkey made its way inside. but heD, it is the April issue. "

Matthew Semen Edifor-In-Chief

To In'1I11'" ~I "'",,,pli0n5. ~ ,ubKripllon'.lHIlto,C<iI!I or call ( .... 5') .3g......,fto. s,m=ibo onli"".! and _c $" For CUSlQtner 5el'Yh tc.ncerTlll, email

e .. """'.r ... I"TI"'~.p.tIzo.c"",. TaCO"'o<l DllAOON llbar:.f odllOrbl co_""',"""'~ ..,.lami .. ""I ...... ,. .i.ftllen I'l!JII'I'IIiu'ed in ,he mag.u ... ""'" be edited For cbrll'l' MKlItIl8!h. AIIItr ..... m\J51 Include )'OUT fu~ """'" orod horne cOly. DUOI(lI'me toruli'll,"," In<! tho ..... umo <>I JoN ..... ~.ed, I"'".'<IUII! r es pon ses .ml nor.t..ays POlSillie.

6 April 2004


:t CAN',. Se:LI'E.'JE \'I.E A.P.£ AC.iU.I\I.L'\' c,lolOI.lI:l. W~'(io B.",TlL.E" DfWaOH!PiRE. 'to u "5 I.I'RE. 'Ii [ "'1t.e: I.IP To TI-IE. CH"LLENG.E,





Oh Chris, say it Isn't so! You can't leave asedltor-In-chief now. I love reading "Wyrm's Turn" every momh, MOST people skip right 10 the articles, but not me .. I always read "Scale Mail" and "Wyrm's Tum" first. The readers are the reason for the magazine, and the editor-ln-chief determines the conrent, so what better place is there fa start? I must say that (no offense to Jesse) you are the best! Your personaliTY shines In each of your summartes of the issue, and it seems to metbat every issue must be a bit like a child ro you. Passionate people like yO!) make anicles a pleasure to read.

While I'll be sad to see you go, 1 wish you The best in your future endeavors, Also, rd like to put Mallhew Semet! on nonce: You have some big shoes

to fill in my opinion. Don't worry

Matt., l'm sure you're up to it. Finally, thanks to all DflAGON staff for great artteles, awe-inspiring artwork, and a terrifi.c magaZine!

Tyler Jones:

Peerra, AZ

Wow. If I'd known 1(!flVing the magazines would have generated letters like this, I would have feft every mOnth ... or something like rhat.

Thanks for rhe compliments, Tyler. I feel I'm passionate about al! my work, whether on DUNOEON, DRAOON, or now as a 0&0 editor with Wizards of the Coast, As my coworkers can tell you, sometimes I'm too passiona~e (a.k.8. pighetJdedJ. In any case, I'm stilt In the indUSTry (up to my neck, 8$ Q marrer of fact), and I plan on contributing to the magazines when time allows, and when they'll have me. And don', w:orry about Mr, Sernett: Despite fhe rumors, he's actually a good guy, and as passionate On every sense of the word) as they come ..

Chri5 Thmnas,$Qn Former Edlror-in-Chief

Consider me on notice, Tyler,. and I'm not worried .... except about whatever it 15 fhat Chris means by rhaT /ssl sentence.

:M:anilew Semen Editor-In-Chief


Yeah, about the recent "Caption Contest:" Why was rhe runner up equlrt-mtlk-cut-your-nose funny., while the winner was something lame about leavl,ng the oven on? Is it because iT was a poop joke or because you didn't want to have a product's advertising slogan as the winner, regardless of how fitting il appeared? JUsT curious.

Scott M.cKendry Address Withheld

That's an excellent question. The pat answer is that tastes vary, and W'e found the flrs,~place entry funnier.

Yet iF you look behind the curtstn as to why we found the first-place winner funnier, you'lIte, asl/ghtly different answer.

In essence, a poop Joke (and bodily humor in genera/) is just too easy. Sure farts. poop, and pee cen be s l{Jugh Nor, bur you can put fhat noxiouscocktallinfa nearly any situ8tlon, and comedy results. Thus, we gave first place to rhe person who rrled a IiNfe harder-ond aimed above the belt.

Matthew Semen


I loved issue #315, pulling our and dusting off all those old campaign sertingsand such. I am II fai.rly new player and haven't been able to expertence mosrcf these games. but I will say my gaming crew and I, before I relocated, had our fun attacking the Greyhawk Ruins.

I remember there being a release of Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil Is there a chance we'll see some other old adventures re-releesed with the 3.5 rules? I would love roget

To inq"JI.,,· Iibau, • ..n..:npU.,m- • ."...l .uhI.c"pl~I.p.!I', 0, 0>11 <-425) •. 89",,1060;0. s ........ a.. ""' tn 0 "' ",1'1:0 .e 0,," uod save S" for <""'''''''', ......... <1IRIOCmS, _I CIl'I01Mr.I!.Nk:".pai<a~m. T .. <ani",,' ()!w;;I;w obotJ1 """oria! <oncems. dIIIi1 ~ ~ 1"-"'0"<0 m.i.e'l.,.,. roproclUiCed In ,he ~'" ~ b< "'h'~ fur darily "rnilong'" All loner:! mil<! 'c,{flt,;je ~r fulllllllM" olfId hon>i! ""y. D .... ", 1'.,. CG". ...... ,,, • .md rbe voIw.e of Jfl1o!n r.!ttived. 'nOJviduol ..... """_ .• r. no, .!v.o..ys pas<tbIii.

8 April 2004

my hands on <I version of the Ruins for version3,j,

Jason Webb Bloomington, CA

While we can 'f promise a revtsiot: of the Castle Oreyhawk thai appeared in r:he Or~yhawk. Rulnsadveflfure, Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz. are currently at wark on a massive rendition af their onginafCasrle Greyhawk advenrure, upon which Greyhaw,k Ruins was based. for publication through a dea publisher some #me in the next couple of years,

Readers eager to refilm to classic Greyhswk adventure locales need wait na lotlger thf)n DUNGEON #112, whichwifl fef1ruredungeon levels below Ma(Jr~ Castle. which first appeared in 1986's Mordenkainen's Fanl;:l"stic Advenfure,. Not only will we be reproducing the original adventure and updating it 10 3.5 as part of the 30th Anniversary of DUMltONs l>t DRAGONS, but orlfflnal aumor (and Greyhawk campaign "coDM'] Rob /('untz has even agreed to present a heretofOre "fost"level of the massive dungeon complex, whIch will appear for rhe very firsr time ever in tbar issue of DUNGEON.

Erik Mona.



I received the Draconomic,on for Chrisrmas, and wow, what an .;'!mOlling book! I.t was full of information that I can use in my games, The best part was That the entire first chapter was mainly "fluff!" I mean, I love new presrige classes, fears, and spells as much as the next guy, bur why can't we see more stuff like the Draconomicon in DOrD products these days? Nowadays, all you see. in Wizards of the Coast products (and mesr other 020 stuff) is "crunch:" rules, fears, classes, and so on, The best' part of the game Is the realism. the feeling that you are aC1Ually lnenotber world, and nothing can provide this feeling better than fluff, The Draconomicon was full of informarlonabeur a dragon's aging patterns, fertility, egg incubation, descriptions of each type of dragon. and more! I mean, it explained in precise detail how a dragon's anatomy works, and it had a bunch of grear quotes that gave nice in-character looks at dragons, I would love tosee

more conrent like the information in the Draconomlconin DRAGON magazine. It's stuff like that that makes a DEJr-D campaign really believable and much more enjoyable to play

~uca,s Johnson Address wirhheld

It's on its way, Lvces. There's a sweet spot on the fiuff-to-crunch rotia,. and you'" see DRAGON hone in on tha.T rn this and Iutur« issues, As to creatures In particular, our "Ecology" articles are designed to provide the kind of materia! you saw in the Draconcmtcon, and more such articles will appear in iS5UQS to come,

A/so, look for similar releases from Wizards of the Co.asf, In OCTober ,his year, 'hey'll release libris Mortis: The Book of Undead, a book very similar

TO the Draconomicon bur wiTh a ·differenl focus, of course, We expect It to be damn cool,

Matthew Sernett


I read Chris Thomasson's "Wyrm's Turn," In issue #315, and it gor me thinking about my favorite campaign setting: COUNClLOF WYRMS, Don't gel me wrong, my friends and I have been to Faer(m. and we even trekked Ihrough the phlogiston in SPElLJAMMER, burrhe lc's Blood Islands soon became our favorite.

The lo's Blood Island Chain from CouNCIL OF WYRMS was detailed enovgh to gi;ve my players a sense of history about the dragon race, yeT it was vague enough for me to pl;ant Ihe seeds for adventures of my Own thai could give 'he islands adtsnncrtve

feel. We stlll enjoy retelling the tales of Karatbeih rhe Topaz Wizard of Clan Seaspray., Dranth the Copper Pries I of Clan Clawstrike, Alina rheEmerald Psionicisl of Clan Sharpwail, and

Xy the Sapphire of Clan Wardaw_

They and rheir NPC kindred learned rhe secrets of Oracle Island, used

an artifact called the Sentinel to prevent 11 firegianr invasion, exposed the dracollch Infernis's secrer command of Clan Blackmoon, and fought in a war against the red dragons of 0181'1 Bloodtide to save the Council

of Wyrms,

Of all the campaign worlds, the COUNCIL or WYRMS was by the far rne most fenrasuc. Where else do you get

To LTKl,U'''' IIIloIll .""",npl~ em.od oulolcro'Pmnlll'"",,,,""'m 0, IOlIIl (4's) 03g-aoSo. Subscl'lbe 0I\I,1\e al ,,""",100m ond ..... a $" for clISlomer~!C:<! cone.m., ...",d cusI"rnec_lOrv",oOpallo",om. To C","'OC' o.wo. .... oo ""uano! CQ""ffII~. "rnII~ .c:oJ,o""'~iI'pI u o.~om_ Leuers ccploduced iI'I ,hi! m.'!gIIi"'" mq be ..r,~. roc c1onrl' DmlIe!I,glh. An !el!el'> ITlllSi Irlclud~ your fun II,,, ••• nd home ClIy Due 10 'ome COM! r<lln .. "00 I be """""" of ,"n'll"il r«elvod. ,,,",,,vidual respcnses ."" 1\01 "k.ooy~ ~,obk


the opportuniTy to spread your wings, fly, and swoop down on your foes to rend Them with claws and fangs? Ogres stealing your eggs or horde? Unleash devastating spells and breath weapons on 'em! Sure. the hibernating between age categories was a bit inconvenient, bur the kindred were always around to take up the sword and shield of adventuring,

All in all. I Think the COUNCIL Of WYRMS was the best campaign option to be developed. and kudos 10 Bill Slavicsek for his excellent work on the setting and rules. I liked them so much, I eventually used the idea of the Council as rhe basis for The dragon empire in my own campaign world. If ever Wizards of The Coast needs a setting 10 be updated, I hope they'll keep the COUNCIL or WYRMS in mind.

Alfred Garcia Orange, CA

If you're interested in playing dragon pes in DlAD 3.5, you need wait no longer than issue #320. The June issue of DRAGON celebraf1JS DDfD's 30th Anniversary and DRAGON 5 28th WiTh the theme of UDragon Heroes." In


Be discovered in the premier magazine for. by. and of garners. DR,'GON is lookong for one- to four-panel comiC';' of exceptional quahty and humorousness. This IS your cpponunuv to pur "published" on your resume. Your accepted cornrc wtll appear in a future issue of DRAGON lor the world 10 see. Ccnsrstem quality wtll result in a contract for a number of pard comics.

To subrnn your comic, send a 300 dpl, hi-res Ipeg 10 The Image you send must be actual size. Indude your name, phone number. and email address.

addilion to {J fanTastIc visual retrospective of the last 30 yeBrs of the game, the issue will include an article detailing a level progression that allows you to play dragons at tst level no ECL required!

Matthe ..... Bernett e

To ""Iu're oboIt, wtm"P'OOIt>. om.oI.o.itsctip'lIln'.pILlo.<o.m or (;O.D (1°5' .19·g,,00. Sut>5cr'be OO'It,. 41 pa ... com 000 save S,. For arm""", ......... lICe [""""'"' s, etnoJl

cu,tomer .leNa"!", 'IO.CO", To "">lac I /lPbtDGW about edmmill cancem .. errm .o.ol"nu~. p.ol'. com Lo"." Nlprodoced In , .... In3£".ir)o ""'I' be odn"" f01" dilfUY and 1r'lS' h. Allrll ..... muJt ,nclt.>d. I'DU' full n~"", ond hcint. cuy.Ollt 10 lime C0M11'l1nlIJ .nd lho wlume cf .. II ..... ,,,,,,"wOod. IndlYJdu"1 responses are nIIl "'-" 1""' .....

10 Aprll2004

Z5Ge·N A

H;.R,EI5 T I-I.E 'T E' LlU'bB,TA.i ! ow, PQR1""Lt-'iEt-I,lf1NEti ON. T\'IE Mfi.5> .ITWIl.L. TR"M~l'Dftl US

TO /I. ROOM ADjAceNt' "1'0 ~~ OR"CAoH.'!:. ~A\R!

'lIIH" Cl\N', I ~ LASlT:- 151"1I~C:"\JS:t You ~ I <;;ION" FO\.;~O'¥>I 1'0 Il INTo '¥Ie. POFrrA.L '! HIJ 14? IS

1HAT IT? YOU TI4!HK T. CH,li.I'H.iD MY. M!~I) AIOUT 'F'1C;1tT1H", !'HE. DRAGON,

DON' T"fOu ?!




As a typically ambitious player,1 did what all others of that ilk do:

Everything I could do to gain advanrage fat my PCs and rise in level as rapidly as possible. That was a maner of honor. of course. Being the fellow who wrote the bloody game, .I had better excel! So aFter s.tarling play wirh Vrag (a flghter) I soon added other pes and henchmen to broaden the scope of my possibilities, and to be able to handle encounters of difficult sorts when I was playing one-on-one with tbe DM. Thl)s came into being Mordenkainen the magic-user, then Felnorilh The fighter as Yrag's sidekick. Next were the elven twins Vram ann Vin, fighter/magic-users to accompany Mordenkamen. At that point I knew my principal DM, Rob Kuntz, was gelling a little anneyed with me. I played henchmen alone, or'lln as characters, so as to build their abilities more quickly. Those characters came together In greater numbers when some deadlier challenge was discovered. As more and more of those came, \ dec.lded to ~dd yet more characters to my rester. The first was a 3rd-level magic-user encountered in the dungeons. Charming him successfully, I asked his name. "Call, me

Bigby," came the reply. AI the rime 1 thought nothing of it. , ..

Ah, the singtJl<lr sinister mind of the DM concerned! Soon, I wasta suffer outrageous slings and arrows. In recruiting a, dwarf. I discovered that only one named Zigby answered my broadcast messages.

The nexr henchman-cum-occasional PC southt was a cleric. When thai succeeded, my insidieus OM informed me that a cerra in Rigby was the cleric answering the call.

Not many adventures later, when Mordenbinen and company discovered a likely NPC warrior willing to join our ranks,if was nor really surpl'isiYlg rhat his name was Sigby Grigbison .. , .

by Gary Gygax

When Bigby the mage was of sufficient level to warrant an apprentice" he sought and found none other than Nigby to Fill that role.

As Blgby had progressed inro a fullfledged PC of mine, Mordenkainen then needed an apprentlce, and who should he find but one Digby for an understudy,

I musl admit the names were truly annOying 10 me-quire un-herotc, generally unsuitable-but what could I do? The grand plan demanded many charatters,sol bit m.y tong.l.leand played as if I were pleased with the names pinned on the characters by a vengeful OM .. Turning the tables thus was fun. as the oddly named pes went on to achieve some degree of success and Ihe renown that went with .11.

Making much of the "suffering," while enjoying The benefits of excellent PCs, was satisfying. but it wasn't really enough. Near the conclusion of the rime when the Gircleof Eighr was active, I Informed OM Hob Kuntz that ]'10rdenkainen was seeking three lowlevel, magIc-\.Isers to aod 10 his staff. After expending sufficient gold in advertising, Rob inFormed me rhal rhree prospects had come forth. Without blinking an eye I sald, "Excellent! Hughie, Dewey, and Louie are hired." The look. on Rob's Face was most satisfying, as was his not suggesri~ the.y be named 'Nirh a "-by"· suffix appellation.

Moral: A little of the unpalatablecen actually be used to create somerhing satisfying. Only lemons make for good lemonade.·11:1

To 1"'1'"'' .!boul """"rip'''''''' 0"",,1 lub.erop''''''' ""',o.oom or <all (.ps) .a 9-0,,6 D. SuO=,bo ",,~n. ill !'Illa..,.", "'"' .. v~ S t ·For e",tom., ",,,,lea .....urno. """,1

CUll.m ...... "'Ie •• p~= To <Xlntocl D/IA""", lIb,,,",;",,! cono"",,, .""" wolem~ot.,," u uccm Lene .. "'prod""M 101M mog .. ,.., mJ)' boo Mil t!l for cl.:Iriry JOId Io"ll'h- A~ Ioillon ow .. "",I""" yOIif r..u ""nIo! .od rome tUl'. Due.o I."," {OOMrlI,nlS....d lbe volume or I."",,, r.'~,,,od. ",d,...:Jua! ~po'_'." IIOr .I..roy! """,tiIe.

12 April 2004

TWE ~LEPQRTp.."ION PoRtAL I ~ '2<- Wl>.,'( ANti PE'iUJI,ANElo,fT, R;1&14T'? 1 MilloN, 'WE . CP,N USE IT Ta EX,,. nus P\..ll.tE WHEN w£:RE, DONE .. 1'

fOR 'tHE 10TH TIME, I(N, YES ~ 'TU l'I.I>.P CLE~RLY '5TA1ES TilE POR.TAt.:'S NATuR.E l

Foot.l~ ADVENTURERS, "0\1 ME O(tQJo\£D. 'TM£. Lo,"lC. ON THl5 DOOR. IS "'00 ~FFICULT To PICK. AN'" TJ.(E:RE ARE NO 50ECRET DooRS IN 'TKE RoDfo'" 1. WIL.L

E.: .... £Hl\IA.LI.."J COME IliP.OIlNO TO <SoU IF "",'1 \.IiTLE TRAP BRoIJ(4..n f'l\E /'\ORt I='OOD. WIolEN I SE.E'Tov, I WILL foAl' '1'01.1 - I...IKi 'fME HUWOREOS &FORE "fou . PlEASi. PuSH 1\4E MAP THROU"H ~E. DooR'S S""'~U WINDOW, SO l'MA'T 1 ¥.IONT EAT IT BY ACe'DE~T.

I LIKE. 'TO R&USE ,.W~ ...... ~S. v.lHENE"JER POS'!.'8lE.

... S."NEI:I' .....


OMf ,OKA't ••• AfPAUW1L'1' 't~E MAt' WAS D£CE~"'E. .. , AWl) THE DAA~'" IS ToO BIG Fe!\. DaMATo'S DElV!U Ta F'ICilMT .. 5UT WHAT IS DONE IS DONE' A'!:i LoN' A!o WE DO Herr ", .. ,e AND $TICK ToCUTWER Wi.-

1: TOL,O You oms ~O 'nIE DRAGON MADE lME PoRTAL TO LUR!. P£Of'L.E To 1)IEu:t PI"oImo\5- BUT DID "(OU L.15T[Nr ,.0000!




14 April 2004


FIRST OF /l,u., t'"" .... OT A iWlEF ~ SECOf..ll) of ALl. Kn.LING ft\E WON'T ~ET , THAT DOOR. UNLoc.kED. SO f"O~ET IT! t !

YoU FoRGoT "(-Y-"(QUA. ." LOU<PICKS1! :Ii! !S PlJt 'te.r '"




'YES IT WILL! LI~TE~! OKA', STEP 1: DINOIL t<'LL'i. ;ou. STE.P 2.: ou·lOlL. $MA5WES 'fouR Bot)'( UNTIL \T lS SEl'AP..ATEO INTO 5"'''''-L PI;'CES- EAt", oWE. A&OUT

THIS 81~.,.

S'TEP 3t WE PuS'"' "fOUR ~ooYCHIJH~ THROUGH T\.IE, ~\'L WlIIlOoW It! TI-\t 0001'.

SUP 4; II<\OLb '(ouP. 1-AS T PIECEOUlSIOE 1'HE WIWOOW ... STEf> 5: 1 IN'IokE MY OR8 of LIFE ~t-Ip RAISE "f'oy_· OUTSI"~ THE OooR H

S,Ti¥ ,,~ "'{eu Go ANI) LOCATE THE t<.£Y lC. 'THE DOOR ...




YouR DEATH 15 o up.. ON\..'( C.H"'N(.~

~oFl ESCAPE ..

Ye. ... , So 51'01' BEIt..!f.1 SUCH A. WIM.P ANt) LAY' YouR. HEAl)

ON THE. FI.OOR ... Rlf.11-t"f THERE., So I CAN SMASH 'T.

ITS AtIl A¥lESOto\E PLAN. t ADf'o\IT rf ... 8\JT lET'S KILL DINOll IN'!JTEAO ~

~E's US£,D ---To 9ElN4


iHE ONI..'t REASOt-l "tou''1£ NE'<IfR DIED It..! A FIGI{r


SKULl<.IN~ IN "~E sttADOW!a

ISM...,. ,

~TR.P.TE.I\"(! ~~ ....

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16 April 2004

JUST Ai-OUT ... O"'-E OF 1"'1.'1 BUT'1:DN$ cAMi. UN.DONE

'0 ... 1,., .•

WEIRD"" THeR,C'S SOMEoTi-lING. I.N otote OF I<\Y uu,,jEI\ PQGltETS •. ,.AN~ 1 U 50 uPlU .. '( HAV E. NOTHING .... IN .•.

HEY, Do.f-!tA10!


LOC.KP1C~S! 1fift~!JIl,.~~_""'~--..-:"


ON HIS e.oD'1' THI'; CKUNK "ClES ,. '




~.Uy& ..... E. 010 n! WE~SeAIl'~D THE DRAG.Dt-I'S TRAPI WE A~E 1'",E BE.ST AD .... e N'T up. ,N<G


"The only two thin .. a pirate will run for

i...!~:!!;.!!!!!~!.$!!!!.....!!ir:..a= and ofRce." -Yoomife Sam

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. t(NO¥lING TH_j\,T


by Jesse Decker . illustrated Todd Harris



THe. SWIFT ?\CflOn

(Reprinted from the MinuYures Handbook. page 29)

A swift ilCtlon c(mwm~ .. very small amOlJll1 of rime but represenls a larger e){pendjture of effort and energy !h~n is tile qlo.e 'foIith a m:e action. You can perform one swift aclion per tum without affecting your abiliTY 10 perform other actions. In that regard. a swift actIOn is like a free <JcJiQn. However. you may perform only a slngle swift aClion per rum, regardless. of what other aClions yOu lake. Yau may

I ak.1! a swift sctlcn any tinre you would norm~lIy be sllawcd 10 take a free acrion. SwlFI 3~tklru; usually involve magic or the actlvarlcn of magic I'~ miln." characters (especially Ihose who don't use magic) will never have an opporlunity 10 use swifl ath6ns.

Casting a quickened spell Is a swift aalon, Casting reafhl:r raU is a swift acllon. (Fe3rher fall is a uniQ,ue spell, however. In Ihal II can be cast even when it isn't your tum. This Isn't generally TrUe of swifT atlioM, which are lIonnally taken all your rum like other types of acnons.) In addilion, casling any spell wilh 3 casting lime 0 I swifl acllon Is- a swift acTIon.

Casting a s.pell wtth a casting lime of I swifl action does nol provoke

an /;ltt a ck £If opperturutv.

14 April 2004

-# ,he ninja's home is the shadow, In a lethal flash they deftly strike down theIr prey,

'only to vanish again without a sound or the merest trace. Walking where others canno~. they b.len~ their lrai~i~ in stealth and .assassination with a disCiplined mlnd. Their rrgorous fl-amlng sharpens their senses and .

bodies, giving Them supernatural powers of shadow and silence, making them phantoms TO even the keenest eyes .. Although ninjas lack the maMial 'Prowess of fighters or earbariaM., their banles occur

on the treacherous grounds of their choosing, where they appear when their foe is weakest.

Historically, ninjas came from clans of assassins and guerrilla warriors in feudal Japan. In a fantasy selting, they blend a gift for stealth and Infilrratlon with devastating surprise anacks and supernatural means of avoiding blows. Although the specific abilities of the ninja class differ from those arrribured TO rhe historical ninja, the class's abilities mirror the nlnla's fearsome and sinister reputation as a spy, assassin, and rna rti al artist.

Adventul'es: Ninjas adventure for a variety of reasons. A loyal ninja might adventure at her lord's orders, using her abilities of stealth and subterfuge to ferrel OUT enemies or 10 recover powerful treasures. A mercenary ninja might seek only treasure and fame. seiling her blade to any who meet her price and forging a bloody name men fear 10 whisper. Or, a more idealistic ninja. mighl seek to thwart a growing evil, becomlng a vigilante hero agalnsr InjUSTice and revealing hidden evils.

Most ninjas prefer anonymiry TO fame. and

they go out of their way to disguise their profession and abiliTies. A rare few. however. revel in the mysterious reputa-

tion that surrounds ninjas and rheir training, making rheir abilities known and their role in an adventunng group dear. As nl njas grow in wealth and

power, 'heir goals often change. and rhelr ability re uncover secrets and kill STealthily can shape the plans of entire nations. Rulers both fear and cover the skills of the ninja. and high-level ninjas whose Identities are known often find adventures coming 10 them rather than the reverse.

Charecterietics: Highly skilled spies and assassins, ninjas master II broad range of skill~ and combal techniques. Nearly every ninja perfects the arts of moving quietly and remaming hidden, but their secondary skills are often whal defme their

role. Many nlnpls perfect skills thaI help them become berIeI' spies. mastermg the arts of social interaction and disguise. Others Tak.e on car-burglar-like roles, pracficing those skills that help them find and bypass traps and locks. Some even focus on rhelr marfial skills to become the deadliest of killers, able to strike at seemingly any rer-

get from anywhere.

In ccrebar. a ninja can deal devastating blows 10 an unsuspecting opponent, but she's nOI as adept as a rogue at delivering such attacks in a prolonged battle.

Ninjas jump and climb farmer and faster than members of oiher classes. and Ihey are skilled acrobats. They also receive spedal training in the use of poisons, which they oPren employ In the midst of combat,

Even with these skills, a ninja's most dangerous and impressiye powers involve the ability to step briefly into the Ethereal Plane. By fOCUSing her kl. the ninja can vanish From Sight. walk through nearly

any barrier, and deal devasratlng attacks even while nor physically present in a room. As a nrnja advances in level. she can even tum this ability to defense, causing pOlentially crippling blows

10 pass harmlessly through

her body.

Alignme.nt: Although ninjas have a. reputation as dangerous assassins and deceptive spies they follow many different philosophies and ideals. allowing them to be of any alignment. For every dangerous mercenary who uses her ninja Training

to kill for money. an honest and loyal ninja stands guard over a juSt lord. Most ninjas follow their own beliefs first, rather than the dictates of a noble or magistrate. and therefore ninjas are more chaotic than lawful.

Religion: A ninja's religious beliefs follow rhose of her clan.

Ninjas can follow any god, although most clans devote rhemselves to gods of stealth or trickery. Neutral or mercenary ninjas mighr devore themselves to Olidammara. while evil ninjas often revere Nerull or Erythnul.

Ninjas who have left or lost their clans follow any deity they care too. and mey often choose not to worship a god.

Background: Many ninjas come from isolated clans that

train in sec ret, They spend many years perfecting the arts of stealth and subterfuge in distant villages and hidden mining camps. These warriors. whether in the service of an honorable lord or hired as mercenary assassins, carefully conceal their identity and origin_ These ninjas weave complicated webs of disguises, strike only from hiding, and deal throl.lghintermedl~ aries whenever possible. Because of their strong nes 10 Their clan, these ninjas must often pur aside personal preferences or goals to, serve their lord or clan, but in return they gain the support of a powerful political force and access to rhe clan's many sefebouses and hideouts.

Although rnosrninjas come from Isolated dans. exceptions exist at every rum. Some ninjas receive specialized lT3infllg from a s.ingte mentor, perhaps even a retired adventurer who wishes to pass along her skills. Others learn alongside monks and other ascetics In peaceful monasteries. In some places. far~thinking nobles set up ninja training centers of their own, including anything from a single reacher with a handful of srudents to full-blown ninja schools where students endure a rigid series of tests and trials. Ninjas from such diverse backgrounds often find rne life of an adventurer appealing. Without the nes of dan and honor that keep other ninjas tied to a lord or mlssion, these skilled w<JTTiors find adventuring puts their abilhies to The test and rewards rhe skills they hold in highest esteem.

Races: Humans. haltlings. half-elves, and half~orcs often have 1he combination of adaptability and ambition necess.;ry to master rhe techniques of the ninja. Elves, !hough both graceful and deadly, rarely become ninjas, but those who do often achieve great fame or notoriety. Such elven ninjas often attain the heighTS of ninja rraining. shapi~ rhe history of many human generations through their daring expJoirs- DW8rves and gnomes seldom train as ninjas. Not only is their clan structure too open TO shelter hidden clans of ninjas, their martial instincts run to more sfT'aightfor-Nard forms of combat.

Other Clas-ses: Ninias work best with rogues and rangers.

Although they appreciate the healing power of clerics. the abiliry of sorcerers and winlrds to kill with a II{Ord, and rhe sheer

26 April 2004

offensi'fe might of fighters and barbarians, ninlas rely 100 much on stealth to completely embrace the idea of adventuring with other classes. Conversely, when traveling or not actively adventuring, ninjas who wish to go unnoticed beneftt greatly from the presence of other dasses-rhe less subrle and more visible their advennmng companions, the easier it is for the ninja to remain In The background and disgUise her own abilities.

Role: Depending on her sklll selecnen and the mission that the group finds itself on. the ninja's role ln the party can vary dramatically. A ninja practiced in disguise and diplomacy might assume a false identity and act as the group's leader and from-person. A STealthy ninja who has perfected rhe arts of" infiltration might benefit the group the most by aelrng as a scout or poinT~man, while a more ceutlous ninja might hang back, covering the group's rear. Whatever the ninja's role during rounne dungeon exploration or other adventures, rhe ninja is a dangerous and unpredictable combatant who can disable foes with poison. strike from seemingly nowhere. and escape almost any situation by using her supernatural abilities-

C,":,M€ l~ULe it1fL~Mf,nOn Ninjas have the follOWing game srarisrics.

Abilities: Ninjas benefit from high Dexterity. as many of their abilities require rhat Ihc.y wear no armor, and it affec's many of their mOST important skills. A high Dexterity also helps a ninja to act first in initiahve and take advantage of her sudden strike ability.

Alignment: Any. Hit Die: d6.

Oass S!l"iffs

The ninja's class skills (and the key ability for each) are Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (SIT). Concenrralion (Can), Craft (Jnt). Disable Device (In f), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (De x), Gather lnformarlon (Che), Hide (Oex). Jump (Str), listen (Wls), Move Silently (Dex), Open Lock (Dex), Search (lnr), Sense MOfive (Wis). Sleight of Hand (Dex). Spot (Wis), Sw1m (Std. Tumble (Oex).

Skill Points- at rst level: (6 + Int modifier) )( 4.

Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 6 + Int modifier.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of rhe ntnja.

Weapon and Annor ProfiCiency: Ninjas are profktenr with all simple weapons. plus the hand crossbow, kama. nunchaku, sal, shortbow, shorr sword, shuriken. and siangham. Ninjas are not proficient with armor or shields.

AC Bonus (Ex): A ninja is highly trained at dodging blows and has a sixth sense That lers her avoid even unanticipated attacks. When unarmored and unencumbered, the ninja adds her Wisdom bonus (if any) 10 her Armor Class. In addition, II ninja gains II bonus to Armor Class at 5th level. This bonus

n·le MII1 ... 'F\
Basfi FOri ReI' Win AC
Level AUldr. Bon us Sove Save &n Bonus Special
IS. +0 +0 "2 +0 +0 K, power, sudden srnke .,d6. Il'ilplindtng
2nd ... , +0 +3 +0 ~o Ghosf STep (mvlslble)
3rt! "2 .. t +3 +! "0 Sudden strike +2d6. poison use
4·h "3 +, "4 +1 +0 Greal leap
5th "3 *1 +"- +1 "I Sudden strike ~3d6
6.h +'1 .. z "5 +2 +, ACrOOalic~ 1 + 2). *, dodge
71h "5 +2 +5 "2 +. Sudden stri~e ... ,dB, vertital run
8th +6/+. .. 2 +6 >2 +I GhoSI sirike
9·h +6/+1 "3 +6 +3 +. Sudden strike "Sd6, po,5Qn use (move action}
roth "7/ .. 2 "3 t7 +3 .. 2 Ghost step (eth real)
nth +8/+3 +3 +7 +] .. 2 Sudden $.r)~ .. 6<16
.zlh +9/+4 +4 +8 +4 +~ AcrobaliCS (+41. CYll5101l
13·h +9/+4 +4 .. 8 +4 +2 Sudden strike +7d6
'41h +10/+5 "4 +9 +4 +2 Ghost mind
15th +11/ .. 6/+. +5 +9 +5 "3 SUdden sinke +&16
16th .,'d+7/+~ +5 +10 +5 +3 Ghost sighl
17Th -t12/+7{+~ +5 .,0 +5 +] Sudden 5 I rlke + gt.I6
,8th +'31+8/1'3 +6 +11 +6 +3 Acrobalics (-t 61, great~r I" docIge
'91h +14/+g/'4 s +11 +6 +3 Sudden slrike +lodC
20th +'51+10/+5 6 +12 +6 -t4 Ghost form increases by I for every lye ninia levels thereafter (+< at iorb. +3 at 15th, and +4 at aoth),

These bonuses TO AC apply even against 'ouch aTtacks or when the ninja is flat-footed. She loses these bonuses when she is immoblliled or helpless. when she wears any armor, when she carries a shield, or when she carries a medium or heavy load.

Ki Power (Su): The ninja can channel her lei to manifest special powers of stealth and mobility. The ninja may use her /Ii powers a toral number of times per day equal to one-half her level plus his W!sdom bonus (If any).

Ki powers may only be used if the ninja Is wearing no armor and is unencumbered.

As long as The ninja's kipool isn't empty (thar is, as long as she has a1 least one daily use remaining), she gains a +2 bonus on her Will saves.

Each lei power is described under a separate entry, below. Sudden Strike (8d: If a ninja can catch an opponent when he ts unable to defer.d himself effectively from, hei' aneck, she can strike a vital SpOT for extra damage. This abilily works like sneak arrack, with the exception thaI ninjas uSIng the sudden strike ability do ncr deal extra damage to opponems rhal they Rank, but only to creatures that are denied their DeXTerity bonus to Armor Class (whether the target has a Dexterily bonus to AC OT f\i)r). Sudden al1ad's extra damage dice stad with those from sneak arrack whenever both would apply TO the same rargeT. This extra damage is +Id6 at 1st level. and increases by +ld6 every two levels.

Ranged attacks count as sudden strikes only if fne targer is within 30 feel. A ninja can', strike with deadly accuracy from beyond rhat range.

A ninja can only use sudden strike against living creerures with discemable anatomies-undead, constructs, oozes. plants, and incorporeal creatures lack vital areas to anack. Any creature that is immune to crirn:a1 hits is not wlnerable to S\.Idden strike damage. The ninja must be able to see the target well enough fa pick our a vilal spot and must be able to reach such a spot. A ninja cannot make a sudden strike while e1taclting a creature with concealment or striking the llmbs of a creerure whose viT<tls are OUT of reach.

Trapfmding: Ninjas can use the Search skill to mte.traps with a Difficulty Class higher than 20. Ninias can also use the Disable Device skin to disarm magic traps. A magic TT<!p generally has a DC of 25 + the level of the spell used to create il.

A ninja who bears a rrap's DC by 10 or more with a Disable Device check can study me trap, figure out how il works, and bypass i1 (will\ ber party) without disarming It.

Ghost Step (Su): At and level, the nmj8 can spend one daily use of her if} power 10 become invisible for I round. Using rhis ability is a swift acnon that does nOT provoke an attack of opponunity.

At rorh level. the ninja can become ethereal for I round when using ghost step instead of becoming invisible.

Poison Use (Ex); Beginning ar 3rd level, a ninji3 no longer risks accidentally poisoning herself when applying poison to a weapon. At grh level. a ninja can apply poison ro a weapon as 27

a move action, and at 131'h level, she can apply poison to a wea-poTI as a swifl action.

Orear Leap (Su): At 4th level and higher, ninjas always make Jump checks as if Ihey were running. This ability can only be used if the ninja is wearing no armor and is unencumbered.

Acrobatles ('Sul: At 5th level, ninjas gain a +2 bonus 10 Climb, Jump, and Tumble checks. This bonus Increases 10 "''1 aT 12Th level and +6 at 181h level.

Ki Dodge (Su): AT 611'1 level and higher, a ninja can spend a daily use of her ki power to cause attacks against her !hat mIght otherwise hit fa miss. When she activates this a biliry , the ninja's ourllne shifts and wavers, causing some attacks to miss .. This dlsrortion grants the ninja concealmenT (20% miss ch(mce) against all attacks for t round. Using Ihis ability is a swift action.

Set: inviSibility has no effect on the miss chance caused by the ki dodge ability, but true seeing negates It. The miss chance caused by this abililY does not Slack withrhat caused by concealment or spells like blink or displscement.

This ability can be used only if the ninja is wearill8 no armor and is unencumbered.

Speed Climb (Ex): At 71n level and higher, a ninja C;:In scramble up or down walls and slopes withgreal speed. She may climb her full base speed as a move acsen wirh no penalty; however, she must begin and end the round on a horizontal surface (such as the ground or a rooftop}. If she does not end her movement on a horizont(ll surface, she Falls, taking falling damage as appropriate for her distance above the .ground.

The ninja also needs only one free hand to use this ability" When climbing normally , the ninja requires both hands free. This ability c<ln be used only if the ninja Is wearing no armor and is unencumbered.

Ghost $h'ike {Sul: AI 8th level and hlgher, a' ninja can spend a daily use of her ki power to strike incorporeal and ethere!!1 creatures as if they were corporeal. The ninja can also use this eblllry ro strike foes on the Material Plane normally while on. the Ethereal Plane (for sxarnple, while using ghOST step ability!.

Activating the ghost strike ability is a swift acrten, It affects the nexrarrack made by the ninja, as long as thaI attack is made by the end ofthe next round.

Eva,ion (Ex): A ninja of 12th level or 'hIgher can avoid

even magIcal andl.lIlusua! snacks With agility. [f s~e makes a successful Reflex saving throw againsr an arrack ThaT normally deals half damage on a: sucCflS5ful S<1Ve (such as a red dragon's fiery breath or a firebam., she instead takes no damage. Evasion can be used only if a ninla is wearlng no armor and is unencumbered. A helpless ninja (such as one who is unconscious or pa,rafyzed) does nat gain the benefit of evasion.

Ghost Mind (Su): At 141h level and higher, a ninl.agains II special resistance to spells with the scrying descriptor. To

28 .April 2004

1111[,1f-\t1 t1"1.Jf-\ Si{-)I,rU1G I~/-\a-V-\G€

Armor: None.

We8pon~; Shorr sword, 20 shunken.

SlYII 6~ll!c'IQn: Pick a number of skills cquel to 7 + 11'11 modifier.

Skill Rl!nh Ability

Balance 4 Del(
O'5atoh: Oev Ice <1 Int
Hide. 4 Del(
listen -I WIS
Mov~ Sllenrly 4 Del(
Open l.cck 4 1m
Search 4 Inl
Spot 4 WtS
Tumble ., Del( F cat: POim Bla nk Shot.

Bonus Fear [Human): Precise ShOT.

Our: B,1ckpa 1 w~ter5k,I'I. one doly'S II ill! rancns, bedroll, sack. Ilint ;;lIld steel hooded tarnern, 3 pints of 011. quiver. an arruws

acid: 6d4 ?,p.

detect or see a ninja with such a spell, the easter must sueeeedar B easrer level check against a DC of 20 + The ninja's clas5 level. In the case of serylng spells that scan the area that the ninja, 15 in, such as arcane eye, a failed check indicares rhal' the spell works bu: the ninja simply Isn'T detected, Serving attempts targeted speCifically at the ninja do not work ar all if the check falls.

Ghost Sight (Su): Ar t6th level and higher, a ninja. can see invisible and elhereal creatures as easily as she sees material creatures and objects.

Greater KiDodge (Su): At 18th level. the miss chance caused by the ninja's ki dodge abllity lncreases to 50%.

Ghost Form (Su): At 20lh level, rhe ninja can spend TWO daily uses of her xi power 10 enter the Ethereal Plane for an extended period of time. This abili.ty func.tions as the eThereal jaVnf spell cast by a sorcerer with a leve! equal to the ninja's class level, except rhat the ninja can use this abmty only

on herself. 0

*: With the 3.5 updare, the three core books went through a long and ~ careful process of revision. The purpose of this article is to help you - =-= - use the Oriental Adventures book you already have with Ihe core GD rules' 3·5 updsre, It is not a comprehensive revision of Oriental

Adventures or even a lisT of errata As much as possible, the rules in Orienra/ Adventures have been left unchanged. and for Ihe most part. new rules have nor been added. Only occasional bits of errata are included illlnis article. The complete list of errata for Oriental Adventures is available on rhe W;izards of the Coast website {www.wizards.coml

Some of The material in Oriental Adventures has already been more !'horoughly revised. You may already have seen revised versions of some Oriental Adventures feats and prestige classes in rhe Complete Warrior. If you have tha,t book. you can go ahead and use the revised feals and presrige Classes, or you can stick wiTh what you .already have. The decision is up TO yov.

32 April 2004

~WI'''R: ONE.


for the most part, the races presented in Oriental Adventures require IInle adjustment. The elimination of the shapeehanger type has important implications for the hengeyokaJ .. however, and the vanara need a small but signIficant change.

HUffl£liflS: Humans From fhe lion clan gaIn Intimidate as a class skill, rather than the obsolete Kno ..... ledge (war).

Hengeyokal: Hengeyokai are now creatures of the humanoid (snapechanger) type, rather man creatures of the obsolete shapechanger I'y"p& Removelheir level adJustment ..

Vanara: Remove all of the vanara's olIbllity score a.djustmenls.

t:UR'YE2 7~O.


In general, only small changes are necessary to brIng the Oriental AdvenTures classes in line wirh the revtsien,

(.,",~' .• i

One change 10 the samurai is su,ggested by the alteration of the damage reducnoa SySTem.

Ancestral Datshe: When a samurai of at least 4th level wields his ownanees!:ral katana or wakiLashi, the weapon is considered an honorable weapon for th:e purpose of bypassing the: damage reduction of certain creatures.

c,,~"" ....

'Ihe shaman's martial arts abilities are weak, and improving them slighlly does nol unbalance fhe class.

Unanned Strike: like monks, shamans are trained to fighT unarmed. AT 1ST level, a shaman gains Improved Unarmed

34 .April 2004

Srrlkeas a bonus feat Also, like a mont. a shaman deals more damage with his unarmed srnkes than a normal person would. as shown on the Shaman Unarmed Damage reble,

Sl~IAMAI1UI1AR.l"I€.n V.AMf-\Ct€.

Shaman DIm,go ~DllIIqll
L.evel (Sma!ll (MedlllllTl)
1St-5th Id4 ld6
fllh-Llm IdS ,da
12!h-17fh IdS ldlO
lallt-aoth ,dla ;d6 BOTlusFeaf: At 4th level and every four levels thereafter (8th, 12Th, 16th, and 20th), a shaman gains a bonus m;:wTial arts feat. The shaman must choose these fearts from the following lisr. Blind-Fight, C.ombat Reflexes. Falling Star Strike. Freezil'1g the lifeblood, Great KI Shout, Iron Will, Ki Shour. Pain Touch. Stunning Flst, Unbalancing SlT'ike. The shaman must meet all the normal prerequisnes for The feats he selects.

~ •. "d

FollOWing the lead of therevlsed barbarian, the sahei's special abilities shift coaslderably, as shown on the Sohei Special Abilities table. She also gains !;"lew abilitIes.

Diehard: The sohei gains Diehard as a bonus feat at 3rd level. This replaces the Remain Conscious fear,

Ore<lter Frenzy: At 1.lth level. a sehel's bonuses to Strength and Dexterity during her frenzy each increase to +4, rhe penalty she suffers on attack rolls when making a flurry .of blows is reduced to -I', and her speed increases by 20 feet during her kenlY.

Tireless .Frenzy: At 17th level and hi~her. a sahel no longer becomes fa'llguedat the end of her frenzy.

Whirlwind Frenzy.: Ar level,. a eohers bonuses to Strength and Dexterity during her frenzy each Increase to +6, she suffers no pena!ry on anack rolls when making a flurry of

Ltvel Spec I"
\51 f( I r reruy ,/ d ~y. Weapon fOCUj
UId Defleet A!TOWS
ard D~hord
ofth f(1 rrcnzy iI./dilY
51h Strength of mind
1111'1 Derem'lIe 31flM
7th Damage reducllon 1/-
8m KI frelllY yday
9th MlUlie
'0'" Damage reduction 2/-
lith Greiller f reOI)'
'2111 1<1 r renzy 41 d£IY
'3m Oumaglll'educlkm 31-
16,11 Damage reductRl n 'II •. AI fre nll/
Illh TIreless frenzy
'911'1 Damap redllCtlon 5/-
znth Whirlwind Frenzy. iii rrenzy a/day blows,. and her speed in.creases by 30 feet during her frenzy ..

~ 'IJI

The mechanic of lhe WIJ jen's elemental mastery ability was flawed in the .original presef!.tation {and corrected in the emtal. Requiring a wu [en to learn all lhe spoells of ag,,,,el'l eleme ... t in order 10 master that element makes it impossible Farrne OM loinrrodu.cenew wu jen spells lnro the game Without unfairly penalizing wu [en pl.ayer characters. Wirh the 3.5 revision. the game has moved away from skyrocketing spe!lsavil1g tllmw DCs, so the revised elemental mastery grants the wu jen an effective casrer level increase lnstead,

EJementalMasTery: The spells of <I wu jen are divided into fille elemental groups: earth,,, water, and wood. At 61h level, lnstead of receivillf: a speU secret, a wu [en can proclalm herself a master of one of tile five elements. Thereaf'ter, whenever a wu len casts a spell of thatelement, herefFeclive caster level (for purposes of

determining level-dependent spell variables and for caster level check$) is increased by ... 2. In addition, the wu Jen herself gets a + 2 competence bonus on saving throws against spells of thar element. Certain spells on the wu jen spell list are designated "All;" rbts means they belong re all elemental groups. and a wu ien who is a master of any elemenl gains The mastery bonuses wiTh respect to those spells.

~W"A~Tfre. T~EE:

~~,,~ ~t.4((E(

The Oriental Adventure prestige classes require a few changes. mostly derived from sirnilar cnanges made 10 other classes in the 3.5 revision.

Monk Prestige Classes: The changes 10 the monk class in 3.5 make it much easier to design prestige classes for monk characters. A hen shin mystic, Shintao monk, or tattooed mank simply adds his class level to his monk level to determine his unarmed damage, Annor Class bonus, speed. and The effectiveness of his flurry of blows.

Wild Empathy: The banle maiden, bear warrior, and shapeshifter prestige classes all had Animal Empo\lfhy as a class skill. Replace this class skill with a new class ability, wild empathy. which each class acquires at ist level. This ability works exactly like the wild empathy class feature of the druid and ranger classes. If rhe character has ranger or druid levels. she can add 'hose levels fa her prestige class level to determine her total bonus on wild empathy checks.


Experience has shown rhat granting a spellcaster bonus spells rather than

a normal level progression is ImsarisfyIng at best. Use rhe Eunuch Warlock Advancement table for The eunuch warlock's special abilities and spellc.asting.

Focused SpeD Power (Ex): When a eunuch warlock casts a spell from a school that he has Spell Focus In, his

EUt1UCt-l WAR.LCX::t<. fm\l~ Class

Level Special Spebsting
151 Focused spe power +1
2nd 151 mighry spell +, level of exisTing dass
3rd Leadership +, level of ex.iS1ing class
4,h znd mig!lIy spell +1 leve! of exls1ing class
5th Focused spell pawer +2 +, leYel of c)l:ilJflng class
6111 3n1 mighty spell +1 level of e~I:;ling class
j'th +1 level of ej(j1itlng ~~
8th 41h m\Elhry speU +, level of exisTing class
91h Focused spel! power +3 +\ level of eXl'Otillg class
10th 5th mighty spell +1 level of eJCJShng class favored Enemy (£X}: At 1St level. a shadow scout may select a type of creature (such as giants. goblinoids, undead, or ani) as a favored enemy. The shadow scout must select a creature type or subtype from Table 3-14 Ranger Favored Enemies in the Player's Handbook. except that a shadow scout may also select onl or a human clan other Than his own as his favored enemy. Due to his extensive study of his chosen rype of foe and training in the proper techniques for combating such creatures. the shadow scout g3inS a .... bonus on Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive. Spot, and Survival checks when using these skills against creatures of "this type. Likewise, he gets a + a bonus on weapon damage rolls againST such creatures. At 4th level and every three levels thereafter (4th. 7Th. and roth level), the bonus increases by +a-

If a shadow scour already has a favored enemy. he may either select a new favored enemy or Increase The bonus against anyone favored enemy by +2, If he chooses to increase his bonus against an existing favored enemy. he must add subsequent bonuses from levels in shadow scout 10 the same favored Enemy.

effet:llve easteT level (for purposes of determining level-dependent spen variables and for caster level checks) is increased by +1. This bonus increases to +2 at STh level and to +3 al 9th level.

This benefit applies even fa schools the character gains rhe spen Focus fear for after becoming a eunuch warlock.

fftltfloi .. #fy«ir

The changes to the damage reduction system in 3.5 require two changes to the henshln mYSTiC class.

Ki Strike (Su): At 4th level, a henshin mystic's unarmed attacks are treated as lawful weapons for the purpose of dealing dllm~e to creatures wifh damage reduction, If he already has lei strike (lawful) as a class ability from monk levels. he gains the ability to align his weapons ro either good or evll, depending on his actual alignment. If he is neither good nor evil, he must choose one of those aUgnmeflts to apply to his ki strike ability.

At 8th level, a henshin mystic's unarmed attacks are treated as adamantine weapons for the purpose of dealing damage to creatures with damage reduction and for bypassing hardness.

Riddle of Invulnerability (Su): A rothlevel henshin myslic gains damage reduction lo/magic.

~,,~,(,. ... ~nJit

FollOWing 1he example of the ranger. the shadow scout's favored enemy ilbilfty becomes slighny better.


Two changes to the rules system have a minor impact On the shapeshifrer: slight changes to the druid's wild shape abiliTy (particularly the addition of plant wild shape and a relaxing of the rules for ]5

shift~ing into a dire animal form) and the abolilion of the shapechanger type.

SI~lflPES1~IfTER ?)1)V(-\t1CE1'1€J1T Class

level SpetiJI

ISf Wild shape (y'day), exlT<l shifting

3rd wnd shape (Large)

4th w.ild shape (<I/day)

51h Wild shape mny)

6th A thousand races

7'h wnd shape (plan r)

8th Wild shape (S/day)

9th Wild shape (Hugel

ioth Wild shape (elemenfal I/oay I, narural shapechatJger

Wild Shape (Su): At ist level, a shapeshiFrer garns the ability to change form lnto a Small or Medium animal and back~afn three times per day. This abil·ity works exaclly like the druid's wild shape ability.

The shapeshiFrer can use wild shape one more lime per day at 41h and 8th le.vel, as noredon the tab~le. ln addition, theshapeshlfrer gains the ability to Take the shape of a Large animal ar 3rdlevel, a Tiny animal ar 51h level, and a Huge animal at 9th level, The new form's HIT Dice can't exceed the shapeshiFreT's cl1aracler level.

AI 7th level, ashapeshifter becomes able to use wild shape to change into II pianr creature, such as a shambling mound, With the same size restrictions as For animal forms. (A shapeshlfrer can'l use this .abibty to takelhe form of a plant rhat isn't a creature, such as a tree or a rose bush.)

AI loth level, a shapeshifter becomes able 10 use Wild shape to chal1ge into a Small, Medium,or Large elemenrsl (.alr, earth, fire. or waited. or nature spiriT once per day. Nature spirit statistiCS can be found on page 177 of Oriental Adv:entures. These elemental forms are in addllion to tool' normal wild shape usage. In addition to thenomal effet.ts

36 April 2004

of wild .snape,. the. shape13hifter g!lins<l1I the elemental's or nature spirit's exrraordinary" supemarural, and spelllike abilmes. She also guns the creature's fears for as IOIle: as she mamtalns.the wild shape, but she reTains her own creature type,

Naturel Shapechsng:er: At loth level, a shapesbffrer ch<Jnges form so narurally thaI she gains the shapechanger subtype. There are few direct benefits of this subtype, but she can rennnro her natural, form as a standard action when she

is subjected ro a spell such as polymorph other (as stated in the spell descrtptlons),

!:"; ."tlll, ,""Ilk

FoUowing the example. of the paladin, the Shiman monk gains the ability IQ smite Ialnredcrearures more nmes per day as he advances in level. To compensate for rhis improvement, his bonus feal progresSion is slowed.

Sl-1111T?\O MOt1K A'DVAt'JC€I'1et1f CIa»

Level S~III

1St Monk abilities .• tooth 1M. Void d '""8on. I;)om,l$ fe4lt

~Ild Detecr TlIlnt, smite Talnl ./dBy,

~ 10 rlie: sool

arc! Gtas? lhe IYInh d~aI"I

<lth Purity of ShinS{:!J, bonus feat

5th Cfumnellhe fire dl7l8on

6th Grear silence, smite Tainl 2/day

7th STeal m.:. oir dragoo. oonu.s feat

8 11'1 A"'~mN lfo1i1Jgm;e

91h R Ide tile warer dragon

lolh Kukwr - 00, bonus feat. smite 1 sinl slday

Toueh the Void .Dragon. (Su): Once per day, a Shintao monk Can raise one of her ablli.ty scores by 4 pclrirs for a durn Ii on of 10 minutes per level. This abiliTY is similar to ihe ability-boosting spells bull's strength, btJar's endurance .. Gat's grace. fox's GlJnni~ owl's Wisdom, and eJJgle's splendor.

Smite Taint (Su).: AI 6th level. a Shmrao monk can use this ability twic.e

per da,y. At ramle .... el, he can use ir three times per day.

f.dto-w( "',~t.

The changes to the damage reduenen system affects one of the tattooed monk's abilities.

Tattoo (Su): Three ranees have slighTly alrered abilities.

Crab:' The tartooed monk gains damage reduction a/magic. This damage re.ducTion improves by 2 for each additional fattoo he possesses.

Pine: The tattooed monk gains the benefits of both the Endurance and Diehard feats,

Spider: To use this tattoo, a cheraeter must have the SrunnmgFisr fear, Insteold of a stunning fist attack, a character with Ihis tarroo can m.ake an arrack Ihat delivers aeonracf poison The poison's save DC isequa! to 10 + the tattooed monk's class level + his Constitution modIfier. The poison's initial, and secondary damage is 2 points of Consl"itvtion dam"8e. Using this tattoo CQU1"rTS as one of the character's stunning fist attacks for fhat day.


The rogue and barbarian gain rrap sense earlier now (bringing the ability into play more oFten, since traps are more frequently encountered lit lower levels), so the yakuza's abilities are sUghtly altered in the same way.

Uncanny Dodge: (Ex); As the rogue .ability. If a yaku!il already has, uncanny



l.evtl SpecIII

1St Uocanny Iioqg'll, defellli, .... e rell

M1d In"lprtJ \Oed e 113s;':m

3rd y~ lww kJlllwledg!, wap sense + 1

<lff1 improved uncunny dodje

Sih Leadel""M\lp

61h Trap S~1l5I! +1"1.



glh Trap .5ense +3

loth SlIppery mind

Aid, Resist Poison, Soul of Honor, and Soul of loyalty.

A"cnfion to Detail [lion]: You gain a +2 bonus on Sense Monve checks opposing another character's Bluff check, on Spot checks opposing anorher character's Disguise or Forgery cheek. and on Will saves to disbelieve illusions.

Blood Sorcerer [Scorpion]; When )'(Iu cast ml'lho-t!ukai spells. your effective caster level (for purposes of determining level-dependent spell variables and for caster level checks) is increased by +2. However, you also add +3 TO the DC for the Fortitude save you must make to avoid accumulating Taint when you cast maho spells.

Cool Head (Unicorn]: You cannot become shaken, allowing you to ignore the effecfS of the shaken condition. (You can still be frightened or panickedJ

If you EIre subject 10 any effect That forces you lnto violent action, such as e song of discord spell or a confusion effect that would force you to 3rtC'lck. you may attempt a second saving throw to resist that effect before performing the violent action. If your second saving throw succeeds, you ,hrow off the effect exaclly as Ihough YOll had made your first saving throw. Vou may not

roll more than two saving mrows against the same spell or effect. In the C3Se of the confusion spell, you may not attempt a second savIng throw until if is your tum and the random die roll determines that you must attack another creature.

Discipline [Phoenix]: You gain a +2 bonus on Will saves and a +2 bonus on Concentration cnecks.

Fearsome and Fearless [lion]: You gain a +4 bonus on all Will saves against fear effects, and the difficulty class of any fear effect you create (through a spell or other ability) increases by +2.

If you adopt the Modo champion prestige class, allies within your aura of courage gain an addllional +1 bonus on their saving throws against fear effects.

Gifted General [CraneJ: You gain a +2 bonus on Initiative cneclls and a +2 bonus on all Fortitude saves.

Oreat Crafter [Crab): When you use the Craft sklll to create a masterwork

dodge from a differenr class, she automatically gains improved uncanny dodge (see below) msread,

Trap Sense (Ex): As rhe rogue ability.

Trap sense bonuses gained from multiple classes stack.

Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex): As the rogue abiliJy. If a yakuza already has improved uncanny dodge from a different class. the levels from the classes that grant uncanny dodge stack 10 determine the minimum rogue level required to flank the character.

~fI.4~fEJl! F'Oue: ~'aLt.~ "fliP F~Ar~

Skills require If Hie alteration, but fears are a majOr area of revision,


Oriental Adventures introduced four new Knowledge speclalrtes, There is no need for the Knowledge (war) skill; It should be removed and replaced with Knowledge (history).

In Ihe 3.5 Players Handbook, having 5 or more ranks in any Knowledge skill now grants a synergy bonus on another skill or ability. These are 1he synergy effects for the new Orienfal Adventures Knowledge skills.

5 or more ranks in Knowledge ... (barbarian lore)

Gives a +2

bonus on ... Diplomacy checks against humanoids not native to Rokugan

Survival checks In the Shadowlands Survival checks in the Spirit World




Many changes. some of them fairly sweeping, are necessary to bring feats in line with The 3-5 revision. Most of the revisions necessary are to ancestor Feats, many of which are feats that grant

+2 to !WO diFferent skills-a category suffictenfly ruled by the Player's Handbook. In line INnh th revislons 10 regional feats published in the FORGOTTEN R£AlMS PI<lyer's Guide to Fsertm, this secnon presents a completely revised selec.fion of ancestor feats. Several of the revised and new feats presented here are drawn from that book and were wrirten by RI.chard Baker.

Improved Grapple: This Fear Is replaced by the Feal of rhe same name in the PI;;yer's Handbook.

Remain Conscious: This feat is replaced by the Diehard feat in the Player's Hondbook. Any character who would gain Remain Conscious as if bonus feat (such as a 3rd-1e\fel Singh rage;) gains Diehard msread,

Ancertor Feats

The ancestor feats in this seelion replace !he fears of the Same name in Oriental Adventurt]s< Most of them are simply bener than their original versions. The reason for this is a slight shift in philosophy also I"efleeted in the FORGOTTCN REAJ..MS Player's Guide to Fserlin: Players should be rewarded for making ,~ effort to ground their characters In a campaign world. Taklng an ancestor fear is a good oprlon-usually a better option than taking a similar non-ancestor feat.

Human characters from one of the great clans are no longer required ro spend their bonus f83t slot on an ancestor feat. ChooslOg an ancestor feat is a good option for many characters. but never a requir€ment. Any character can choose an ancestor feat, but only at lst level, No character- can have more than one ancestor feat.


Many of the ancestor feats in Oriental Adventures require substantial revision to bring them into line with the regional fears in the Player s Guide to Faeron. Except wnere noted below, the text in rhis section replaces the Benefit entry for each feat

No Change: The following feats require no alteration at all: Ar. of Fascination, laijursu Master, Improved!dragon 37

trem, such as a weapon, armor, or shield, it gaIns an additional 2 POints of hardness and 10 hit points.

Grear DiPlomaT [Phoenix]: You gain a +2 bonus an Diplomacy checks. Once you reach 6Fh level, you automatically attract a cohort (bur nor followers) as though you had taken the Leadership feat, and your leadership score is inCT'easecl by +2.

Great Teamwork [Crab]: You can more tlank opponents with your allies. When determining whether an opponent is Ilanked, as long as you are adjacenT to rhe opponent, you can treat your position as though you were actually slanding In any other square adjacenT TO both your own posincn and your opponent's.

Karni's Intuition [Unicorn]: You gain a +2 bonus on Sense Mol1v,e checks. You may make any Knowledge check unrraned, even If fhe DC is higher than 10. In add irion, you may use YO!,lrWlsdom modifier for any Knowledge check In place of your Inrelligence modffier.

Karmic Twin. [ScorpionJ: You gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Irntimidate checks (n(lt all Cbarlsma-basedcbecks); In addition, change the Inruit Dlrecnon check. to learn the directIOn of your karmic twin TO a Wi$dom check.

Keen lntellect [Dragon]: You may use your Inrelligence modifier Instead of your Wisdom modifier when making Heal, Sense Molive, Spot, or Survival checks. You may also use your Intell~gencemodifier insread of WIsdom when makmg a Will saving throw.

lion Spy [lion]: YoU' gain a +a bonus on Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Spor checks.

luck of Heroes [enlbj: You receive a +1 luck bonus on all savmg throws and a +I luck bonus to Armor Class.

M~gi5trate's Mind [ScorpIon]: You gain a +2 bonus on I'ntimidate. Search, and .$enseM'oTive checks.

Many Masks {Scorpion]: You gain a

+2 bonus on Bluff, Disguise. and Perform (act) checks.

Oni's Bane [Phoenix]: You gain a +3 bonus on caster level checks to heal' an ourslder's spell resistance.

38 April 2004

You also gain a +3 bonus on Spellcraft checks 10 successfully casta divine spell in the Shadow lands. but each time you fall suc'h acheck, you add +2 to your Taint score for every 5 points by which you failed.

In addltton, YOu alsoga!n a +3 bonus on opposed Chansma checks made to control an ani summoned wiTh a planar bmding spell. However, every time you make such a check, you add +2 10 your Taint SCOT'e.

Power Attack-iaijulsu [Crane]: Add Prerequisite: Sh'ength 1.3.

Power Attack-Snadowlands [Crab]:

Add PrerequisiTe: Srrength 13.

Benefit: When you use Ihe Power AMack feat against a creature wi1h rhe Shadowlands subtype ora character with Shadowlands Taint, you may subtrad a number from yourartack rolls and add twice thai number to your melee damage rolls (or three times that number if you are using a two-handed weapon). The norm!)] resmctions of rhe Power Al1iack. rem apply. You gain no benefit from this ancestor feat if you do not have the Power Auack feal..

Powerful [UnicornJ;. You a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and wild ernpathychecks,

As a standard acnon, you can make a DC 'S Perform (sing) or Perform (oratory) chec'k. 10 grant your allies a +1 morale bonus, on saving Ihrows against charm and fear effects. This bonus lasts as long as you continue speaking or Singing. While using this abiliry, you cannot cast spells. activate magic items by spell completion (such as scrolls) or by command word (such as wands).

Resist TamT [Crab]: The bonus from this feat on daily saving throws made tn the Shadowlands 10 reslst acquiring TainT, as well as en saves ~alnst Taint-relaTed maho spells such as cloud of Taint. [Unicorn]: You can take 10 on Ridechec.ks, even if rushed or threatened. If you or your mount Fail' a ;ReFle:x save while mounted, you can anempr a Ride check to succeed on the savillg throw. The save is successful jf your Ride check. result isequa[ roor

greater rhanfhe spell's save DC (essentiaUy, your Ride check result becomes your Reflex save if it is higher than the result you achieved wah your Reflex save). You can attempt 10 do this once per round roreilher yourself or your mount, If both you and yourmo1Jnt Fail a Reflex save against the same effect (for example. a fireball spell Or df"i\gon breath ihatcatches you and your mount in The area of effect), your Ride. check result applies 10 both your save and your mount's save,

Scholar of Natu1'le fPhoeniJ(]: You gain a +2 bonlJson Knowledge (nature), SurvIval., and Heal ;c:'hecks.

Silver Tongue [Dr,agonl: You can use the Diplomacy SKill (trained or ul'lfIGlned) to produce the follOWing effects:

• Coonge an NPC's attitude towsrd a peT"5M orner rfwn YOIJrsel[ The DC is the same as if you were changing the character's anltude toward you.

~ Inspire I{}I'~ and de'V(ftiOll, If you successfully improve aeharacter's attitude roward you (only) fO helpful. yOu can choose to cause rhar charac~e:r to show fOIii~ntic imeresr in you. The char<lcter therwfter seeks every opporTUnity to be near you and makes every effOrT ro win your aR'ec1ion, WIthin the bounds of relatively normal behavior.

• .Inspire hope or despair. With !I successful Diplomacy check against DC 25, you fill a single target wIth hope or despair, as if affected by the good hope or GrlJsning despair s~ls.Ir\ tne case. of despair, the target can negate the ·effe.ct with a successful Witlsaving Fhrow (DC 10 + 1/2 your Diplom<lCY ranks + your Charisma modffier).

• Cause confusion: Make a Diplomacy check opposed by your target's Sens-e Motive check. IF )'01.1 beat your target's check. result by 10' or more, you can cause him to become confused for I round. You can use thrs ability as a fullround action.

Smooth Talk [Crane}: You only take 11 -5 penallY if you attempt a Diplomacy check as a full~round "erion.

Spell Power [Crab]: Three times per day, you can cast a spell with exrraordlnary power. Add +1 to your effecnve

cran: Crane.

Benefit: When you make mililic arms and armor or wondrous irems., you pay only 75% of the normal gold-piece cost to create the item. However. rhe item is always cursed; wim the curse nmdomly determined by the DUNGEON MASTER, using the tables in Chapter 7 of rhe DUNGEON MASTERs Guide.

Special: You cannot create normal items by forgoing this discounT,

caster level (for purposes of determining level-dependent spell variables and for caster level checks).

Spellcasrer Support [Phoenix]: You can use the aid another action, making a Spellcraft check against DC 10, to add +1 to the effecrive caster level of an aUy's spell. An opponent you threaten cannot roake. anacks of opporrunlty ageinsl an ally of yours who is also in your threatened area If the ally casts a spellthereby negating the need for the ally to cast defensively.

Strength of the Charger [Unicorn]:

While you are mounted, you may add your mount's ConstitUTion modifier as a bonus on your own Fortitude saves. Also while you are mounted. you gain a number of bonus hit points equal 10 your moun!'s Constirurion modlfler. These are not lempof'3ry hit ,?omts and they are not lost First, the way temporary hit points are; you lose them when you dismount for any reason. and you regain them when you return to the saddle.

Strength of rhe Crab [Crab]: While you are In melee and within 15 feel of another character from the Crab clan, you and the other member of the Crab dan both gain a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and on saving throws againST fear effects.

Strong Soul (Unicorn]: You gain a +1 bonus on all Fortitude and Will saves. Against death effe(.ts, energy drain, or abUrly drain attB1:ks, this bonus lincreases to +3.

Warrior Instinct [lion]: Once per day, when making an attack roll, you may roll two dice and take me better result.

Warrior Snugenja [Dragon): You garn a +2 bonus on Concentration checks to cast a spell on the defensive. If you fail a Concentration check to cast on the defensive, you do net lese the spell you were attempting to cas I. You can choose either to abort your casting attempt and retaln the spell, or you can cast anyway, provoking an attack of opporrunily as though you had not attempted to caSI defenSively. If you are holding a lighT or one-handed weapon while you cast, you can use ir ro block Ine attack of opportunity you suffer For casting a spell,

gaining iI +1 shield bonus 10 your AC againslone attack of cppornmiry you draw by casting.

ee"(lI[u".e"t Futf

A few ancestor feats in Oriental Adventures should simply be deleted and replaced with different feats. The Replacement feats lable shows WHich fears are replaced.

Auda.clous Attempt (Ancemr]

You are descended from the famous Scorpion daimyo Bayushi Tangen, aurhor of Lies and Utrle froths. You share "!hat ancestor's incredible audacity.

Clan: Scorpion.

Benetit; Once per encounrer, when you are attempting 11 nearly impossible ra.k (any tilsk at which you need to roll

a 2:0 OfIld20 to succeed" yo\.! may roll two dioelnstead of one, taking the better result. You can use this abilily when you choose, whether you are making an attack roll. saving throw, skill or ability check, level check, or any Of her Id20 roll lhat )'O\! make, as long as you can S1.1Cceed on that parlicular check only by rolling a 20 on the die.

Blood Artisan !Ancestorl

You are descended from Asahlna Yajinden, a shugenja of the Crane clan who became the greatesllieutenant of Ihe dread sorcerer luchiban, Yajinden abused his power, creating the Bloodswords and other evll magic items used by me armies of luchipan. YOI) have masteredrhe method of creating a cerTain kind of magic item.

Cultured Courtier !Ancestor!

You claim descent from DQji, the rounder of the Crane household. known as a creator of culture and civilization. You are skilled in the arts of diplomacy as well as the fine arts.

Clan: Crane.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Sense Molive checks, as well as a +2 bonus on a 1l1ingle Craft or Perform skill of your choice.

Infamous Trattor [Ancestor]

9ayushl Junzen, Scorpion Clan Champion, did not trust the Yogo family, so he gave three of the Black Scrolls of fu Leng to his son, Bayushi Tesaguriwho Is your ancestor. Iesagurl, however, betrayed this trust by sefllng the Scrolls to the Phoenix clan-and paid for his crime with his life. like your ancestor, you canner be trusted, but you are adept at seizing the righT moment to act

Clan: Scorpion.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Initiative checks. and a +2 bonus on Bluff and Intimidate checks.

Old F!l-II.t ClIn New Feat
Artist Cl'llrMI Cui rured Co urrier
Born Duelist Dragon T ... in Sword Style
Grear Snmuna Crone Tireless
HonilSt Merchant St;Orpion Infamous T raiter
Magic In ,he Blood Unicorn Spellwise
MiIS'!ClII Anisan Crone Blood Anlsan
Sea leg~ Crab
Soul of Sincerity $carpion Audadous Anempr 39

Spoill Name Acid sp/dsJI Af£E{n WlWpqr!


Wuj 0 (Ware"!'J N or available.

Wui 7 (Wood). Wood 6 Will 3


Malto 5, 8M 5, WIll 5 Shu 6 (Eanh). Wul

6 (Eanh) Maho.:j, Wuj5

Sha 6, Shll 6 (Eanhl,

WIIIB (Eanh) Shu 5 (F1T1!!1

Shu 6 IFI reJ, Wul 6 (Fire) M~1to 2

Malto ~

Heillng B. Sha B. Shu BlWarer)

Cure mode~le wrwnds. fTlI1S9 81la 6. Shu 51WarerJ

Animilte plaflls

Arcillle sight

Baleful polymorph

8edr's endurance, maSS


Buffs strength, mlJS5

GomlTliJl'ld undead

Crus/ung despafr

Cure crlficJJl ",""untis, ffl=

Cure serious 1+'f)1JmJs. mass 51la 7. Shu 7 (Warer)

Daze monster Shu 2: (A,r), WIll 2:

Deep slumber Shu 3 (Air), Wul]

DlmensicTIJllock Sha 8, Will B

OI:iflJpring weapon Sha 5

ElVie's splendor SIla 2, Soh 2, Wuj2

£agfe's spilYldGr, mass Sha 6. Wuj 6

Enlarge ptmOn, mass WU14

FiJlse life Maho ~, WIl] 2

felt's Ctlnnfns Shu 2 If,ret Wul2

Fox's cumllf!& msss Shu 6 (Fire). WUI 6

Glibness Shu J (Alrl

(Jt'1!1d hope Sh u 4 (Air J

Her{Jism WUI 3

HeromTl, gre3ler Wui 5

Hold fOO{lSle". maS!> WIlj g

Hold person. mass 'Nul 7

40 April 2004

Spellwlse. [Ancestor]

You claim II karmic link wilh luchi, one of the most resourceful shugenjas in early Rokugan. YoU' have an lnnare familiarity with the workings of magic, and you have learned rha: Ihings, are sometimes not as they appear ..

Clan: Unicorn.

BenefiT: You rec.eive a +<! bonus on aU Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft checks. Vou get a +2 bonus on saving throws against Illusion spells or effects,

Stormheart !Ancestor]

The sea Is in your blood. You are no STranger to sea chases and blood on the decks.

Clan: Crab.

Benefir. You gain a +2 bonus on Balance and Professlon (sailor) checks, You ignore any hampered movement penalties for fighting on pltchlng Dr sllppe.ry decks, and gain a +1 dodge bonus during any fight that lakes place o.n or in a boat or ship.

Norma!! Characters moving 011 difficult or treacherous surfaces count each square of movement 85 TWO squares.

TIreless [Ancestor]

Your ancestor. Daidoji Masashigl, gave. his life defendiQgthe Kaiu Wall al.ongside the Crab at the Battle of the Landbridge. You don't know the meaning of the w.ord qUI!.

Clan: Crane,

Benefit: You reduce the effects of exhaustlon and 'fa,tigue by one step. You cannot become exhausted; if yOU are exposed to aneffecr or condirlon that would make you exhausted (such as the spell waves of exhausfion), you become fatlguedinsread. If an effect or condillon (such as the end of barbarian rage) would make you fatigued, you suffer no penalty at all,

Tw1n Sword Style (Ancestor! You claim descent from Mirumofo, one of the flrsrtwo samurai to join Togashi in his meditative retreat, You have mastered the nlten deFensive style based on wielding a blade in each hand,

el'an; Dragon.

BenefiT: When fighting with a katana and a wakizashi, you can designate a melee opponent dur .. ing your acnen and receive a +2 shield bonus to your Armor Class agatns: artacks From that opponent. This bonus stacks wirh rhe shield bonus from a buckler or anImated shield, as well as from the. bonus granted by the Mirumoto niten master prestige class. (It does nOI srack. Wilh the similar bonus from the TwoWeapon Defense fear, although both bonuses can be in effect ar the same lime againsl differ·enl opponents.) Vou can setect a new melee opponent asa free acTion on your rum. You lose this bonus if you are caughT flat-footed or lose your DeXI!!rity bonus to AC for any reason,

eH,oJlorE~ t;EVEPJ:

HAC'~ ,oND~?fU~

The 3,5 revision introduced many changes TO spells. Refer ro the

3.5 Accessory Update {available al www.wiza,rds.comJ for genera'i information aboU't changes 10 spell names, levels, and schools. Spells Ihal changed level in the Player's Handbook .shou1d change the same way for Orienlal Adventures spellcasters, For example. an/mate deuci used to be a 5th-level wizard spell (and a 5th-level maho-Isukai spell); now .it is 41h level for both wizards and mahQ-tsukai.

P'III,ti", damage reduction of certain dis- neWLY fWAlLl-\8Le SPE:U...S
In somecases, changes ro spell honorable creatures, primarily
levels affect domain spell lists. undead and a few non-oni resl- Spell NaJM levd
Community Domain! Replace dents of the Shadowlands. This spell InfliCT critical wounds. md1S Maho 8, Sha 8
shield other (2nd level) with STaTUS. has no effect on a weapon that
Replace status {4th revel> with already has an alignment, such as a InflICt madera/I! wounds, = Mallo 6. Sha 6
greater status, whIch appears in Tainted sword. Inflict 5enDUS W{HInOs. mi15S Mallo 7. Sila 7
the accessory update (available at You can't casl This spell on a nat- Longs/rid&" Travel!, and in the ural weapon, such as an animal's
Book of Exalted Deeds_ Replace claw or bile. Mt;menl or prescience Shu 8 (Air), WIlJ 8
mass heat (8th levell with sympe- MorrienAainen:' pnYOle SiJncfum N OT A,,~ ,Iable
rny. Replace miracle {9th level) eel/in'" (,tU_
with mass heal. Many of me spells presented In OverllJlld nrghl wuls
Healing Domain: Replace mass Oriental Adventures need revision. Owl's wisdam Sha 2. Shu 2 IAlrJ. Soh
heal (8th level) wiTh mass cure crit- Ancestral Vengeance: The ances-
ical wounds. Replace true resorrec- tral attack deals Id8 points of dam- 2. WUl2
lion (glh level) with mass heal age per two caster levels (maximum Owl's wf5d(Jffl, mass Sha 6. Shu 6 (Air!.
Travel Domain: Repl3ce e)(pedi- Sd8), or ,d6 points per caster level
tious retreet (1St level) with (maximum lOd6) if me target is WUI 6
IQngsrrider. undead. Spell resistance does nor Polar my Wul8 (Warer)
Wood D(Jmain; Replace apply 10 this spell.
chaf/ges.raff(8rh level) with ani- 80 of Waf8r: The bo is considered Prylflg 1lfl,S, greaflfr WujB
mete plents. a magic weapon for purposes of Ray ()f ~xhaus~n MaooJ
bypassing damage reduction. Reduce person; mass WUi4
Nltl ~'tUf Discern Shapechanger: for pur-
The Newly Available Spells rable poses of this spell, a shapechanger $cofl.'hiTT8 roy WUJ 2 (fire)
lists the new spells presented in is any creature with the Shout. grealer WUl8
the 3.5 Player's Handbook and at shapechanger subtype or the soper-
what level they ar-e available to natural abilily to take an alternate &mg of discard Shu 5 (Air)
spell casters in an Oriental form or change shape. Spellimmuniry. greaTu Soo 8, Shu 8 ([ar1hl
Advenf/,Jres game. Entangling Scarf: You use your
Although align weapon does nor base atrack bonus plus your Summoo inslrumem Not Avarlahle
exist in an Oriental Adventures Il'Ileliigence bonus for attack roUs Symbol of dearh MahoB, Wul8
campaign. it has a close equivalent made with an entangfing scarf.
in the honorable weapon spell. FatigUe: This spell is made obsolete Symbol of f(IIJf Mallo 6, Wuj 5
by the touch of fatigUe spell tn the Symbol ofmsalllty r.1aho 8. WUJ 8
Honorable Weapon revised Player's Handbook.
Transmutation (lawful) fires of PuriTy: The target gains SymOOl pf p..,n Maho5. WUJ 5
Level: Sha 2, Soh 2 fire Immunity for the duration of the Symbol of pt:('5U8SIM SIla 6, WIlJ 6
Components; V, S, Of spell, but takes half again as much SymbcJ of sleep Sha 5. VJuj 5
Casting Time: I standard action damage (+50%) from cold.
Range: Touch Force Shapechange: For pur- Symbol of srunn1ns Shli7. Wuj 7
Target: Weapon touched or fifty poses of this spell. a shapechanger Symbol of Waa/mti5 Maho 7. Wul7
projectiles (all of which must be in is any creature with the
contact with each OTher ar me time sbapechanger subtype or the Symparhefic vibrarian Nor AvaHable
of casting) supernatural ability 10 rake an alter- Touch of fatigUe Maho,
Duration: 1 min./level nate form or change shape.
Saving Throw: Will negares (harm- HajJ of Stone: Spell resistance Touch of idiocy Maho z, WUI a
less, object) does not apply to this spell. Unde:J.Th to death Sha 6. Wuj 6
Spell Resisranc-e: Yes (harm- Horse's Nose: This spell does not
less, object) allow you to track by scent unless Waves of exhausJion Maho7
you have the Track fear. 1¥.lVl!5 of fflfl8lJe Mallo 5
Honorable weapon makes a weapon Ice Knife: Spell resistance does
honorable, allOWing it to bypass the not apply to this spell. WW' 41

Baiance: Price +9,600 gpo Blurring: Price +36,000 gpo Displacemenf: On command, this

armor's magical properties distort and warp light waves. This displacement wort.s just like the displacement spell and lasts for a total of 15 rounds per day, which the wearer can divide up as she sees fit.

Moderate illusion; Cl 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Exrend Spell, displacement; Price: +72,000 gpo Presence: Price +6,000 gpo Shapeshifting: The wearer of a suit of armor with this ability preserves

her armor bonus (and any enhancement bonus) while using the alternate form or change shape scpernatcral abili11es. While the wearer is in a nonhumanoid alternate form or shape. the armor cannot be seen.

Moderate transmutation; CL 9Th:

Crafr Magic Arms and Armor, baleful polymorph; Price +3 bonus.

Wild: This armor ability is replaced by the one of the same name that appears in the DUNGl:ON MASTERs Guide. Price +3 bonus.

Iron Scarf: You use your base attack bonus plus your Intelligence bonus for attack rolls made with an iron scarf.

Scales of the Lizard' This spell grants you an enhencernenr bonus to your nalural armot", like the barksk;n spell. Thus. il stacks with natural armor you might already possess. bUT nOT with other enhancement bonuses to your natural armor.

Snake Barrier For purposes of this spell. a reptilian creature is a humanoid with rhe reptilian subtype, or a monstrous humanoid, magicClI beasr, or outSider With obvious snakelike. lizardlike. or other reptilian feaMes. This category includes, but is not limifed to, yuan-n, benirs. basilisks. nagas, mClrilith demons, medusae. hydras. and erhere,al marauders. Celestial and fiendish snakes and lizards are also affected, II does not affect creatures of the dragon IYpe.

Spirit Ally: This spell calls a single spirtt of 12 HD or less, or two creatures of the same kind whose Hit Dice rotal no more than 12.

SpiriT Ally, GreaJer: This spell calls a single creature of ,8 HD or less, or up ro three creatures of the same kind, whose Hit Dice rora I no more than 18.

Spkit Ally, Lesser: This spell calls a single spirir of 6 HD or less.

Spirit Binding;; This spell celils a sing1e spirit of 12. HD or less, or two crea1ures of the same kind whose Hi1 Dice total no more rhan 12.

Spint Binding. Greafer: This spell calls a single creature of 18 HD or less, or up to three creatures of rhe same kind whose HI! Dice total no more than 18.

Spirir Binding; Lesser: This spell calls a sing1e spirit of 6 HD or less.

Tersvbo of [aN!t'lhe tetsubo Is considered a maglc weapon for purposes of bypassing damage reduction.

Vulnerability: The sublecr's damage reduction is reduced by 5 points. The type of weapon needed to bypass the damage reduction (magic. silver, bludgeoning, etc.) does not change.

Words of 'he K8mi: Creature with the Shadowlands subtype or with a Taint score suffer the following iI1 effects:

42 April 2004

Ef'~r:1 Deafened Blinded. deaP-

ened Paralyzed. blinded. deafened

Up to easier level -'0 Killed, paralyzed, blinded. deafened

Yari of Air: The yari is considered a magiC weapon for purposes of bypassing damage reduction.


Equal re caster level Up TO caster level -.

Up to caSler level -5 r;,~.,,;

~Rt;'~ "f"'~

In The 3.5 DUNGEON MASTER's GUide,

some of rhe formulas used fa ser prices for magiC ilems changed, and other prices were adjusted as needed. When an item from rhe DUNGEON MASTER's Guide appears on the tables in Oriental Adventures, its price should be altered to agree with the DUNGEON MASTERs Guide. (For example, sandals [boots] of striding and springlng should now cost 5,500 gp.l


Se .... eral prices ror speda! abilities need alteration.

Magic Chahar-AillllS lind Dasfanas:

Borh dastanas and chahar-alnas provide special armor bonuses ro AC that stack wllh other armor bonuses granted by certain forms of light armor. However, it is still the case that only one enhancement bonus can apply TO a character's armor bonus at any time. Thus, If a character wears "'2 dasr<mas, a +1 chahar-afna, and +1 cloth armor. only the +2 bonus from the dastanas increases his AC. A character can sll1l gain fhe benefit of special abilities attached to multiple pieces of armor, however. so a character wearing +2 balance dasfanss and a +1 displacement chsnsr-ein« has a +2 enhancement bonus to AC and can use the balance and displacement special abilities.


As with armor, certain special abilities

need ro be repriced.

Balance: Price +9,600 gp Blurrll\g: Price +36.000 gpo Displacement: On command, this

weapon's magical properties distort and warp light waves. This displacement works just like the dispfacement spell and lasts for a total of 15 rounds per day. which the wearer can divide up as she sees fit.

Moderate illusion; CL 7Th; Craft Magie Arms and Armor, Extend Spell. displacemem; Price: +72,000 gp ..

Flying: Each use or this property lasts 5 minutes, nor So.

Focus: Price +20400 gpo

Honorable: Change the name of this weapon ability to soul of honor. A soul of honor weapon is considered an honorable weapon for purposes of bypassing damage reduction.

Silent Moves: The normal version of this property grants a "'5 competence

bonus on Move Silently checks and has a market price of +3,750 gpo The improved version grants a +10 competence bonus and has a market price

of +15.000 gpo

Kunt Crystal Weapons: Kunj crystal weapons bypass the damage reduction of Shadowlands creatures as if they were magic jade weapons.

Nekode of Spider Climbing: Price (per pair) 11,810 gpo

W~ .. 04Jfft' 'f'£I'O'

The price for skill bonuses and energy resistance changed in the 3.5 DUNGEON MASTeR's Guide. so items that grant these benefits need new market prices.

Courtier's Obi: This ITem gives a +5 competence bonus on Diplomacy checks. Price 2.500 gpo

Klmono of Storing: Price 20,000 gpo Pearl of Protection from Fire: This rrem comes in Three varieties. The minor version grants Fire resistance 10 and has a market price of z4,oOO gpo The major version grants fire resistance 20 and has a market price of 56,000 gpo The greater version grants fire resistance 30 and has a markel price of 88,000 gpo

Wondrous Writing Set: This item grants a +2 competence bonus on Craft (calligraphy) checks, as well as a +5 competence bonus on Forgery checks. Price 2,900 gpo

~"~etlll "'dnilll,

The revised damage reductton system suggests new qualities for special materials, as derailed here.

Jade Weapons: Jade weapons bypass the damage reduction of many incorporeal, splrit, and Shadowlands monsters. indIJd1l1g many of the flew rnensters in Chapter 9 of Oriental Adventures.

Obsidian Weapons: Obsidian weapons are treated as jade for purposes of bypassing the damage reduction of Shadowlands creatures and negating their regeneration.

~flR"TE2 NlNt:


The two most significant changes to

monsters in the 3.5 revision are the new damage reduction system and a new way of calcul'atlng skills and feats for monsters. The elimination of the beast and shepechanger types also has an Impact on some monsters,

Damage Reduction: The revision to the damage reduction system in version 3-5 has far-reaching impact, nor jusl on monsters WiTh damage reduction. bUl on spells. character classes, and weapons. This revision of Oriental Adventures introduces two new weapon qualities that bypass damage reduction: honorable and jade.

An honorable weapon is a weapon Imbued wirh the spirit of honor. A samurai's ancestral weapon IS always considered honorable when The samurai who owns it wields it. A shaman or a sohel can imbue a weapon with honor using the honQrable weapon spell (equlvaiem to the oFign weapon spell in the core DDrD rules). A weapon with the soul of honor property is considered honorable, and deals additional damage to dishonorable creatures.

A jade weapon is manufactured From jade or is coated with lade powder. for purposes of bypassing damage reduction. weapons fashioned of Kuni crystal Or obsidian are also considered to be jade weapons.

Humanoid Warriors: As described on page 7 of the Monster Manual. every humanoid presented as a 15tlevel warrior now has rhe nonellte array of ability SCOres 113, 12, II, 10, 9. 8). Except where noted below, the warriors presented here began with the following ability scores before applying their racial modifiers: Str '3. Dex 11, Con 12. Int io, Wis 9, Cha 8.

"",~ f fn "',II" 1(111 t ,." '" tOf

To enhance rhe unique flavor of

an OrlenJal Adventures campaign. change the damage reduction of certain monsters from the Monsler Manual when using them fn an Orlenral Advenfures game. as shown on the Damage Reduction table,

2tvifr04 H, .. rlUf

The entries below present changed information for every monster in Oriental Adventures. The format follows the presentation of monsters in the book, but only shows information rhat is different from what is printed. Separate entries for attack and full anack are nut always shown. Damage reduction is shown on a line by itself, separate from any special qualities that might have changed.


Space/Reach: 5 fl./S ft. Damage Reduction: 5/cold iron

Skills: Chmb +18. Hide +15. Knowledge (nature) +12, Listen +13. Move Silently HI. Spot +13. Survival +11

Feats: Alertness. Toughness. Weapon Finesse

Alternate Form: See the Monsfer Manual glossary.

Df-\Mf-K"'.,£ «ezocnon REVISiOn

Damage RedUQrion lo!jad


Demon. Bebllllh (Kin no Orn) Monstrous Spider. large. FiendISh (Goblin Spider)

Octopus. GianI, fiendish I03regosu no Bakemono) Rak$haw


Is/honorable and pMlrcll1g 43


Hit Dice: Id8+;!: (6 hpJ

FIJn Attack: .B~te +4 (ld8+2) and 2 claws -1 melee (ld6+1)

Space/; 5 ft./ 5 ft.

Abmties: Str IS. Dex II, Con 1<\, tnt 2, Wis 9, Cha 4

Saves: Fort +4. Will -I level AdjuShnent. +0

The entry given describes a bakemono warrior 1.

i; BI san

Space/Reach:. 5 Ft./S ft. Damage Reduction: S/cold iron

Skills.: Hide +15. Kno~ledge (arcana) +14, Knowledge (spinils) +1.4, listen +'17, Move Silently -+15. SPOT +17. Survival +15 Feats: Alertness, Dodge. lmproved Inilialive, Weapon Finesse


Medium M.onstrous (Shapechanger)

Full Atlack: a daws +2 melee (ni6 plus disease)

Space/Reach; 5 ft,/S ft. Saves; Fort +2

Skills:6luff +7, Disguise +7~, l.isten +5, Sense Motive +3. Spot +5

Fire Vulnerability: See the Monsfer Manual glossary_

.SU50, llgbanua

Hit 'Dic~: 8d8+3 (39 hpj Spa.ce/Reac.h: 5 ft./ 5 ft. Skills: liSTen +7, SpOI +8-

Feats: Alertness, To ughness, Weapon finesse

;tCentipede,. Spirit.. Least Space/Reach: I ft./o ft.

Skills: Esc<lpe ArTist +8, Hide +20, Intimidate +1, Move Silently ",8 Feat: Weapon finesse

Change Shape (Su);Replaces Allernate Form, otneFWise aswntren.

t;CentIpede, Spirit, Lesser Spa.ce/Reach: 2-1/'i!. ft./o fro

Skills: Djplom~cy +6, Escape ANist +6. Hide +19, Intimidate +4. Move Silently +Il,. SpOf +5

feats: Stealthy. Weapon Finesse

44 April 2004

Change Shape ($IJ): Replaces Alternal'!! Form, orherwise as wrirren,

.Centlpede, Spirit, Greater Space/Reach: 5 ft./ 5 rt.

SkiUs: Diplomacy +8, Escape ArtiST +IIJ, Hide +14, Intimidare +8, Knowledge (spirits) +8. listen +u, Move Silently +10, Spol HI

Feats: Alertness, Weapon Finesse Change Shape (Su): Replaces AI,ternale Form, otherwise as written.

.Ooc Cu.'o'e Space/Reach: 5 ft'! 5 ft. Damage Redll.ction: s/illoe

Skills: Bluff +17, Concentration +14, Diplomacy +19, Garher Informar.ion +6, Hide +13. Intimidate +19. Knowledge OocaO +16. Knowledge (nature) +18, Knowledge (spir.its) +16. Llsren +19. Spot +19. Survival +'7

Feats: Alertness, Blind-Fight, Combat Experlise. Improved Trip

Spell":Uke Abilities: Replace oath with lesser gess.

eDokufu Huge/Medrum .Aberration (Shapechanger) Spa.ce/Reach: '5 ft/15 ft.

Saves: As human: Fort +6, Ref +7: as spider: FOr1 +13, Ref +9

Skills: Bluff +21, Climb +27 h'20 as human), Diplomacy +4, Disguise +11*, Inrimidale +23, listen +6, Spot +25 Implant Eggs: Add at 'the end, "A remove disease spell rtds a victim of Ihe eggs. as does a successful DC 20 Heal check. ~If the check fails, The healer can try again, bureach attempT deals Id4 :points of damage 10 the patiene'

.D~n, GeneT"3.1

ReFer to rhe Monster Manual entry on true dragons for introductory material, lung drqgons have alternate form. detect thoughts, IrlVisiMity, and plane shift (as detailed in OrienT8! Adventures), but theii <!bili·fies otherwise conform 10 those in the MonSTer Manual

Damage Reduction; Young adult s/magit.; Ma~lJrl;ladlJlt lo/magic; Very old 15/magic;Wynn 20/magic

Treasure: Triple STandard

Skills: In addition TO the skcllis noted in the MonsTer Manual as class skills for all dragons. Disguise,. Perform. and Swim are class skills for all lung dragons.

.GakI, JlkI·Nlku·GakI Space/Reach: 5 VT./ 5 fr.

Skills: Hide +4. Listen +4, Move Silently +4. Spot +4

'fears: Alerrness. Mulliatrack

f;Gakl, Shlkkl-Gaki Space/Reach: 5 ft./S ft. Damage Reduction: s/honorable

Skills: Hide +3, listen +5, Move Silently +4. Search "'., SPOI +5

GaJd. Shlnen·Gaki Spice/Reach: 5ft./ 5 ft, Damage Reduction: 5/honorable

Skills.: lnrtmldare +5, listen +7. Search +4, Sense Moti,ve +5, SpOT +7

feals: Alertness, Weapon finesse

fire Subt)'l)e: See the MDn'ilar Manval gl'ossary ..

.Gald, J'Id·Ketsu·Oakl Space/Reach: 5 Ft./s fl.

Damage RedUCTion: IO/honorable Skills: Hide -+11, Listen +14, Move Silently +11, Perform (string lnsrrumenrs) "'13, Spot +14

.Hannya Space/Reach: 5 ft./ 5 ft

Skills: Hide +g. Listen +9. Spot +10 feats: Alertness, Blind-fight, Dodge Change Shape (Su): A hanny.a can assume the form of any humanoid creature. (This replaces iTS polymorph self spell-like ability.)


Initiative: +1

Space/Reach: 5 fl./ 5 fr.

Skills: Bluff +111, Concentration +g. Diplo-macy +15. Hide +g, Intimidate +13, Listen +12, Move Silently +g, Perform (singing) +11, Search +T2, Sense Motive +12

fears; Gombat Casting, Empower Spell. Great Fortitude, S1ill Spelk Weapon Finesse

Skills: Climb +6. Usten +4. Spar +4 FeaM: Cleave. Power Anack

Level Adjustment: -+2

f;Naga, Shlnomen, Cobra

Large Monstrous Humanoid

Attack: Spear +4 melee (Zd5+3) Or composite shenbcw +3 ranged hd8) Space/Reach: 10 ft./ 10 ft.

Saves: Will +5

Skills: Concentration +8, Knowledge (arcana) +7. Spellcrafr +9

Feats: Combat Casting. Spell Penerration Level Adjustment: +3

.Naga, Shlnomen, Conm-lcmr Huge Monstrous Humanoid Attack: Slam +7 melee (,d6+7) Space/Reach: 15 fl./1s ft.

Saves: Will +9

Skills: Heal +13, Knowledge (arcana) +5. Knowledge (religion) +8

Feats: Iron Will. Skill Focus (Heal) Level Adjustment: +5

fi! Hen geyokal

Medium Humanoid (3hapechangerl Hit Dice: Id8+1 (5 hpJ

Attack: Katana +4 melee (,dlo+d Space/Reach: 5 Ft./5 f1.

Abilities: Sir 13. Dex II, Con 12, Int 10. Wls 7, Cha 8

Saves: Fort +3. Will -2

Skills: Climb +4, Disguise -' •. Jump +4 Feat: Weapon Focus (katana)

Level Adjustment: +0

.,Hopplng Vampire Space/Reach: 5 ft./ 5 ft.

Full Attaok: 2 claws +11 melee (ld4"'3) Damage Reduction: to/bcncrable Skills: Climb +1o,lmimidafe +7. Jump +10

Fears: Toughness, Power Atr.!lck, Weapon Focus (claw)


Space/Reach: 5 Ft./ 5 ft.

Full Attack: 2 claws +9 melee (ld3+3) Damage Reduction: s/magic:

Skills: Escape Artist +5, Hide +8, Listen +6

Feats: Toughness, Weapon Focus (claw)

Level Adjustment. +3


Initiati ve: +4 Space/Reach: 15 ft./l0 ft.

Ski1ls: Concentration +:20, Diplomacy +8, Knowledge (arcana) +19. Listen +22, Sense Motive +20, Spellcraft +21. Spot +22

Feats: Alertness, Blind-Fight. Flyby Attack, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes


Hit Dice: Id8-+2 (6 hpj

Attack: Scimitar +3 melee (ld4+1/l8-20), shortbow +2 ranged (ld4)

Space/Reaeh: S fr./ S Fr.

Abilities: Srr '3, Dex II, Con 14, Int 7. Wis 10. Cha 6

Saves: fort +4

Skills: listen +4, Spot +2, Survival +2 Feat: Alertness

Level Adjustment: +0

"Mamono Space/Reach: 5 Ft./ S ft,

Damage Reduction: 5/ honorable Skills: Bluff +15. Diplomacy +9, Disguise +15*, Intimidate +'7. Sense Motille +10

Feats: Dodge, Mobiliry, Spring Attack Taint (StI): Those hit by a mamono's bite or daw attack. musl succeed at a DC 17 Fortitude save or have their Taint score increased by +2. The DC is Constitution based .

Skills: A mamono gains a +4 racial bonus on Bluff and Disguise checks. "When using its ~/'er self ability. it gains an addiTional +10 bonus on DisgUise checks.

.Naga, Shlnomen, Greensnake Hit Dice: ld6 (3 hpj

Attack: Spear +0 melee (Ida), composite shortbow +2 ranged (ld6) Space/Reac h: 5 ft·/5 ft.

Abilities: Srr 10, Dex 14, Can 9, Inl II. Wis 12, Cha 13

Saves: Fort ~I. Ref +2. Will +3

Skills: Bluff +4. Diplomacy +4. Knowledge (tocal) +4. Ltsren +5, Sense Motive +5. Speak Language (Rokugani). Spot +5

Level Adjustment: +1

The entry describes a greensnake expert 1. The expert began with the follOWing ability scores before applying the greensnake racial modifiers: Str 8. Dex 10. Con 9.lnl 11. Wis 12, Cha 13.

Naga, Shinamen, Chameleon large Monstrous Humanoid

A"ack.: Spear +2 melee (2d6+ll. or composite shortbow +1 ranged (ldB) Space/Reach: 10 fT.ho Fr.

Saves: Will +3

Skills: Hide +9", Listen +"2, Move SlIenrly +13, SpOT +7

Level Adjustment: +2

.Naga, Shlnomen, Asp Large Monstrous Humanoid

Attack: Spear +4 melee (2d6+3), or composite shortbow (+2 Srr bonus) +, ranged (ld8+2)

Space/Reacn: 10 fT.110 ft.

Sa v es: Will +3

Nat. Elnsaung Nat Space/Reach: 5 fr./ 5 ft.

Special Qualifies: Reslstance To electricity .5 and fire 5

Damage Reduction: S/cold Iron

Skills: Craft (any) +5. Diplomacy +6. Hide +12. Knowledge (local) + S' listen +4, Search +5, Spot +3

"Nat, Hkum Yeng Nat Space/Reach: 5 ft./ 5 ft.

Special Qualifies: Resistance ro electricity 5 and fire 5

Damage Reducfion: S/cold iron

Skills: Bluff +8, Diplomacy +3, Hide +8, Intimidate +10, Listen +6, Move Silently +8, Spot +5

Feats: Alertness, Dodge

Spell-like Abilities: Replace ooth with lesser geas.

.Nat. Lu Nat Space/Reach: 5 ft./ 5 ft.

Special Qualities: Resistance to electricity 5 and fire 5

Damage Reduction: 5/Card iron Skills: Hide +12, Intimidate +11, Move Silently +12. Spot +11

Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Multiaftack 45

\tNature Spirtt

Damage Reduction: S/cold iron

Wild [mj>a,hy (Ex): This power works exactly like the druid's wild empathy class Feature. The nature spirit's effective druid level equals its Kit Dice.

Nature Spirit, Small Space/Reach: 5 fr./ 5 ft.

Skills: Hide +10, listen +4, Move Silently +6, Sense Motive +5, Spot "'5. Survival + 5

Nature Spirit, Medium Space/Reach: 5 fr./S fro

Skills: Diplomacy +12.. Hide +10, Knowledge (nature) +11, Listen +12. Move Silently "'10, Sense Morjve +10, Spot +12, Survival +10

FealS: Alermess, Improved Initiative

Nature .Splrlt, large

Space/Reach: 10 fl.

Skills: Diplomacy +17. Hide +13. Intimidate ... 15. Knowledge lnarure) +16, Listen +17, Move Silenrly +13. Sense Motive +IS. Spar +17. Survival +15 Fears: Alertness, Combat Expertise. Improved Initiative


Hit Dice: Id8+2 (6 hpj Nagamaki +3 melee (2d4+I/x3), or unarmed stril',e +2 melee (ld4+1). or composite shorthow +1 ranged lId6+,) Space/Reach; 5 Ft·/S Ft.

Abilities~ Srr 13. Dex 11, Can 14. Int 10. Wis 9. Cha 6

Saves: Fori +4, Will -I

SkJUs: Climb +4. Hide +1, Jump +4. Move Silently +1

Level Adjlfsnnenr: +0

Onl, Common Space/Reach: 10 Pr.ho ft.

Feats: Cleave. Improved Bull Rush, Power Arrack

Spit Copper: A copper globule is worth ld4 gj> and weighs 5 pounds.

Oni, Go-Zu ani Space/Reach: 10 fr./Jo ft.

Skills: Climb +Ig. Jump +19, listen +17, Spot +17

46 April 2004

Feats: Awesome Blow. Cleave. Improved Bull Rush, Improved Sunder, Power Attack

Oni, Me~Zu Oni Space/Reach: 10 ft.ho ft.

Skills: Climb "'19, Jump +19, Listen +16, Spot +16

feats: Cleave, Combat Casting. Improved Sunder, Power Attack

Spells: Change polymorph other to firr: shield

f;Onl. Shadowfands

Regeneration: All oni take normal damage from jade or Kuni crystal weapons.

f;Onl, Halna no Oni

Space/Reach: 5 ftJ 5 ft, (15 ft. with tongue)

Skifls: Balance +5. Bluff +11, Climb +15. Diplomacy +15. Disguise +11", Hide +10, Intimidate +13, Jump +11, Move Silently +10, Sense Morive +8, Tumble +14 Fears: Acrobatic, Weapon Finesse

*Onl, Ashi no Oni

Space/Reach: 10 ft.ho ft. (15 ft. with tentacles)

Damage Reduction: IO/Iade

Skills: Concentration +13. Escaj>e Artist +1<1. Hide +10, lntimid;;lte +13, listen +12, Move Silently +14, Spot +12, Survival +12 Feals: Dodge. Power AnaCK, Weapon Focus (thorns)

froni, Sanru no Oni Space/Reach: 5 ft./S ft. Damage Reduction: JO/jade

Skills; Balance +12, Bluff +12, Diplomacy +S. Intimidate +14, Knowledge (Shadowlends) +10. Usten +13. Move Silenlly +12. Search +10. Spot '1-13, Survival +n

feats: Alertnes$, Flyby Attack. Power Attack

On I, Kamu no Oni Space/Reach: 10 ft./lO ft. Damage Reducfion: io/lede

Skills: Balance +14< Climb +20, IntimidaTe +13, Jump +2.0. Listen +12. Survival +12 feats: Cleave. Earth's Embrace, Improved. BuU Rush, Power Attack

~Onl, Shlklbu no Onl Space/Reach: 5 FIJ 5 ft. Damage RedlJction: lo/lade

Skills: Bluff +10, Diplomacy +6, Disguise +10, Hide +11, Intimidate +12. Knowledge (Sharlow lands) +10. listen +9, Move Silently +11, Search +10, Sense Morive +9, Spot +9

Feats: Dodge. Improved Initiative

Enlarge (Sp): AI will. a shikibu no oni can grow to Medium size as though affected by an enlarge person spell cast by a ?thlevel mahc-rsukat


ani, Ugulu no Onl

Space/Reach: 10 ft./lo ft. Oamage Reduction: lo/jade

Skills: Bluff +12, Diplomacy +4. Intimidate +14, Jump +20, Knowledge (Shadowlandsl +12, Usren +14, Search +12, Sense Motive +14. Spot +14

Fears: Cleave. Cireal Cleave. Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack

1;0nl, Akuma no Oni Space/Reach: 10 ft./IO ft. (5 ft. with Tongues)

Damage Reduction: Is/jade

Skills: Bluff +17, Concentrarion +Ig, Diplomacy +6. Knowledge (Shadowlands) +15. Lisren +16. Search +15, Sense Motive +16, Spellcraft +15, SPOT +16 Feats: Cleave, Dodge. Great Cleave, Mobility, Power Atlack

Onl, Kyoso no On1

Full Attack: <1 claws +10 melee (ld6+4), or unholy fire +6/+6 ranged (ld" temporary Charisma)

Space/Reach: 10 ft./1O ft.

Damage Reduction: Is/Jade

Skills: Bluff +15. Concentrarion +13. Diplomacy +Ig. Hide +8, Intimidate +17, Knowledge (Shadow!ands) +13. Listen +14, Move Silently +12, Search +13. Sense Motive +14. Spot +14

Fears: Poinl Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot

Spell-Like Abilities: Remove enlarge.

frOn], Yattoko no Oni

Space/Reach: 15 ft./IS ft. (0 ft. with bite) Damage Reducflon: Is/jade

Skills: Bluff +20, Climb +23.

Concentration +22. Diplomacy +7. Hide +14. lnrlmldare +S. Jump +23, Knowledge (Shadowlandsl +19. l.lsren +19. Search +L9. Sense Motive +19. Spot +19

Feats: Cleave. Expertise. Grear Cleave. Improved Sunder. Power Attack

-toni, Byokl no ani

Space/Reach: 10 ft./lO fl.

Dam~ge Reducrion: Is/iade

Skills: Climb +20. Concentration +20, Diplomor;;y +3. rntimidate +17, Jump +204. Knowledge (Shadow lands) +I 7. listen +18. Sense Motive +18, Spot +18. Survival +18

Feats: Cleave. Gre3t Cleave. Grear Fortitude. Improved Bull Rush, Power Aoack

Onl, Gelddo no 0,,1 Spac~/Reach: 10 ft./m ft. Damage Reduction: Is/jade

Skills: Climb +19, Hide +17. Intimidate +15. Jump +23. Knowledge (Shadowlandsl +14. Listen +15. Move

Silently +17. Spot +15

Feats: Cleave, Improved Bull Rush. Multianack. Power Arrack

Spell-Like Abihries: Remove enlarge.

~Oni. Tsuburu no Onl Space/Reach: 15 ft.15 ft.

O.amage Reduc11on: 151jade

Skills: Bluff +18, Concemraticn +z3. Diplomacy +4. Intimidate +20. Knowledge <Shadowlands) +18, Listen +18, Search +18. Sense Motive +16. Spot +18

Feats: Alertness, Awesome Blow. Cleave. Great Cleave. Improved Bull Rush, Power Atlack

.Onlkage Space/Reach: 10 fl./S ft.

Skins: Jump +25. Listen +8. Spot +7 Feats: Alertness. Power Arrack


Special Qualities: Resistance to cold 10 and electricity 10

Damage Reduction: s/honorable


SpIlce/Reach: 5 Ft./ 5 ft. (20 ft. wirh bite) Skills: Bluff +7. Diplomacy +2, Disguise +10. Intimidate +2

Feats; Improved Initiative. Sklll Focus (Disguise)

Sh~rokinuka1:sukaml Space/Reach: 10 ft./IO ft.

Special Quatifies: Restsrance to flre 10 Damage Reduclion: Is/eVil

Skills: Balance +17. Concentration +,8. Diplomacy +zz, Jump +11. Knowledge (arcana) +19. Knowledge (spirits) +19, listen +19. Search +19. Sense Motive +19. Spellcraft +21, Spot +19. Survival +19', Tumble +15

Feats: Combat Expertise. Flyby Attack. Improved Disarm. Improved Initialive, Superior Expertise

Rile (Ex): Melee snack bonus +16, damage 2d4+2. See the Monster Manualg1ossary.



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.SPIrH; FOlk

Hit Dice: Ida+1 (5 hpj

Anack: Short sword +3 melee (ld6i"l/lg-ZOl, or javelin +1 !<Inged (ld6+1)

Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft

Abilities: Str 13. Dex 1;1, Conlz, Intg. W.ig 10, ena 8

Saves: fort +3

level AdruSh1l.ent: +0


Space!Readn: 5 fl./5 f1.

Skills: Climb +12, Hide +13·' Move Silently +g. Swim +13

Fears: Mulriweapon Fighting. Power ATTack


Fears; Mulliweapon Fighting (In comcmanon with iTS natural abilities, arako's Multiweapon FIghting feat allows iI to mack with seven arms at no penallY.)


Hit Dice: Id8+1 (5 hpj

Fun Attack: Spear +2 melee (ld8). or z claws +2 melee hd,,), or spear +3 ranged (IdS)

Space/Reach: 5 ft'! 5 Fr ..

Abilities: Str II, Dex 13. Can 12, Int 8, Wis g. eha 8

Saves: Fort +3, Ref +1, Will -1

Skills: Climb +g, Hide +6, listen +2, M.ove Silently +2, Spot +-2

Organilation: Solitary,. dutch (a-ial, band bo-too plus 30% noncombatants plus I 4th-level fighter, I 3rd-Ievel shaman, and 2-8 spider eaters)

Level AdJustment +0

The enlry describes a rasloi warrior I.

tnengu, Crow-Headed Space/Reach: 5 ft./ 5 fro

Skills: Diplomacy +3. laiiutsu Focus +6, Intimidate +6, Sense Moti .... e +7

fears: Dodges. Mobmty

Level Adj1.!stmen.r: +3

spen~Uke Abilities: I/day-shollt.

f;rengu. Human~Headed Space/Reach: 5 Fr.!S fl.

Skills: Diplomacy +12,laijutsu Focus +10. . Intimid'ate +10., Sense Morive +11

Feats: DodgeB• Mobility8. Spring Attack,

48 Apri:120D4

Weapon Focus (~ral\a) le .... el Adjustment: "',5

'i!road, Giant Medium Animal

Hit Dke: 2d8+z (11 hpj Space/Reach: 5 ft./S Ft. (10 ft. with tongue)

feat: Dodge

Swallow Whele: The interior of a giant toad has an AC of 12 ..

Skllls: All varieties of giant toad receive a +12 racial bonus on Jump checks.

-oad,. Are Space/Reach: 5 Ft./o ft.

Skills: Jump +4, Lisren +4. Spot +3 Swallo ..... WlIole: The inferior of a fire toad has an AC of 10.

Fire Subtype: See the Monster Manual glossary.

'in"bad, PolsonQu$ Medium Animal

Hit Dice: 2d8+4 ('3 hp) Space/Reach: 5 Fr./5 fl. (10 ft. wlth tongue)

Skills: Hide +11", Jump +8 Feat: Dodge

Swallow Whole: The interior of a poisonous toad has an AC (I·f 10.

Skills: "A poisonous toad's skin colors give it a +4 racial bonus on Hide checks.

!J!Toad, Ice

Space/Re<lch: 10 fi.!S ft .. (10 ft. wilh tongue)

Skills: Hide ~1*. Jump .... 16. Listen +3. Spot +3

Feats: Dodge, Improved .Iniliarive Swallow Whole: The ifllerior of an lee toad has an AC of 13.

Cold Subtype:. See the MonSfer Manual glossary.

Skills: ~An ice toad's coloration gi .... es it a +4 racial bonus on Hide checks ,in areas of snow and lee.


Full Attack: Falchion +12/+7 melee (2d6q). and bite +7 melee (ld8+2),and gore +7 melee hd8+z)

Space/Reach: 10 Ft./IO ft .

Damage: Reduction: 10/ hono!<lble

Skills: Bluff +1'1. Climb +16, Diplomacy +5. Jump +16, Lisren +14. Spot +14 Feats: Cleave, Grear Cleave, Power Attack

Le v el Adjustment -1-2

fear Cone: A tsuno can use this ability three Times per day.

!J!Wang-uang ·Iniliati v e: +2

AC: 20 (-1 size, +5 natural, +6 splint) •. touch 9. t1at-fooled 20

Space/Reach: 10 ft./lo.f1" ..

Abilities: Dex 15

Sa .... es: Ref +4

Skins: BluFf +12, D.iplomacy +14,

Intimidate +14. listen +12, 3pot +12

feats: Exotic Weapon Profit;:iency Oajatang),. Two-Weapon righting,. Weapon Focus (Iajatangl

Level Adjustment: +3

Wields a Jaiatang sized for 8. la'te creaT1Jre; damage is correct.


Space/Reach: 10 ft./IO Fr.

Skills: Climb +8,. Hide -I·, Move Silen1!y +3. Survi:vai +4

Feats: Power Arrack, Stealthy Level Adjustment: "'3

Cold Subtype: See rhe Mo~rer Manual glossary.


Space/Reach: 5 Ft./ 5 Fr ..

Damage Reduction: 5/coldiron

Skills: Bluff +15, Diplomacy +Ig. Hide +15*. Inlimldale +6, lislen +15. Sense Motive +13. Spot +15. Survival +13

Le .... l![ .Adjusrmellf: +3

Coli:!. Subtype: See !he Monsrer Manual g)OSS<lry ..

Skills;: ~ A yuki-on-na gains a +4 racial bOnlJS on HIde checks. In areas of Snow and ice, the bonus rises to +12.

luse the Way (Sp): The character can nor use Survival to avoio becoming lost, and loses his innate sense of' north if he has 5 or more ranks in Survival. The characrer cannot even find his w<fY out of a closet withour assistance, although he is perfectly capable of following other

characrers, "

2l(-ark's Ihe t5pol

deli;'!!! e Jhi/ (nbh f f((/.Jer (uul d)-ell by Frank Brunner· Illustrated by Howard Lyon

7Jy rums romantic, perilous ..

( / and thrilling. the sail-soaked J........ liFe of a pirate is a perfect tit for a DUNGEONS EJt DRAGONS cempaig:n. Kraken tentacles. scrag boardin,g parties. lashing maelstroms. even a tense midnight rendezvous with the kings daughter at the Rocks of Black Hope-all these and more are guaranteed re keep the campaign pulsing with excitement.

Because the possibilities are almost as numerous as Ihe waves of the ocean, a pirate campaign can cater to many different character classes and player types. Roleplayers can haggle wilh grizzled rum merchants in sweltering port bars. hack-and-slashers can storm the nearest stockade to free their fellow buccaneers. and puzzlers ceo pore over !he most cryptic buried treasure maps to bob across the sea in a bottle. Even character classes Ihat one might not see as rradlfional pircnes-monks and paladins-can actually play crucial roles in properly framed pirate. adventures. This article deTails the roles of the different classes in a pirate crew. It also focuses on pirate methodology in a fanrasy world and the items that corsair artificers craft for their captains and crew.

.97/NIOIO(('£// ~(ltrtl14.' 6~r8.\,l'G Historically, these classes, or therr mundane analogs. played a large role on pirate vessels.

Barbarians and fight4rs: Many historical first-lime pirates had no forma! combat training whatsoever, but they learned quickly enough once on deck .. For example, Blackbeard's associate Stede Bonnet. the Gentleman Pirate, was a sugar plantation owner before deciding to try his hand at bucca nee ring.

The cutlass was the favored weapon, Iwth for Irs speedy maneuverability in dose-quarters fighting (which was often

encountered in a boarding raid or a lavern dispute), and for its shipboard Ulility (which included cutting lines and dividing pieces of eight). Barbarians-here defined as men not native to the same country as the majority of the crewwere also often found aboard pirate vessels, In fact, fully crewing a pirate ship could be a worry for a captain, and they often pressed into service barbarians captured in raids on foreign ships.

A fighter's or barbarian's typical role aboard a ship is the same as on land: muscle. These classes are expected to provide the backbone of any boarding: party. To prepare themselves for this role. many fighter freebooters choose fears including Improved Bull Rush to knock opposing sailors overboard and Improved Disarm to capture high-ranking enemies unscathed, wim .he inrention of later ransoming them. Many pirates have. de.veloped GreaT fonirude as a result of living wilh the filth and disease endemic to most OUTfaw vessels" Endurance is also a common feat choice because of its help with swimming. dlving. avoiding drowning. and survlvin,g when marooned. Skill points are often spent on Swim. Climb, Intimidate. and Profession (sailor).

Bards: Musicians, even withoul magic, were always prued members of a pirate crew. The Famous Anicles of captain BaMholomew Rdberts (also known as Black. BarIl conclude with, "The musicians shall have resr on the Sabbath day only. by right. on all other days, by favor only:' Sailors enjoyed music as a diversion when at leisure in the forecastle. but they also used songs called shanties to help synchronize task.s such as raising anchors (s cap ran shan 1)') or sails (8 halyard shanry), Typically, songs were performed in a responsive style. wi1h the lead Singer calling om a line and

The crew repeating It, hauling during the chorus. resting and a better grip - during ihe verses.

In a fantasy campaign, bards perform many of the same tasks. Their special abilities, however. makf! them even more useful to a pirate crew. The abilily to

inspire courage IS invaluable. The bat-die: countersong ability is Similarly indispensable when sailing through waters

hunted by harpies or sirines (see the MonSfer Manual/h. Bards who plan on a career of nautical larceny typically learn illusion spellS to aid tn retreats and ambushes. animate rope to help with shipboard melnrenance, and cure spells to support rhe ship's cleric.

Rogues: With the exception of some royally chartered privaTeers, nearly all pirates were historically viewed as

rogues, thieves. and scoundrels, Anne Bonny, one of many famed female

pirates and the \:1JmpaniQn of Calico

Jack, was a classic rogue, from a plot

with her first husband to steal her

father's planterion right up to her mysterious disappearance From a Bahamian

jail (where she vanishes From the his-

torical record).

A rogue's role on a pirate shIp is

defined by her skills. Many common deckhands are rogues who have spent

the majority of their skill polnrs on

Balance, Climb. and Profession (sailor).

RogtJes that focus on working in the ship's raiding parties also lake. Use Rope. as it allows The pirafe to throw grappling hooks onto a ship and pull alongSide of

it. Appraise allows the rogue to Take an

of fleer's poslrton-she bursar-and with it

she can distribute swag equtrably (or not

so equitably). Some rogues raise their Gather Information skill ro learn of vulnerable, gold-laden merchant ships in local waters. Disguise is effective when a pirate caprain needs TO planT an agent on

the island governor's staff. The Hide and Move Silenfly skill combination is crucial TO The success of covert missions sent to inf'iltra.le enemy ships moored under rbe

stars. Some rogues make a bving in pirate ports simply sitting in a shop and Forging false papers of passage for vessels, people, and cargo. Finally, on a ship without a spellcaster, a wand of fireball and the Use Magic Device skill allow the rogue to assume the position of gunner.

l/re& J.I};<uh' 6Z..fAWe6· --...-zrlrhough they played no historical role aboard pirate ships, these classes are natural additions to any pirafe crew operaling In a fantasy milieu.

Clerics and Druids: Ship's surgeons were Virtually unheard of aboard historical pirate vessels. Often rhe cook, skilled with a cleaver, was called upon for service, which consisted of nothing more than amputation and a prayer against gangrene. Priests were equally rare, although there are stories of defrocked clergy signing on with outlaw vessels. In the Caribbean, some priests, doubtless fee-ling somewhat freed from Rome's strlcture by the intervening leagues, were rumored to use their bluffslde missions to scour potential targets for allied buccaneers.

The first duty of a cleric or druid eboard a pirate vessel is to maintain The health of Ihe crew. A divine caster who does not prepare a heavy complement of remove disease, nCvfrallzc poiSOn. and cure spells will face the plank. Second, after scurvy and filth fever are remedied. the deric or druid is called upon to control wrnds, control wafer, and if possible, control weafher (clerics frequently take the Air and Water domains to prepare these spells as domain spells). Clerics are also appreciated on board for their dlvlnanon spells, while druids often choose a f1yinS or swimming animal companion rhar acts as a vanguaTd and scout for 1ne pirate vessel.

Rangers: A ranger aboard II corsair vessel is most likely a bounty hunter, employed by the captain to track down escaping life boars, high-profile members of another ship's crew, or even 10 ferret out traitors among his own crew.

Rangers are also frequently sent on ~_-.shore missions. where their wilderness skills become more useful. Treasure

msps, both real and forged, are common in a pirate campaign, and a ranger might

52 April 2004

go ashore with a select ream to follow the marked trail and search for any burled gold.

Despite the fact that their Track feat

is largely ineffective on the water, rangers make good pirates because of their high skill points and excellent combat abilities. They typically focus on .he same skills mal rogues do, and they can't go wrong selecting either combat style available to them. The free Endurance feat is very useful to a pirate for me same reasons it is to a frghler. The animal messenger spell is superb for shrpto-ship or ship-to-shore communication. and hide from animals is priceless when diving for pearls In shilrlr.-infesled waters. like druids, pirate rangers ryPIcally choose an ammal companion thar can fly or swim. If a ranger is filling II bounty hunter role, most often his favored enemy is human.

Sorcerers and Wizards: Clearly there were no historical wizard or sorcerer pirares, but rhar shouldn't stop them from appearing in a f<mt~sy campaign. Historical pirates did have cannons, guns, and even primitive hand grenades:

In a DfJtD game. wizards and sorcerers can fill this artillery role. Fireball, flaming sphere, and ice storm are all widely prepared and cast. Evard's black tentacles cast on the deck of II ship abOUT 10 be boarded can severely hamper its defense. To defend their own ships and crews. arcane casters often employ protection from arrows, solid fog. wind wall, and various illUSion spells such as mirage arcana.

Enlarge Spell is a must have for any serious buccaneer evoker, because it allows her spells to reach the enemy from a greater distance. Skilled captains have been known to win bsnles by dancing their ships just outside the range of enemy mages but Just inside Ihe enlarged range of their own.

Shipboard wizards are often evokers, and both sorcerers and wizards often 'a~e Ine Spell Focus levocatlon) feat. Sorcerers have an advantage over wizards in their grealer number of spells per dl:lY, allowing them to act as an arlillery piece with more "ammuotnon" in a protracted broadside battle. Sorcerers also have the advantage of not needing 10 worry about a spellbook dropping into the waves; fearing this eventuality, many wiz.ards take the S-pell Mastery feal.

/' 1"Olic !f';r(tl~' 6*.f.~w(W

AI flrsr glance, these classes might seem at odds with the. pirating "professton" Yet, wiTh the proper background. even monk6 and P<lladins can stonn the seas.

Monks: Despite lacking the paladin's evangelistic zeal, monks are even more rare to see serving among a p"'3le crew. Uving outside the law is anathema to them, and a rollicking, rum-and-plunder lifestyle hardly appeals to their ascetic diSCipline. Still, it is possible TO imagine scenanos where a monk finds himself aboard an outlaw ship. Perhaps the empire has banned the monk's order,

and now the only refuge for the lama and his disciples is a tloatmg monastery. drifting from port to port, scavenging when it can, raiding empire merchanf marines when iT must, and always wo~ing to destabilize the bureaucracy.

If a monk does take to the high seas, he will find that some of his abilities are of limited use. His in reased speed on deck is valuable. bur not as valuable as it is on land. His reliance on unannored combaT Is serendipitous in that it saves him the worry of drowning ill heavy plate mall, but his emphasis on unarmed attacks is troublesome given that pirate ships often engage in ranged combat. Still, ,he monk has a moderate number of skill points, and he can spend them on Climb, Jump, Profession (sailor), and Swim to become a competent pirate. In melee. the monk shines, and his skill and discipline might mean that his chief role will be as a sergeant commanding boarding parties,

Paladins: While the paladin's alignment might preclude her from captaimng an outlaw ship. it makes her a perfect privateer. Privateers own and operate their own ships, but Ihey are lawfully sanctioned by their ruling monarch to arrack pirate ships and the vessels of political enemies. With her powerful presence, Impressive combat STrength, ard perhaps a newly installed shrine to Heironeous ·In the captain's quarters. a paladin is ready to sail against enemies of The stare,

A paladin's abilities are only somewhat suited to a life al sea. The reliance on heavy armor becomes a liability when drowning is such a frequent peril, and large grearswords are unwieldy in dose quarters. The paladin's mount is most useful only off the ship. and she does nor gain a I@Tge number of skill points to learn fhe sailing trade. She does, how-

ever, have healing magic and remove disesse. both quite handy when priva-

te ring, In the end, her typically higb Charisma and strong sword arm will win her a place of esteem with the crew, possibly eve" the captaincy on a devout ship-but it's not always an easy journey.

, ('Il"rulc ,y , /Jd/mtlrdr{!(9

The three main tasks of 'he pirate caplain are maintaining rhe crew and ship, evading capture. and winning plunder.

Maintaining the Crew and Ship: This is much easier in a fantasy world than it was historically. Assuming that the captain can either re"t:rYil or press a dil/lne caSTer into service, the crew has access to healing magic, which can prevent Or mitigate gangrene and maiming wounds. Ship mainrenance is likewise easier. Careening the ship-running il aground and scraping its hull free of barnacles, weeds, and other detritus-was historically a universally hated chore. In a fantasy campaign, a druid or ranger's octopus companion, a sorcerer or wizard's summoned water elemental, or even an ame<l merrolk could swim under the ship and complete Inischore at sea. If available, spells such as ironwood and fabrlCl1te are also useful for routine maintenance and hull patching.

Evading Capture: Conversely, avoiding prison proves much more difficult for a pirate in a fantasy world. Traditionally, a pirate could trust to the vastness of the sea to conceal his whereaboLlfs; in fact. entire pirate port locations could be kept secret, That is more difficult 10 do when the Royal Sociel)' of Mages Is constantly scryiog for you. As a result, the pirate capraln

must shroud his identity and local ion with misdirection, MordBnkainen's privete sanctum, noodetection, and

screen spells. freebooting captains also prize Illusion spells of all sorts, for sufficient glamers can disguise a notorious man-o-wer as an innocent barge, hide the crew's true nature. and mask the presence of contraband when the harbormasrer comes aboard to assess The port taxes.

Winning Plunder: booty is remarkably similar to the historical process. When a rarger is sighted, the captain raises a flag to communicate his Intent (customarily, black flag Signified piracy and a demand for surrender; an <'IdditiQna! red flag meanl that no quarter would be given In the even' of resistante). Assuming fhat the target resists, the callTain directs his sorcerers, archers, and baUistae to firt'! UPOrl the ship from a distance. Magic missile. web (to foul the rigging and prevent maneuvering). and fear are favored spells in These Jnirial moments. Explosive spells such as fireball are only used as a last resort ill this slage, because no !lime wanlS' to destroy the boolY in the other ship's cargo hold. Additionally, atlhis stage of rhe assault, aerial troops and summoned monsters are sent to barrie the opposing crew.

Afrer softening up the merchant, me pirate ship pulls alongside, using gnwpiing hooks to secure the boats togefher. and sends across as many boarding parties as necessary. Typically, a boarding party is a five- or six-person gang headed by a sergeanT.. Indi .... idual sergeants are given speclflc targets, such as. "Arrack the forecas~e," "taor the

orlop deck.~ or "Hack down the mainmast," Combat is fierce, with many men

pushed overboard, archers sniping From

yardarms. and casters hurling spel1s

from secluded positions in the C3st1,~. After tne day is won, and the swag i'~ safely aboard. the mages casr obSCUn.l object on any significant items to pre- ---- ... vent magical tracking.

SA',.utt· IIU(9ft' ;f:l'LJMl -

The follOwing magic Items were developed by or for pirates and privareers,

fhhll., .f;~yllF

from rollicking port towns 10 secret cave cities, pirate havens invariably feature a black market where oUI!aw mages ply their wares. A particularly ghoulish indu.:;try has grown up around the idea of pirate grafts. Grafts are non-sentient body parts ma1 attach to a 'Corporeal creature and enhance il in some way. See the fiend Folio for complete rules on grafts. The GraFt Fle:;;h feat is reprinted for your convenience.

Eye of The Murky Deep: This eye is clouded by a seaweed-tinted cataract. At any rime that it is not covered "11th an eye patch or similar item. it interferes with the grafted creature's eyesight_ This interference gives a -2 penalry to Spar and Search checks. The graft must be unc.overed 'to be used, but in ceMain circumstances, its benefits outweigh its drawbacks; If all of the creature's other

lj)irAlc l\\'i:apons
Weapon CO" Omg(S) DmglM) Cril Range hlcr-emcnt Weight Type
Li,ghr Me1et1 (Simp/I'J Weapon)
Hook 8gp ld3 ld4 )(4 lib. Piel'cing
Llghr Ml'Jlel'J (Mi!Jnlaf Weapon)
ellilass 15 !!P Id~ Ide, lQ·w/xz 3 lb. Slashing and Plercmg Cutlns: PDpular with many sailors. lhe cutlass is a short, heavy, slighlly curved blade vseful for borh Slabbing and slashing. Its heavy basket hill gives Ihe wielder a +2 circumSl8n1;;e bonus on any checks 10 resist being disarmed. The cutlass r;n;1 appeared In lhe fORGOrrrN ROOMS Campaign Setting.

Hook: A hook Is a ?I'osthelic appendage securely arrached in place of a mlssing hand. A ch<ll1l!;lcr using a hook cannol be di5afllled.

To anach 11 hooj(, il character must firs' be miSSing a hand lellller rlghl or leh), NOle Ihal anyone with a hook suffers ill -2 penallY on all skill checks rl!quiring rhe use of hands. Note 1""1 lJf1acks made with hook grafts counr as narun11 attacks.

eyes are covered, then it is immune to gaze attacks. 'Furthermore, this eye guaT'~ antees thaI the userwlll always be able

to see at a range of 20 feet when underwerer, regardless of the lighling conditions. Magical darkness and bllndint effects block The eye's power as usual.

Graft Flesh, creee wafer; dark:Vlsion; PrIce 30,000 gpo

Golden DanCing Pegleg: This prosthesis is- made of gold and gleams brightly In moonligln. It grants the ,grafted crealure the use of the Mobility and Spring --"""Itftack feats, even if the creature does

not normally meet their prerequisites. It also grants a +10 competence bonus 10 Perform ldance) skill checks.

Gr<'Ifr flesh, car's grace, freedom of movement, Price 55,000 gpo

Horlron HQok: This hook is constantly searing hot, as if just pulled from a bed of glowing coals. While it does not damage me grafred creature, it does deal Id4 points of fire damage In addition !ooormal damage, This graft grams the pirale the abiliTy TO, cast a varlaliGn of marl:. of Justice. onee per day, as a 9 th-Ievel cleric. This mark Df justice brands the victim wirh the searing hod.k instead of WT'illng upon him, and Ihe spell's injunction is usually against some act of good, such as informing on the pirate, disci es-

<'_:;'l"aJl Ofc-s& ~QI Qr1If! Aash [Item Crcallan]

Y<>u can apply al certain Iype of 8"lft 10 other living creatures or to yourseJf.

I'rer~WSlle: Heal 10 ranks.

Benefit- Ch00511 a Type of grafl. aboleth, beholder fiendIsh. ,Ilimid, pirate, undeJld. or yulTll-1,. You m USI be an abolelh 10 cheese abd'el h graFt!; You must be a flend 10 cheese flen d Ish gro(lfts, YQU musl be an iIIllhld to choose oIhlhld 81"3fr8. You muST be a vuan-u ro choose yll!ln -II gra r, 5 There a re nc 3dd,h ona I requirements for ch(lOSIII8 beholder, plral~, or undead STafls.

You erea te gra rts of you r ell osen Iype and apply Ih~m To other I.vlng c rc.arurcs or TO you rseJ f Creallll8 a g",n rakesone day for each 1.000 gp III II'S price. To create II grafl, you muSI spend 1125 of the gra:fl'5 price In Xl" iITld use up I<IW msrertals co s1lng hal f of

Ihls price.

This fear oNil,nally appeared In the pliJJId Folia

___ 54 April 2004

ing the location of buried treasure, or deserting the ship.

Graft Aesn, heaf me'lJl mark of justice; Price 36.0.00 gpo

Leg of Squid: This odd pegleg is a, mass of ten tentacles. The tentacles are only partially effective in supporting the weight of the grafted creature, whose base move is halved because of the uneven gall. The leg of £quid adds a +4 to the grafted creature's grnpple bonus, grants the improved Grapple feat (even if the grafted creature does not meet the normal prerequisites), and grants a +10 competency bonus on Swim checks.

Graft Flesh, Evard's blade tentacles; Prlce 4.0,000 gpo

Mutinefll1"s .Eye:. This eye graft 15 a boan to turncoats, backstabbers, and others who strike when their targets are unprepared. In keeping with this graft's traitorous nature, ·the reclplent's other eye is weakened, causing the ro suffer a permanent -2 penalty on Spot checks. When Ihe owner of !his gra.ft makes a sneak a1't.!lck, the eye allows rr 10 see irs target's weaknesses more dearly. adding +ldB to her sneak attack- damage. Those with no sneak attacR ability do nor benefit from this graFt.

Graft flesh, be$row ClJrse, true strike; Price 4,000 gpo

Ossified Pegleg: This hideous bone pegleg fools undead. granTingrhe grafted crearurea eontinueus hide from undead effect, which may be suppressed or reactivated as a sTi'lndard aerton, In additian, the grafted creature can use commandundead once per day, as a SIh-level cleric,

Graft Flesh, commami undead, hide from undead; Price 36.000 gp,

Sailor's Hook.: Papular with common pirates who spend their days amang ships' rigg:mg. A sailor's hook grams <I, +5 competency bonus on Use Rope and Climb skill checks.

Graft Flesh; crafrermusT have 1 fill'll:.

In Climb and' Use Rope; Price 12,500 gpo

Spyglass Eye: The spygfass eye allows the graff recipient to Igl'lOre the normal -1 penally per 10 feet .of drsrance th!!1 applles to SPOI checks. The eye ...... orks OU1 TO a distance of 150 feel; after that, the cumulative -I penalty per 1.0 feel begins accruing narmally.

Graft Flesh. guidance, crsfrer must have 1 rankin Spot; Price 25,000 gp.

T_wood Pegteg: A favarite Oilmong pirate officers. me< buoyant teakwood pegleg grants fhe grafted creerure a "'5

competence bonus on Swim checks. The pegleg also adds to the creature's stability and granr3 a +5 on Balance checks. iRnaily. a secret, watertight cornparrmenr ,is built lnto it, large enough TO contain items such as a rolled piece of letter-SIze parcnmen.1 or a, requires B DC 20 Search check to f"md and open the's secret compartment.

Graff Flesh, caf'sgrace; Price 12,550 gpo

.th, ... ·itl" t/'~, {/h',«_,{/. I;;", ". 61uw( Pirale grafts are not the only items for sale in buccaneer havens. Recovered booty IS often fenced In a pen's black market. The prices listed here are standard marker value.

COrsBIr Cutlass: This +1 keen clJtlass may be used to cut lines, dean fish, or even hack down deors an boarding raids. When attacking an object, the cor- 581r cutlosslgnores half ils hardness.

Model"3te transrnutaffon; CL 1.0th; Craff Magic ATTTls and Armor. keen ¢Be; Price 11.000 gpo

Outh'-s Hesd Earring: Tbts golden carTIng IS fashioned mto the familiar skull-and-cressbcnes matif. The wearer can use d/Ulthwafch at will. as a free action. Once per day, she may use de/Jfh /mell as casr by a 3rd-level clerk:. This Item does nat use a magic item slat.

Faint necromancy; Cl3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, dearhwafch. dearh knell; Price 18 ... 80 gp; Weight-.

Dragonhead Bowsprit: Carved fa resemble 8 black dri'lgon. this bowsprit can emit a gout of add once per day in a 50-foot cone. The acid deals lod6 pomrs of damage (DC '4 Refl'ex save For half). The bowsprit IS not flexible and can an'ly use us attack an targets directly ahead of the ship it is

attached to. Pirate captains often direct thiS acid damage er ships rhey wish loscu,nle, because umlke fire, elecrrtclry, or cold, acid deals full dam~ age to nanllvlng objects.

'Moderate evocation; CL 111'11; Graff Wondraus hem., acid fog, acid Spr:lly; Price 14,000 gp; We\ghr 500 lb.

flag of rheMal'iner: This !lag is a gold trident ana W'hlle-and-azure barred field. Any ship salling under rhis flag has irs speed Increased by one-quarter for one hour per day. as determined by the eaptam, Additionally. the officers and

ere ..... of such a ship operate ccntinuously wllh a +2 competency bonus to their Profession (sailor) checks.

l . j,'-'lU:: a:rn~ The paM)' IS all I) n boa rd. The figh I U IS IhI! capr a 10 I he WI loll rd IS the flr.i1 mare.

Ihr: druid IS mannll18 I he helm. a nd I he

rogue IS mal10halll ng Ihe boa r ding fu rces,

Now how do you IlkIre sure 11tD! lhis

dOesn'j feellrke JUst B1101he, dl)i'l8eM i!dvenrl)r(!? Try these IIp3 10 ,nl!!(:1 pirate II1Ivor 1010 )lour cDmpa~:

• Appl!iIl 10 all five of the pI;!)'et$' sense 5. Describe r he te el of I he sail spl'B)l on I hel r wind burned ebeeks, lhe mrell of Ihe hs h lind I urI!e" wned Cfl deck. Ihe burning 5UO, and Ihe cnes of

tlte 1tIP"'rrw.n on the masts.

• Remember thai armor Is a rrnrnendeus hoollllY Balance. Cltmh, and S"'IIJ!! cllI!.ch.s are all peMirZe(! by armor. A plnne 10 plat e m311 Vol", probably be a :ihorr-nved p,rale IOdeed!

• ReqUire Balance chocl!s when movIng and fighrl08 on a ship. In reasonably choppy warers, 8 ship dad should be COTl5ldered at leaSI en uneven 01' an,g,1ed sklpc IBill~nce DC 10). See the Pluyer', H;mdbaoJ., p~gt: 6], For the rules 00 Fighling whll .. balancing.

• ReqUire fOr1l1ut:ie save., for landlubbers on tM Ir fiF51 VlI'fage. A r ~IJOO save rcsull$ 10 seasIckness (rreal as Slc:kened). which IaSIS for ld., d;JY5 or 1JI)IIIIhe PC IS 00 dt'y land (wlllche;v~r comes ti'rllr).

• Use plroill e vOI;.IIbu lary. T reasu re IS 5W~g. ~Ie and mead are grog, and gold plues are doubloons or piete5 of I!ig~ I. VOl.! call vlsll _w.lhtpirole,realm.cllm fn r .a vocabulary 1151.

• Use lhe Wt<llher 10 your adYanl<1ge.

A sudde n squan ml,ghl blow up, ceq'lll nllJ! Reflllll saves 10 ClVllid b!mg washed overboard (see the DIJNG£ON MAsrui's Ciuide, page 95, for wind effect D~). Ughmll1g mlg~1 slTike a spar. sendIng II !Urnbhng down, requiring YIlt 3001l1er Rellex save.

Moderate transmutation; CL Qlh; Craft Wondrous hern, expediflous rorrear. Price go,ooo gp; Weight II lb.

Allg of Terror: This pirate flag is a bl<'lnk scarlet Field. Those who have felr its power say that 'their nightmares appear in honitic detail on ,he flag when it is acnvared, The captain of II vessel flying fhis f1a~can cast phantasmal.klller once per day agllinst any ship he can see and to which he has line of effect_ If

he can makeeutan individual person aboard rhe Ship, he may targer thaT persao. Otherwise. the phantasmal killer attllcks rhe larget ship's captain.

Mooer<lte illusion; Cl 91h; Cr<lft Wondrous hem. phantasmal kl1ler: Price 23,000 g):l.; WeIgl'll II lb.

Mephlt Decsnter: A silver carafe fluted with aquamarine, 1his vessel has the ability to pour forrh erlher a water mephlt or an ooze mephit once per day (usee'scbelcel, The mephit serves as though summoned by a summon monster spell for a duration of one hour. Monarchs often present these crnate vessels to newly commissioned pnvareer captains.

.Moderate conjurarlon: Cl 7th; Craft Wondrous hem, summon monster 1\1::' Price 20,000 gp:. Weight 3 lh,

Snip ina Bottle: This odd gIass bome Is similar in function to an iron flask. bUI Instead of rrapping outsiders. it Ir<rps ships. Once per da.y, when the user speaks the command word, she can force anyone ship within 60 feet info the bottle, provided the highf::st-rnnking sallor onboard rhe ship fails a' DC 22 Will save. Ea.en member of me crew (except for the nighest-r<lnking sellorcnboard) is then a'ilowed a save, but success meana only thar crewmember escapes imprisonment (me ship IS still captured. bur the crewmember Falls Into the water where the ship recently was). loosing the cork frees the trapped ship. If the ship is frfled without a large body of water within halF a mile, the ship appears on land directly in front of toe borne.

While trapped in rhe bOltle, !he minlaturired crew does not age, nor do they need to ear or drink. They are aware of their surroundings, bur can in no way move or communlcate beyond rhe glass 'barrier, incllJding with the use of releport, plane shlfr, or even sending spells. From the outside, the crew can be seen to move about in the rigging, play cards. duel, and so forth.

The owner of Ihe bottle m3Y use the command word 10 free lhe ship in the bolile. When she does so, she may COmpel the crew to serve her, as per the geasspetl.

If the bailie is destroyed while a ship is Trapped within Ir, the ship's hlghestranking sailor must immediately make anolher DC .22 Will save. A successful save frees the ship and crew; a failed save results In rhe ship and crew being Irrevocably destroyed .. Only divine

intervention can bring them back.

Overwhelming coniuration Cl ~ISr: Weight I lb.

Wheel of ObaclHai: The spokes of this massive s'eering wheel are carved In rhe !>hapes of frol-

icking sea cars, majestic whales, am.' gusting wind and douds. The captain of a ship witn this wheel installed may as control winds and control weather each~--once per day.

Strong transrnuranon CL 13th; Cr<lft Wondrous ltem, controlweBfher. control· winds; Price 67.860 gPo Weight 100 lb. (!J

.. A .. dv~nlWl' S~('Js

The followmg adventure Ide"" can be used 10 Introduce prrares into your cam pillgn 0 r fO In trod lice PC:l Til Ii ves or piracy.

• The heroes ship IS hulled and foundering while <I Royal NINY frigale closes In. The p1lny musl dille 101M bottom of Ille lagoon. where a lyre of building IS t llmored TO he In a ~""Pwreck If .he pal1y defears tile wreck's lacedon and mohrg guardians. tlley can sUl'fllce wl.h IllS] enough lime IQ play ] ~ elVl'e . repair the s h rp. and

meer Ihe frlga re as a seawo rthy fOE.

• The party clerlc'scO!lSiIl hal; jIIlrished and b8que~'hed 10 Ihc cleriC rhe caplillncy of hl~ plrate br,g~~line. ,!'Ie ImJigo Blade. The elenc mlghl be Inclined 10 dl!;OWfI Inc rowdy crew and rhls unsavClry joherl1ance-lmtil she learns r~ill the crow hes ·swom 10 rescue Inc late cousin'S InnOC1lol son. arid riley need her 10 capt am Ih.em Into the Ear!'s fortified harbor iJnd lead lhe lIS5.1ull on hts Island redoubt.

.• In a pan tavern, rhe necro-

rna nee r Prolhllne Zur approal;l1es Ike pa r1 y WIZll rd. He offers 2,OO() 8P fcl r ~lIor l.he blG<Xi. Ichor, and fluids spilled across rhe de~k or the parry's Ill!Xl boarding raid. II lake!; a DC 15 Craft (alchemy) check 10 coileci rhe specmens properly. Unrorrunately, ihe n ecromencer Is I:n own and wII'Iled. ami lust 2S 11w.p<lny Is compic lin,!! the deal, a dozen gendannes burst lnto the rsvern

course, 10 all other countries, they remained pirates. A few of rhe mOST famous Port Royal pirates include:

CapTain Christopher Myngs "EI Diablo" (Ftr 8/An 2): Myngs led the Port Royal privateers starting in .657. Ordered by King Charles 11 10 open up Free. trade, Myngs took rhts to heart. Belielling Ihal The best protection was a good offense, he often let fly the forrysix gtJns of his frigate, the HMS Centurion, and those on eleven other ships he commanded. He netted an especially large haul sacking the ciry of Coro, Venezuela. Myngs earned a knighthood by giving the crown a percentage of his profits and by protecting Port Royal.

Captain Henry Morgan (Ftr 8IRog 5):

Morgan commanded Port Royal's privateers from .668-7', He plundered Portobelo in 1668 and sacked Panama Ciry in 1671. He was appoinred depury governor in 1674. Once piracy was banned, he turned on his colleagues who did nor take <Jdvantage of the general pardon issued in 1688. Fatter and richer, Capraln Morgan finally retired to enJoy the rewards of knighthood and sip rum on his Jamaican estate of 6,000 acres until his dearh in 16g6, To .he end,

by Shelly Baur· Illustrated by Shawn Brown

e Tide would turn in two hort hours. and the HMS enturion would sail with her. CapTain Myng's press gangs roamed tim streets, dragging

drunken sailors from rhe gutter to serve on the 46-gun ship-he'd lost more than two-dozen men on the last raid on Hispaniola, The captains whose men he stole would curse his name, bur they were still asleep. and by the Time they woke, the Centurion would be gone. Another fine day was dawningin Port Royal.

Port Royal, Jamaica, was the citadel of English piracy in the Caribbean. a government-sponsored den of villainy and vice, where hard men could spend the doubloons stolen from Spanish ships, In the second half of the l7fh century, It was ruled by a succession of governors willing to forgive anvthing in Ihe name of money and Brifish sea power.

Until 1655. Pon Royal belonged 10 the Spanlsh, who had already killed off the native Arawaks and Caribs. In that year. ----a British expedition, unable to win throu~ at Cuba or Hispanola, turned to easier prey: Jamaica. Winning against

the few farmers and fishermen, they

56 April 2004

founded Port Royal and thus acquired the perfect base of operenons right in the heart of the Caribbean. To protect the dty from Spanish reconquest, the governor invited pirates to dock in the hamar. He also issued Letrers of Marque (essenlially licenses to hunt Spanish ships) fa encourage prtvareers, Thus, privateers and pirates had a safe port 10 spend their booty and Port Royal flourished from both a share of Ihe plunder and the fr~ spending, Yel all bad things must come to an end.

Beginning in the early 1680s. the Port Royal government tried to switch to legitimate trades like slavery and shipping. Whether This would have continued building the city's fortunes is unknown. for an earthquake in 1692 sank most of the city, True fa Ihe city's heritage. looters cleaned up after Ihe devastation,


To raid the treasure fleers of other nations withoul starting a war, the English issued Letters of Marque to pirates. As long as 10 percent of the profits were tithed to England, these privateers had rhe king's permission to seize ships of sJ)f!cified nations wifhout suffering consequences af home, Of

Morgan dressed like a gentleman, with long brown curly hair. a mustache, goatee, and clothes befitting his poslnon as a landowner.

Captain Roche Brasilano (Rag 10/ Ftr 8): This fearless pirate took his ships right before the guns of Havana. In Pert Royal during the 16705, Roche was best known for hIS extreme debaucheries. His many followers rendered him Invulnerable to authonnesno tithing prot1rs ro the government for him. Rumors claimed he hid a fortune of 100,000 pieces of eight In Port Royal. Roche could often be

found carousing with a wine keg In

the streets, almmg his guns at passersby. "recuesnng" they join him In a drink. Roche sported a Ihin mustache. curly hair, and thick nose. After his capture, the Spanish lnqulsltlon tortured him 10 death,

Sir Thomas Modyford (Ari 8): King Charles II appointed Modyford governor In 1664 and ordered hIm to stop pnvateering In PorT Royal and Instead focus on sugar and slavery. Modyford gave up after realizing the ciry would nol only be vulnerable bur poor. As an enrhuslasttc convert TO the piranng life, he sent Henry Morgan on the

successful rald of PanamCl after the English and Spanish had reached a peace treaty. The king hauled Modyfoid back to London in chaIns, but his status as a nartonal hero eventually saw his release from prison.

Alexander ExquemeHn (err 5): A prl'late surgeon aboard various pnvateering vessels. he Witnessed many of the tales he wrote of In The Buccaneers of America, published In 1674. He often sailed with Captain Morgan. but after the 1671 raid of Panama City, they had a falling out and parted ways.

CristObal Arnaldo Ysassl (FTf 12):

One of the SpanIards who lived on Jamaica when the English captured it, Ysassi was determined to recapture hrs home. He used guerrilla tactics again:;1 the Enghsh from 1655 until his final defeat leading the Spanish expeditton of 1560.

Other captains anchoring at Port

oyal Included Sir Thomas Whetstone.

Captain Smith. Captain James, and Caprain Mansfield. Most of The 10wn was a sfew of corruption, filled to bursting with gamblers, slaves, prostlTutes,indenlured servants, gunsmi'lhs, Ivory carvers, traders, and, of course,

privateers and pirates.

Arawaks and Canbs sharI!! the Island paradIse of Jamaica Jamaica under Spanish rule

English conquer Jamaica for Cromw!.l1_ Founding of Port Royal. Jamarea

PorI Royal ISSUes mVllatmn 10 pirates. Pori Royal Issues Letter.; of Marqlll!!.

ChnSlopher Myngs becomes commander of the Pori Royal prlvaleers. Spanish spy In PON Royal

flrsl Spanish mV8SIon under Ysassl Myngs raids Coro.

laSI Spanish InvasIOn under YSi!sS1 King Charles II rules England.

Sir Thomas Modyford becomes governor. Second DUI1:h War

Henry Morgan commands Port Royal privateers. Spanlsh Issue IheJr Own Letter:> of Marque. Morgan raids Porlobe.1o BOO Panama Cily.

ThIrd DUleh War

Jamaica's Council passes many anh-pll1lCY laws. AnTI-piracy laws actually enForced.

JamaIC.8 ACI passes. forbjddina privareer.; and piracy. James II rules England.

The Crown gl'5nlS iii genl!r.l1 pardon for !hose who give up piracy. William and Mary rule £ngland.

Earthquake sinks Port Royal on JuM 7th.

C}i1l1 cillU! Pre-1492 ''19~,655 1655



166,-,685 1664 1665-1667 1668-71


167' 1612-1678

• 661


1683 1685-1686 16SS 1689~'7°l!. 1692

sPorl oy"e St£s

By 1692 Port Royal's population had grown to 1.600 men, IAQO women, perhaps 1.000 children, and 2.500 slaves, whlle sailors and other visitors could number between

500 to 2,000 al any given time.

Admiralty Court: Naval crimes, like piracy, were often !Tied here.

Courthouse: Simpler public cases were tried at the courthouse, located conveniently next to me hanging grounds. Gallow's Pomt. Lesser offenders served time at one of rhe two prisons: Marshallsea (for men) and Bridewell (for women). Punishments Immediately followed sentencing. so rowdy crowds cheered harsh verdicts. They loved the cheap entertainments of public whippings, dunkings, and hangings.

Customs House: Used by the governor for the co!ony's business and also rhe site for the court of chancery. which tried the most difficult cases.

Defenses: Prevalllng winds forced ships To enter the harbor from the east, pasl reefs and through a narrow channel watched over by me guns or Fol'IS Rupert, Morgan. and Charles (originally, Fort Cromweln. As they sailed into the hatbor, ships passed under the guns of forts Walker, James, and Carlisle. MQre than 300 cannons at these sites, plus those aboard the privateers, prerecred the town. The full garrISon included several hundred regulars and a militia of rownsmen. Brilish warships were only found al Port Royal in Its later years, since they were too precious to waste there early on. A beacon system around Pon Royal warned of attack.

Go'ternor's Mansion: As a C"own property. Jamaica was only subjecr to the king, making the governor the country's Prime Minisrer and the .Jarnaican Assembly the equivalent of Parliament, All govemors commanded the army, three forts, and two armed bartenes, They also appointed the privateers' commander .

Harbor: Port Royal had one of The best harbors in the Caribbean; ships could moor in either deep or shallow water. well prorected from storms. Around 500 ships docked there annually. The exposed SOUThern sjde was not

used for shipping. The deeper north side rneasured six fathoms deep,allowing ships to move cargo directly to and from the plers, High wharfage fees

gave captains an incentive to toad and unload quickly, paying premium prices 10 dockworkers.

Small schooner5 and sloops anchored in the western part of the harbor known as The Chocaleta Hole. larger ships, whose captains did not want to tie up in the expensive northern piers, anchoredoffshore and transferred ---~cor::a·rgo via smaller craft. Traders" tlshermen. turtlers .. , and mosl privateers anchored there.

Entering rhe harbor from the

Norrhwesl, the Rio Cobre provided Fresh water for the town. Watermen carted barrels of water into town, selling it to ship captains, innkeepers,. bathhouses. and washerwomen.

KiIlg'.s Warehouse: Located on the

nOrTh side of rne i:1arbor, !he King's Warehouse was also the regisrry or harbormasrer's house, All visttors had to reglster There or be censteered spies. Most other wharves and warehouses were lecared nearby.

Markets; All goods were priced five times higher than usual due TO imporrauon. Beer and rum were the exceptions, going at only double their usual

rate. The ~arge produce. marker contaIned IwO bakeries and was located on High Street. Two smaller markets sold fish and meat.

Merchant's Exchange: The main site of business transactions, lega! or not. Many privateers rounded up 'credit at the Exchal'lge 10 fund thelrlarger ralds and expeditions, returning afterward wirhgoods to sell. Business stopped at noon for a three-hour siesta during the hottest part of the day.

Palisadoes.: The silt and gravel that accumulated over the years created a natural causew.ay known as the Palisadoes, which connected Port Royal to the mainland until!1 sank. during the earthquake.

Plantations: Outside town, plantations based on land grants offered by the British Crown encouraged White settlers. who could also gaIn Brifishcirizenship. The planters formed an agricultural block that was often at odds with fhe privateers; they wanred respectability instead of pirate hordes. IndenlUred servants, some pressed info service by force. also worked on the plantations. Many tried to run away on pirate ships.

St. Paul's Chur(;n: This Anglican church was often empty. Port iRoyal citizens praetlceda great deal of religious tolerance unlil the crackdownon Ihe

mestly Calholic plratru;. by the Anglican governors beginning in the 1.6805.

Taverns: Many Port Royal households earned extra income by doubling as small pubs or renring rooms. The larger taverns had separate establishments under one roof For different classes. Loca.lly produced beer and rum were cheap; European whiskies popular WiTh the upper crust were nat. Well k.nown taverns included: The Black Dogg. The Blue Anchor, The Cheshire Cheese, The Green Dragon. The King's Arm, and The Sign of the Mermaid. Same taverns also ran gambling dens, brothels, and tnns; but These were also found as separate businesses.

TUNle Crawles: Here, rurtlers enclosed giant sea turtles in a foot of water after capture. When they reached il good size or when many ships arrived in Port Royal, the turtles were ~Qld at the nearby fish market.. Many establishmenrs served rurrle srew daily.

Ships AllOt

There were more ships salling berween Europe and the Caribbean than just piraTes in the 1600'S. Here are some of the other Types of vessels a parry mighT eneeumer on the seven seas.

Merchant and Government Ships:

Dutch and Spanish galleons sailed in




f1lll'l Ccrlblt

/' toKlnp01l



58 April 2004

err1" GaCdCTl .-.\l11l.J" OJ'PaI1f1I1111 lIy The centerpiece or the ciry's main ~,hedral, the golden allar Slands ~8 feef fall, Cast m hollow gold. II creature lhal lies upon II heals 1 hp per hour. If someone chanls I he sec n: t prayers (known on II' 10 the monks rita I pr<ltetl the alt ar. ror 24 hours) anyone resllng upon 1M altar for thaI pcrlod I arr cered by remove dIsease.

Rltmars s.Jy ihar, Its milt,call!bjl ties asid . the altar 15 worth as much as 1.000.000 pieces of e,ghl. Those who know of ils holy PQWer5 re"I'le thaI the

1rar. along wnh a menk who knows II secret pray rs, make il virtually priceless.

Faint conlulillron; CL 51h; CraFT Wondrous hem, cure mmor wounds, remove dtsease; Price 7.600 gp; Weight 2/).000Ibs.

deep waler whereas smaller sloops were more maneuverable and could sail in shallow water. Port Royal privateers initially could only take Spanish ships legally, bUI during rhe Durch Wars, Dutch ships could also be taken wirhout reprisals. However, many Port Royal ships carried Dutch sailors who refused to attack their own countrymen.

Military Ships: Most countries floated frigates. large. fast shipS carrying 5-30 cannons and around 100 sailors, A few privateers captained frigates. but most made do wilh smaUer ships like brlg~l'\lines, pinks. and barques, which held around So crewmen and .5 cannons.

By 1661. the Spamsh Navy had such a small number of warships rhat if could not defeat England. Thus, battles 10 recapture Port Royal came only in the early years. between 1655 to 1660. Pirate and privateer ships provided the main defenses. since no permanent EngUsh warships patrolled Port Royal regularly unlil,68S. Two Brfrish war~ ships, the HMS Guernsey and HMS Swan were docked in the. harbor on the day of the earthquake.

The Treasure Fleet of Spain: The best prize of all. the Spanish Silver Fleet, picked up treasure at fortified pons along the coast starting in Venezuela. After wintering In Carregena. Acapulco, and Veracruz, all fhe ships gathered In Havana before sailing for Spain. Between hurricanes. reefs, plrates. and the English Royal Navy. not many ships ever

reached Spain. Arter no ships made it home in both 1656 and 1657. the Spanish abandoned regular shipments. From then on their schedule varied:

Some years no ships sailed. at other tlrnes the entire fleer sailed Together. and sometimes galleons went Indi,vidually. Rumors of rhe fleer's whereabouts consrantly clrculated in Port Royal. although accurate details could often be bought in Spanish colonies.

9"0rls to ~rundCl" al1d~maf:le

The larger Spanish and Dutch port cities had enough fortifications to persuade all but the mOSI fool-hearty pirates to avoid them. Only the commander of a fleer like the Port Royal privateers could hope to succeed at raking such prizes. Their shore batteries had larger cannons than mosr small vessels could carry. Their sll:e enabled them to shoot greater distances, so a typical shore batt-ery could fire Three rounds before attackers were able to start fighting back. Several galleons in port, loaded with their own cannons, would also fire Ilgainst raiders. Very few pirates tried to take any port From the unwalled Jungle side because of

the work involved in clearing II sizeable path.

Coro, Venezuela: In 16S9, Capratn Myngs and his crew seized 22 chests with 400 pounds of sliver. valued al 1.500,000 pieces of eight. from Coro. They also made off with a great deal of jewelry and cacao beans, Both Myngs and the governor took more than Ineir share from of the booty. and then

each accused the other of being a thief.

Portobelo, Panama: In June 1668. 400 men under the command of Captain Morgan managed

to capture this major port rown. Using

nuns and Friars as human shields, Morgan attempted TO rake advantage of Spanish piety-unsuccessfully_ The gov-

ernor not only shot the clergy In an ---

attempt to stop the pirares, he blew up the town fort with himself and the garrison inside rather than see it captured. The looted treasure included 2S0,000 pieces of eight, 3QQ slaves, and ware-

houses stuffed wirh rrade goods.

Panama City, Panama: Now infamous in Port Royal for taking Portobelo. Caplain Morgan easny recruned around 2,000 crewmembers and the necessary ships to rrensport Them. He set his Sights on the very rich and well fortified Panama City. Arriving on December 19, 1670, the creW bullr la-rge canoes 10 take them up Ihe Chagres River infO the city. On January g, 1671, 1,400 men in 36 canoes started up the river.

The Spanish used a variety of tricks _ and defenses against Morgan and his pirates. first. a fonified castle guarded the Chagres River; it took 500 men to overrun it and gave the city rime to evacuate irs riches. Second, !III food was removed a10ng the riverbank, forCing Morgan's unprepared pirates to eat their leather shoes. Third, a galleon fled the

city via rhe GulF of Mexico, saving


The mafO.-ity of this article presents ptIces in piece; or eighl. lhe mOST common eumllcy Circulated ,II and around Port Royal during the 1600'S. Spanish minted. a pece of elgin was a SOfl, silver CO<I1 mar could be physically CUI infO eight parts (pieces of e,ght). ~Iklwlng easy change making and diVision of wealth. Several Olner rypes of COin were also minted In this period and Clrculim:d Ihrougl1oul 100 Caribbean. lhe most famo~ of these being 100 doubloon. for use of COmitt'lllOI'l Il'ItO II St3t1di1m otno ~my, 00!'IS\d!!T \ doubloon equill tQ I gpo Thus. pny val ue In pieces of eight can be di vlded by 16 to determine ~$ gp val ue. Below are several other Iypes of Sp<ln sh currency common 10 Pon RoylIl at tile period and their values.

EqwVlIlenl EquiVlllenl Equivalenl Equivllient
Coin Doubloon E5cudoe P"{l!CfI of Eight Reale
Doubloon 8 16 128
Esc.udge 1/8 2 16
Piece of Eight 1;'6 1/2 8
Reale 1/128 1/16 1/8 www.pal?o_com/dragon 59

5,000,000 pieces of e(ghr. fOlIl"tn. 'ne Spanisn creareda cattle stampede. fifth. 600 cavalry, 2100 infantry, and several large cannons fired vpon tne oncoming invaders. Sixtn, il monk painted the Golden Altar (see the The Golden Altar of Panama City sidebar) of rhe cathedral white, which fooled the pirates, lastly, the president set fire 10 the town. destroying many warehouses. Even with

the 200 warehouses desrrcved and despite their loss~, ttl. e ex~diMn amed 750,000 pieces of eight by ransoming prisoners.

~i'\)itfe IfIf <Dooty

Ca,ribbean pirates would draw up a

"code of conduct" before sailing that included share division. Returning 10 port, injured pirates received recompense (~ol' example, SOD pieces of eight for a lost limb). The PorI Rayal governmenl also received 10% of :their privateers' spoils. Once these obligations were met. the crew received their payment depending on how many shares they were entilled 10. for instance, a sailor with, share In a crew of 100 would receive 1/lOoln of the remainingl1'easure. Good hauls paid our 1,000 pteces of eight per share and alrilly stunning haul ga .... e 4.000 pieces of eight per share,

A!'VCI11ure CHocks

Piratical adventuring doesn't need to be justwendering the sea-lanes and preying upon every merchant vessel that comes in sight (alThough Ihal can be a big part). Here are 8. variety of adventure ideas and options to make me most of any plrare-rhemed game,

Cheating Pirates: Henry Morgan receives 750,000 pieces of eight by I"3nsoming the citizens of Panama City, Rather than share rhe wealth, he cheats tbe other pirates by hiding il somewhere in Port .Royal. Adventurers need to track down both Morgan (for pirate justice) and rhe Treasure.

Earthquake: 'ivlid-day on June 7, ,692 rhe earth roils. Port Royal's sandy base liquine::;, capTuring some people in quicksand and sucking them down. Buildings crash, Soon, a tidal wave comes through, killing even more peop!e .. If rhe PCs survive, they must choose to 1001, help The survlvors, or do nothing.

C=>"".cting-Governor White attempts TO restore order, He especially needs clerks to tend ihe wounded. lighters TO stop the looting, and sp-ellcasters who can

60 April 2004

calm the earth tremors, which continue for some time. Sharks make underwarer rescue hazardous. Also, food prices rise aSlronomically. and most medicine and spell components are Impossible 10 find. Anyone who can bring Ihese in qUickly would make a fortune in price gouging or be declared a hero if they give them ro the needy.

Indian Curse: A pirate reports seeing Indian canoes in the harbor, but all rile lndlans are dead. Soon after, me pirate dies .. and the legend of the ilndian curse is born. :More people see the canoes, and all of them die, 100. Can the adventurersIay the curse 10 rest?

Privateers Banned: The Jameican Governor annuls 'Ihe Letters of Marqu.e. and cracks down on pll'8cy, If the pes accept rheking's pardon, Ihe Govern.or hires them to track dawn anyone who remains a pirate. Those who arent hired can still work as privateers for the Governor. Lawful privateers could hook up with merchants in the city to try to overturn the ban and retain the wealthy lifestyle they have come re enjoy. If the PCs keep raiding, the Go v ernor's bounty hunters go after them

Spanish Showdown: In 1655, Ihe Spanish guerrllla leader Ysassi unites rhe Spanish refugees. However, he needs more muscle if he hopes re retake Port Royal. Spies are needed. too, to figure OUI rhe town's defenses. Capturing a Port Royal pirate capt"in for more information would also be highly rewarded. Ad'venlurerscan in guerrilla warfare and lake part In the more organized expeditions of 1657-1660.

eta!" Your ampaifJ"

• OfFer your players English terrers of Marquee. If rhey accept, Port Royal becomes their de'facto base for adventures in the Caribbean. Not only will thls bring them intcconiact with other famous pirates, it could make them rivals for the same treasures. resources. and title as "Most feared Pirate In the Carjhbean"

• lnrroduce the pollnes of legitimized' piracy, In the great game of court and international politics, poliTicians abroad and nobles at home can easily influence national policies through the raids and threatof privateers. While tnis mainly entails raiding OTher nations' ships, a case of mistaken .ldenttty (or narionalfry) at sea could nave far-reaching tnrerna-

SI!'III1161F1c pU'IiIIJr mood'

The followlllg ldees COil help you seT the pl"Opel' mood for plunder and booly.

• Talk hke a pita Ie-- Arxhl

• View PiTiJle<; ()f Ihe C;nibbe8n 01" other pltale movie to kltk. off your campaign.

• Dflnk some Blue Mo unr a I n Coffee from rile Jamaican hills.

• If VOIl r chsracrers have a ship. make sure il has Q 1\ appropria I ely plranc al flag. o PI rare hars alld patches are a must, Wooden appendages 3J1d hoob are: good 100, bu1 nat If you need 10 loose a 11mb [0 use them effe:c.I",e!'1.

• Try walking rhe plank. A SWImming pool and d !VITIg boa rd work lu::s I fC)r trus..

,. Pirates were kMWD ror HMllr drullken revels. See whaT )100 can get away With.

, Thereare kJI'5 Q r good prrate SOI'lg5. T I')' fTndilig a CD wllh some, and play It ill your n.ext session, or try 10 gel the whole group 10 Sing alOfig two rks best wilh !he suggeslion a 00.. ell

, PII'8t~ :>aIled the world over. A pile of eeleenc ,1001 III B velY game sesslcn Clluki de a 101 10 Sl!1 the mood.

, Try a ~~aveng'!l' hunt or make a map \¥llh rea! burled or hidden I rW1J1lI a I rh e er.d. The more ex ITilvilganl 1 he map (an d the rreas ure) 1he belter.

, Buy II p8I'TOI.

tiona! repercusalons,

• After a night of reveling or when tney are in dire need of healing, the charscrersare press-gangedonfo a, privateering vessel .. While on board they must

run the gambIt between sabotaging their "captors," trying to escape, aiding their shipmates in battles, and making sure the ship srays afloat.

• Have the players in Port Royal as the government begins ro go legitimate and puts an end 10 privaleerlng. Afler spending years loolmg and pillaging within the bounds of the law, what does the party do when their largest resource and ally demands rhey put an end to their adventures?ID

me distant past, you don', n use of them In your campaign .JOI~ot'

reg-IOnS of the world or forgo ory.

Giganotosauruses can stalk 'he ~ of a kingdom's border, just as do manriQiDl:'eS and dragons. Pteranodons can be captut'ed..ct trained as aerial guardians for an elven fortress. An evil lIeh might have an undead co~nathus familiar instead of a skeletal bat. That portal to the Abyss might disgorge half-fiend stegosauruses and fiendish dimetrodQnS as easily as more classic demons and deVl1s. Also, in the new world of E.8ERRON, dinosaurs 81"e more than just monsters, and they play an integral role in The day-to-day lives of certain SOCieties.

I'IR THE PRESERUEH 1(, [Qreater De!ty): Lawful Good; Domains: GeM, i<nowledgt!. Law, &illykmd {from FOROOTTrN RrAJ.MS C1mpilJ,fn $efflrttfr. Portfoho:

Dlnosoul"S, ItZBrdrolk. preservauon of dym,g races and cultures; Symbol:

OIl1O$.1tir claw holtling a bod..


Children of Ka (minor): AL NG; 1.759 gp resource hml.; Membership 82: 1S4llaled UlLardfolk 66. dmosaur 14. numan al Aurhonly Figures: Saroo (fema~ lizard Folk Dro ,o/Rog 3)

!mpo",nr Characters: S~iIllfemale awakened triceratops Ord 6-chief herds prot"ctor}. Pnales (male human Rgr 7-h~ intlltrator); Thon (male litardfolk Ort! 2/ROg r-compamen 10 Pnalesl.

Orll_: ExcluSiVe; Ord 3. Ord I (3~>' Agr 3. Rg.r \ (21. Rog \, Bbn I.

Ba5e Aftac;k
level HD Bonus Fort Ref Wil Skitb CR Spel:ial
IdB +0 +0 +2 +0 (2 + Inl) )( " 1/2 Feat. racial skills +2. 2 claws
,d'l. bile ,d4. +I natural armor
2 ,d8 "0 +0 +2 +0 0 SIT +2. +3 ",!I\lral armor
2d8 .. , +0 +3 +0 2 + Int Raelal slIlils +4, +5 natural SHORT sroRlfS (IN CHRONOLOGICAL. ORDER) "Tbeodoras Ladder: DIIAaaN '30B

"Pilgnm's Tesl:DR.100N .. :i!l14

''The Tomb," D«AOOIV iii 96

"Chalice Of Life: n., U!pt:r'5H~nd," DfiAOOIV "314 "Chalice of Lre: Hocall:'s Ring," Dil.4GC.W '316 ''Cl\illite of life; The KaUFs Coffin," ~ 1318

PREVIOUS WORKS BY THOMAS HARLAN ''Siams In tile ElII'ih: Srrai1Jle"$ InS!:lb1t:hr:m; DIwJaot ~~ (Jun ,"01) "MystI!l'IOIlS Wa~s: Dt.NJEoN f86lMay/Jun 2001)


Seel:JrI,Ii 11.1 prtV1!n1 I he desp.cable Ismailil from co!ll!cllng 1he r"'gnII!n" of 00 DlKlern Naba rean relic !mown as the ChalICe of Ufe. I'Llroid Godwmson, ~i Poor Kn IghTo;l 1 he Temple of Solomon, and !he- croltM!y old nun, TheodQIOt t!'3Cked the Ring of HIX-illc 10 Canslan lloople end the house of Thoro5 or Edessa. The e><i!ed prmce ""'5 dead, ilnd hrs da~ler, Arde, mmmg <imid mysrerlCllS aTC.umSlal\l:llS. Na"" chased by Impertll

"'llclt-hunlers., our hel'QeS ~re seeting Arda and her unsullilble lover among the Princely blar>ds, , . ,

76 April 2004

by Thomas Harlan Illustrated by Eric Polak

The Chalice of Life #3


The sound of water lapping

againsJ rocks carried across the water, and Harold Godwlnson slowed ihe stroke of his oars. letling the old nun Theodora peer ahead in the gloom, searching for somewhere to put ashore on the low, dark island. The servant girl Ki3 crouched at her side, miserable and wet, face hidden by tangled black hair. She had not fared well this day: employers murdered, position lost, dragged here and there by a great brute of a barbarian ... looking over his shoulder, The young Saxon could see scattered lights-disrant windows, lamps hanging in the

pines, the outlines of rich houses-but no dock or quay.

Somewhere on T1ight-shiouded Buyukada, the wayward Queen Arda and her lraltan lover lay hidden. fleeing Imperial. justice.

JUST as we are, the Saxon knighT realized with a twinge. They flee. and we chase and are chased in tum .... WhaT a stranlfe turn of fate. Afl for a shard of a cup ...

The thought of Hecate's Ring-as prince Thoros had named the broken bit of azure glass set into a heavy band of bronze ring on the Queen's fingerturned Harold's thoughts 10 himself,

and his stomach twisted into a hot, painful knot, The disc hidden beneath his breastplate on a leather thong seemed to burn against his-chest and he Imagined-just for an lnsrant+a queer, loathsome sapphire radiance shining forth between the overlapping lozenges of his armor.

"Where do we put in?" the Saxon asked, keeping his voice low. Theodora did not answer, her face impassive. thoughts miles away. "little bird?"

"He looked so old." the nun said, appalled. "His hair was as white as mine!" Theodora looked up at Harold, face seamed and wrinkled in the fight of<lgon 77

the fisherman's lamp. "How did such a thing happen?"

The young knight shook his head, trying to focus on rhe moment "Days pass, milady. Time leaves no one untouched. YOu knew him ... before?"

Theodora nodded. sfT9ightening her shoulders. "like Arda and her young Davtde, we dallied when I was first at Court, bur our roles were reversed. He was the scion of a wealthy family with noble blood. and I was JUST a girl from the countryside. It could not last, particularly when Marrhias ...

when he gained a posttion In the Offlce of rhe Unclean Ar-ts." r~

"Those are rhe ' Th fI

Witch ey eel

Hunters?" I and we chase

Harold bit his d

lip, rem em- and are chase

bering a ' t Wh t

half-seen In urn.... a a

flame f1icker- strange turn of fate.

~~~ ~~~~n~f All for a shard

Prince Thoro's townhouse. "Did he know?"

Theodora shook her head abruptly. forcing her-

self to draw the packet of letters

out of her robe and shuffle through them. "No." she muttered under her breath. "I wanted him to think well of me. even when I was gone:'

"Yes," Harold said. trying to keep his voice light, "and what an excellent reunion you've bad. He won'f forget such a glad welcomel"

"Matthias swims like a dolphin!" Her lips twisted in amusement "I hope the bruise lingers. That will remind him to stay out of my business! Now ... Arda wrote 'two tall lamps under linden trees hard upon the shore,' We should be able to-there they arel"

Harold put more muscle into the oars and the skiff glided into a sheltered cove. Theodora and Kla stood

unsteadily and reached out to seize the mooring ropes.

Of a CUp.


Breakers surged out of the darkness. shining With foam. and crashed onto a narrow beach cluttered wtrh gravel. rocks. and scattered fishing boats. Above the strand, a vast wall rose into

darkness, fitfully illuminated by torches and lanterns on the watchtowers. Men crowded The battlements, both civilians in their bright cloaks and robes and the Emperor's soldiers. all drawn out to watch rhe commotion below.

"Steady! Steady as she goesl"

In the surf, a dripping-wet officer of the Varangian Guard was shouting orders at his men as a two-banked galley maneuvered toward shore. Oars raised out of the water, sailors in linen breechclours and red-bearded Russ

buccelari crowded against the delicate hull as the ship slipped forward on the waves. With a crunch, the sleek

keel ran aground and the officer. his white beard slicked against

a breastplate of worked, shining iron, raised a com-

manding hand.

"Oangway!" The captain of the harbor-patrol galley leaned over the side, Face right with worry at the

lively sea pressing and prying at his delicate ship, and the deck crew lowered a wooden gangplank down into the surf.

"Nothing between here and the Princely Islands." Tylos shook his head, watching with growing distress as the Varanglans and witch-finders continued to pile aboard. The light galley shifted uneasily under his feet, unbalanced by the unexpected weight. "Beyond them, who could possibly tell in the dark? Now-"

"The Princely ... " Mathias' face hardened, lips thinning into a grimacelike smile. "Thoros rents a house on Buyukada. belo ..... Sf. George's monastery ... " He spun back. to Tylos. "Oars 10 water, captain, oars to water!"

I _ •• 'P

At Ihe top of a flight of marble steps, a path led away into darkness, winding between vine-covered walls and halfseen garden buildings_ lhe air was heavy with the warm, close scent of jasmine. roses. and pine resin. Lifting the lantern from its hook. Theodora paused. looking back at Harold and Kia.

"Tread W<!rily now," she said. ''We are hunting nervous prey. Our two lovers will be near mindless with fear and dread." The nun tilled her head at the servant girl. "Your master and mlstress are dead, Kia, and if I am not mistaken, this young ITalian is The cause."

The girl stiffened, raIsing her shaking hands to her mouth. "They . . . they were ... murdered?"

"An accident, more like:' Theodora's voice was uncommonly gentle. "Bur even miscnanced death bears heavy on The Innocenr, and Que.en Arda w.itl be twic:e-desolate now, abandoned firsT by King Baldwin and now bereft of her family, I fear these 'two have been meddling-what is it?"

Harold's head had lifted like a nunring hound. his body lensing. "I hear someone crYing."

"ThaI," Theodora sighed in exasperation. "will be Them."

The walkway they took twisted Through artfully conrrived grottoes and overhanging bowers. and Then rhe windows of an exceptionally large boathouse were shining in the darkness, waxed lambskin glowing warm wirh lamplight. Harold stole up to the entryWfJy. bOOTS crunching softly on a graveled path. He paused, checking TO see if Kia and Theodora were dose behind.

Then he softly drew his blade and pushed open the door.

• •

"Aboard. you lot," Mathias shouted. striding up the boarding ramp, his wiry old hand tmmedlarely grasping a

I corded rope and swinging him over

the railing onto the fighting deck of the oasisko. A good twenty of his men swarmed after him, black tabards swallowing the light of bonfires burning on the shore. Golden crosses blazed on helm and shield alike. "Captain T ylos, well me'! Did you spy a fishing skiff on your approach-one with three people aboard. a man and two women?"

"I did not! Only your signal fires and the drum Signal from the lower of Septimus. What is going on?"

"Damn," Mathias growled, turning on his heel, weathered old face pinched. HIS eyes swept the dark horizon. broken only here and there by twinkling lighrs and the glow of Chalcedon far in the distance. "Where could they be bound? It must be dose. Captain, are there any merchanrmen lying close off-shore for Ihe night?"



Theodora peered past the Saxon's massive brcep and saw, as she had feared, a depressmgly handsome young man with wavy, shining black hair and even features standing at lhe edge of a loading dock, clothes rumpled, his long face pinched with horror. A woman. a younger woman than she had expected, was crumpled ar his feet, white hands tWisted in his, her grieving voice carryIng clearly to the three intruders watching from The doorway.

"Please, my love," Arda choked, trying 10 keep from wailing. "You mus! present yourself TO the aUThorities. There are honest Judges in the city. The Emperor is merciful! He can overrule the Church. give you life-"

"That is impossible:' Davide declared. his own voice thick with emotion. "I am a fiend, a man without hope, now anathema to rhe Church and to every man or woman who hopes for God's grace!" The young man's fun lips trembled, tears streaming doYlTl unblemished cheeks. "My crime admits nothing but death a1 rhe hands of the Church. death by fire. or by red-hOT irons rhrust mto my body! Even you must tum your dear face away. for-"

Harold started to edge forward. but Theodora dutche~ at his arm, pointing.

Beyond the ""'0 lovers-Arda had risen, pressing her lush body against Davide, weeping-a sleek, low-slung merchanrer was moored In the boathouse. Swarthy men in colorful pantaloons lowered a lang. coffin-like crate into the hold of The shtp. One of the sailors, a lall,lithe man with a springy step, brown chest half-revealed by a silken shfrf, approached Davide,

"My lord," the Arab said, his Greek melodious wirh a foreign accent, One that sounded familiar to Theodora's ear.

Yemeni, she thought, trying to remember where she'd heard the liquid tones before. Or the Aden ... some port on the Indian Sea?

"One of my lookouts," The sea-captain continued, "has sighted a. strange boar on the shore. IT is nOT safe to remain here. Please, bring the lady and we'll be away in haste."

Harold glanced down ar Theodora, who nodded sharply. stepping OUT to his left. stabbing her cane at the crewmen tying down the last of The crates, The Saxon tensed, waiting as the

nun spoke.


The young knight Shook his head.

"Days pass, milady.

Time leaves no one untouched."

A brilliant Rare of pure white light erupted from the cane. Half a breath later, Harold charged forward, swinging Wurmbiter in a short, sharp arc at the Arab's head.

Theodora darted left, lunging for the Queen.

Shouts rang out from the blinded crewmen. Davide yelped like a cat caught between the grinding wheels of a mill and bolted out of Harold's way.

The Arab spun, unaffected by the flare, and met Harold's stroke wlrh a flashing, curved scimitar In a ringing clang which smote rhe ear. The man grinned, showing perfect, even reerh in a face tanned dark by years under brilliantsoulhern skies.

"We" struck," the Arab shouted, thrOWing Harold back with a quick flex of his arms. The Saxon goggled-he'd rarely met a man who could match him, strength for srrengrh-and then ducked wildly as the sea-captain stamped in, Throwing a blindingly fast slash at his head. The Arab scimitar didn't have the length of a European longsword. but rhe sailor's arms were lean and long enough to make up the difference. Wurmbrter rang. blocking another blow. and then Harold was !}arrying and cutting with aU The

speed he could muster.

The Arab captain laughed, his face glowing with delight. seemingly transported by the brisk play

of blade on

blade, steel singing in counterpoint,

and the Saxon gave ground,

stumbling back

over a coil of

rope, trying to catch his breath.

"Don't run, dear friend," the Arab called, bounding past

Harold, curring him oFf from the doorway To the garden lane. The man spun, gesturing with his blade, and then darted in, nearly catching the young knight by surprise. and Threw a wicked CUT at his neck. Harold felt his muscles spring to life, and the elf-steel blade interposed with a ringing tiiing! A clammy hot feeling Hooded his chest, suffUSing his arms, and the Saxon

charged abruptly, smashing back the sclmlrar and making the Arab captain exert himself.

For a moment, the darkly tanned face stilled, laughter fleeing. and the Arab hurled himself to the Side, barely avoiding haVing his arm cloven from shoulder. and rolled across The planks. Then, as Harold swung round-breath harsh-and Wurmbirer lashed down, shattering salt-stained wood. The Arab sprang Up again, light as ever. The scimitar snaked In, sliCing at the knight's knee, but the Saxon blocked and blocked again; then he hacked wildly, parting air where the man's head had been only an instant before.

Christ and Saint Michael. Harold thought, dazed by rhe speed of the exchange, won't he ever fire?

Theodora grappled with the distraught Queen, finding the woman well-muscled beneath the luxurious gown and ropes of pearls and beads around her neck. Arda was wailing In dismay, punching at The nun's face with all her might.

"You'll be safe," Theodora gasped. trying to pin the Queen's arms, "with us, you silly cow,"

"Nooo! Davide, help mel" The woman walled. bUI The nvn managed To wrench Arda's arms back and then dragged her away from the fight.

Kia was standmg In a halfopen door on The f;alt side of the dock, beckoning Theodora and the Queen

to safety.

laughing, the Arab dodged an overhead blow and lunged, the tip

of his scimitar scoring

the scale-armor under Harold's Tunic. The Saxon fell back, blocking Vigorously, feeling his arms bum with the effort of fending off the quicksilver speed of the sea captain. His boots slipped on oily decking and

the Arab flourished at the Saxon's eyes, making Harold throw himself

To the side, and then the scimitar hewed down, catching the young knight's shoulder.

Iron scales buckled under the blow, tearing through leather and cloth, Harold gasped In pain. blood streaming from split flesh. He surged up, whirling Wurmbiter in a dizzying slash. and rhe Arab deftly parried the blow, his blade light as a feather.

"Hal" The sea-captain stepped nearly in, cracked the pommel of his sword down on Harold's wrist and then slashed backhanded. smashing armored links and scale Into the Saxon's chest. Wurmbiter clattered 10 the floor from nerveless fingers, and the Saxon hit the deck hard.

"You've promise, golden-hair," the Arab said, face radiant with delight. The point of his sCimitar IOOgeda1 Harold's throat, blood welling around the point. "Had Allah the Mercifiul and Beneficent seen Fit to grant you another hour of liFe ... well, you might have learned some skill-"

A horn sounded, belling in the air like a mournful hound.

The Arab cepraln looked up, his lean face shadowed with concern. The lambskin windows glowing white with the 'light of approaching larches. More horns followed, punctuated by several shouted commands.

The sea captain looked

down, caught Harold's eye and grinned. "Allah is merciful!"

A dagger appeared in his hand, and the Arab flicked the weapon er the lamp illuminating the loading dock. There

was a crash,

rhe shattering

sound of broken


pottery. and everyThing was plunged into darkness.

In a few moments, a pale gleam spilled across the floor and washed over Harold's Face. The Saxon levered himself up, throat smeared crimson. He groped on the floor for Wurmb1ter and saw the stern of the Arab merchanter slipping out into the darkness, The crewmen laboring at her sweeps, the ral! captain snovmg with a long pole.

Harold snarled TO see his enemy disappear into the night, bUI at the same


- ---


time a tight band of fear eased around his heart. All me Saints preserve me from crOSSing such a swift viper again!

"Get up," Theodora whispered. cane glowing in her hand. "We've got to gel out of here. The Witch-humers are ourstde,"

"I see why you are afraid," the Saxon said bitterly, staring pointedly ar the unnatural glow.

"Laterl" Theodora growled, dragging at his arm. "We've got to get the boy and the woman out before they trap us in here."

Harold nodded, swung up to his feet, and limped around fa the end of rhe dock. The nun followed. one hand clasped around the head of the cane to hide rhe light, fingers glowing red. There was a squeaking sound as The Saxon reached down behind a barrel to drag out the Italian.

"YOU'll be coming with us now," Harold hissed, feeling his limbs trembling with adrenaline.

Davide STared at the two of them, snuffled, and then looked around morosely. "Where ... is my beloved?"

"She's waitin,g outside with Kia. you stupid git," Theodora said angrily, prodding him with her cane. "Move!"

The horns had fallen silent, although the wooded slope above 'he boathouse was filled with the sound of men crashing through the brush, as Harold slipped through the far door and padded along another path. "Kia? Your


Theodora pushed Davide ahead of her, casting about in the darkness for the servant girl and the

Queen. Neither were where sne'd leh Them. "What now?" She grumbled, riskinga ~nger's ,;,tidth of light from the cane. Ah .. _

A parr of Thessalian sandals poked out from behind a bush. Theodora stepped around and found Arda sprawled in a bed of gardenias. Davide pushed past and stopped, horrified.

The beautful young girl who had given Theodora such !I struggle was

gone. leaving a middle-aged woman with a double-chin, graying hair, and flabby arms. The young Italian put

a hand 10 his mouth. "Saint Bonaventure save usl She's been afflicted by a curse!"

"Oh please," Theodora muttered, kneeling beside the unconscious woman. "As if your first act upon realizing you had the power wasn't to clear up your spotty complexion!"

The nun ran her fingers lightly over Arda's neck and arms, and then exammed her hands. The right rIng finger was bruised and fuming purple.

Theodora fixed Davlde with a fierce stare, "She wore a ring?"

"Yes:' the young man said, his voice steadying. "Yes, a beautiful bur irregular blue stone with the mOST penerratlng light ... ."

"That's it," Harold said grimly, leaning over The Italian, fingers covering the wound at his neck.. "Someone's been following us, again."

"Where did she get the jewel?"

Theodora asked as she dug a phlal out of her robes. "From her father?"

''Yes,'' Iheltalian said, watching his lover's pudgy nose twilch as a pungent smell wafted under her nostrils.

"Master Thoros called if 'Hecate's Ring: a token of his love for her."

Before Theodora could reply. there was a crashing sound as soldiers burst into the boathouse behind them.

"To the beach," Theodora whispered, helping a groggy Arda stand. "We'll double back to our boat."

A high hedge stood' between rhem and the shore. but Harold forced a way open and then held back the branches so Theodora and Davide could help the Queen through. Arda clutched desperately at the Italian's arm, which seemed to make the young man very nervous. They had not exchanged a single word, but the desolate look on the QueeR'S face and the Italian's averted eyes were siory enQugh for Harold.

The Saxon turned, glancing down to make sure Wurmbiter was cinched in Irs sheath to his side, and caught the flare of torchlight on his belt-buckle. At his side, Theodora staggered to a hair, cursing under her breath. "Matthias. Damn him!"

The whtre-halred Imperial officer s1000 on Ihe sand, blade drawn, with tweruy Imperial bucellarf arrayed ar his back, long recurved bows drawn and

r;ron scales

I buckled under the blow, tearing through leather and cloth.

Harold gasped, blood streaming from split flesh.

. __ -

steady. Harold glanced left and righr, saw more torches approachlng, and marked the cool nerve of the armored men facing him. Gingerly, he lifted Wurmbiter's scabbard and dropped the blade onto the sand. The arrows gHnting in the torchlight remained fiKed upon his chest.

"Wise," Matthias barked, white eyebrows tighT over a fierce nose, His gaze was flxed on the old WQm!iIO, although Theodora did not seem to notice him ar all. Seawater was drippmg from the officer's stringy hair and seeping OuT of his armor in thin streams. "You are all under arrest, for crimes against Church and Slate alike:'

Theodora was dragged Into the aft cabin of a two-banked Imperial galley and pitched unceremoniously onto the deck. The bucellaril were not gentle men, and the nun was swearing, back twitching In anticipation of a knife slipping between her ribs. MaTThias

was wailing, arms crossed, in a pool of seawater. In the lantern-light, his craggy, age-weathered face seemed hewn from granite.

"This is why you disappeared," he rasped. "No farewell note, no anguished parting where we vowed eternal fidelity. Nothing."

The old woman let her shoulders slump. face hidden. For a moment Theodora caught her breath. trying10 ignore the bitterness in Matthias' voice. "Yes," she said softly. "You were already sworn to the Church. I would not make you chcese-"

"A matter;" he said, abruprly.fnterruptlng her, "only delayed."

"By fhirty years," she said, starting 10 feel angry nnher than exhausted and defeated. "You've no choice now, either. Events are in motion which must be stopped, and your ship is a godsend-"

"My ship?" Matthias straightened up. armor clinking weTly. He was openly disgusted. "You're consorting with spies, barbarians, and witches-you yourself are under suspicion! My ship will be taking us back 10 the City as qUickly as possible and you ... you will be ... "

He stopped. sraring hopelessly at

her. Theodora felt her heart tum over queasily. " is nor possible, she thought bitterly. that he would stiff feel iJnything for me after so long, after I abandoned him. If is nor possible.

"You will be turned over to the Church." Matthias said, voice anguished.

- ---

IIG ran d moth erl" Matth iaslooked

askance at the nun, "What kind of

'Tried and put to death if ... if you are a witcn like rhe others:'

"Witches?" The nun levered herself up and sar back on her heels. "They're children! Even Arda, who was once a Queen in Jerusalem. I have more pressing problems than two idiots who chanced onto power and so thorol.lghly ruined their lives as a resultl Did

your men see The Arab ship moored in the boathouse?"

"An Arab

ship?" Matthias paused, a sharp light coming info

his eyes. "A low. sleek

dhow-a kind

rarely seen in

the Inner Sea?

Dark sails and

an able crew?"

"Yes," Theodora nodded sharply, feel-

Ing the air charge slowly

with exciTed 1ens\on. "Do you

know her captain? A tall Yemeni rascal with bllndlngly quick hands ... "

"Sadir al-Sur," Matlhis said wIth a rueful chuckle. "Smuggler, pirate, agent of the kallfate. NOT the Fatamids, oh no, but Their rivals In Baghdad. Yes, I know him. He is high on the list of men I would see dead:' He Frowned. "You've laid eyes on him yourself?"

"He was in the boatshedl' Theodora hissed in disgust. "We tried to stop him but he handled rhe Saxon like a side of beef and was gone before l could try and overcome him myselfl Will you cut these bonds? They chafe."

Matthias raised an eyebrow and shook his head. "What was the notorious AI-Sur doing in these waters?"

"Retrieving a coffin," Theodora snapped. "Get The Italian and Queen Arda In here. and we'll have rhe whole STory out of them in six breaths."

"Hmm," .Matthias stared ar her fO·j

a long moment. "You held the door at The Armenian's house closed against us by ... sorcery? You, yourself?"

"Am I in court now?" Theodora glared at the white-haired man. "Yes, of course I did. I guessed you were hunting for the Italian, but t COUldn't let you catch me instead. Time was pressing"

"Why?" Matthias knelt, staring at her eye to eye. "Why do you care iF some

destitute Armenian merchant is trafficking in the dark arts and ",irh agenTS of the ka Ii fate ?"

"Because," Theodora hissed, almost spirting at him, "I am an agent of the Office of Barbarlans, you idiot. I'm not hunting Sadir; I'm hunting his master who was here and is getting away!"

His .. : MaTThias snorted, then looked at her sharply. "You have proof?"

"Of what?"

"That you are an Imperial agent!" "let me loose and I'll give you all the proof you need," she growled. Matthias laughed a low, heartfelt chuckle, and Theodora felt suddenly, terribly sad. One thing hasn 'f Changed. she lamented. remembering a certain bower, heavy bl'ooms brushing their hair in the dark, In high summer. wilh men and women singing not far aw,,), JI c he gentle sound of lutes and mandolin:. tilling The air.

"l'rn sure you would." The Imperial officer stepped to the door and spoke ql)ietly ro The guard outside. "Your coconspirators wIll be brought to us." He frowned down al her. "Where have you been, Thea? I looked everywhere for you."

"I was in a convel'll:' she muttered, refUSing to look him in the eye.

"A convent?" Matthias was nonplussed. "You're a nun in orders now?"

"I'm not wearing black for my complexion," she hissed. "Stand me up!"

Matthias ignored the request The door opened and the two bucellarii shoved Harold Inside followed by Davids and Arda. Both looked Far WOf'se. in the better light. The Saxon was bound chest, arms, and throat. Theodora's lip twitched. The Italian had. somehow, grown alder in the past hour. His hllir W<lS not so sleek and shiny: his skin wrink.led. Is that a bit of a paunch over his belt? Oh ho, vanity, thy name is Dav;de. ...

"You are all charged with aiding enemies of rhe Stale," Matthias said in a severe voice. He stared pointedly ar

you in?"

convent were

www i O.C


was .

furious and

the hate burst tram me and ... and they were on fire, and then they were dead."

Queen Arda, who wilted even more. "And Trafficking in the dark arts:' He glared at Davide, making The Italian quiver. "And consorting WiTh proscribed wirches,"

Harold was not impressed, giving back

an equal glare. ~- •


shouldn't be ul

bound like that," he said angrily. "She's no Ihreat to you, Greek:'

"Grandmother!" Manhias

looked askance

at the nun. "What kind of convent

were you in?"

"He's not my blood," Theodora said, properly horrified at the thought. "I'd perish birthing the gid-child who could whelp something his size! The Saxon and I are ... We're working together,"

"He's an agent of the Office?"

Matthias's disbelief was plain. "A Frank?"

"I'm not French," Harold grumbled angrily, flexing his chest and arms, making rhe ropes groan. The two bucellarii <It the door stiffened in alarm. 'Tm a belted Saxon knight, spurs from the hand of King Baldwin himself, and a Knighf of the Temple of Solomon!"

"Really?" The Imperial officer sniffed.

"That means so much to me."

"Enough of this!" Theodora barked. ~Masler Davide, you've one solitary chance to keep from roasting on the 'witches' bed.' Tell rhe rerrarch how you and mistress Arda came to such a pass with her father:'

Davide swallowed, face congealing to fish-belly white and stared at last al Arda, who was hiding behind her hands. The bruise on her ring finger was very apparent.

"And qU'lckly," Theodora said,trying fa keep her temper in check.

"1 came 10 the City," the Italian began, voice cracking from nervousness. 'To learn the secrets of the East,

I had ... 1 have .•. a little bit of power, but I didn't know how to do more than play with a candle flame or change the colors of cloth or ... " He stopped. realizing Theodora was glaring

at him. "I saw Arda at Admiral Dukas' summer party and .. :' A bit of a smile broke through the fear in the man's face. "I was smlrren, She was so per-

Fectly beaUTiful. All I wanted was to be with her:'

At his side. Arda's shoulders drooped even further.

"So," Davide

straightened up a bit, "I used whar I could do to make myself more presentable, and I sent her letters, and she

agreed to meet me:' The Italian

turned to his mistress, a rueful smile on his face at last. "I took

great care wilh my appearance rhat day-I'm not perfect. And we walked in rhe park near the cistern of Apsar. Everything seemed beautiful thar day; the clear blue sky, the air i1self, flowers blooming in the trees. Emboldened, I dared ro show her a liny conjuration I'd devised: to make one rosebud seem as rwot"

Davide laughed bitterly, looking down at his bound hands. "It worked. But instead of two paltry petals, there were a hundred! A bouquet overflowing in my hands! I was stunned, and Arda, she was enchanred. And so we resolved 10 meet again."

"And we did," the Queen said, finding her voice at last. "Many times. He showed me so many wonders. I felt truly youngl All the pain and suffering of the past was washed away. And I discovered I could do little things 100 ••.• "

Davide nodded, raising his eyes 10 meet Marrhias's disproving glare and Theodora's somber. pensive look. "We didn't harm anyone! No thought of evil entered our hearts! We were jllst ... playing. There were no pacts with darkness involved'"

"Of course." Matthias said acidly.

"Everyone is mysteriously touched with power! lr's a positive miracle!"

Theodora sighed. drawing everyone's attention, "Master Davlde, I believe you. Buf there are two burnt bodies in the house of Thoros .. :'

A shadow filled Davide's race; Arda shuddered. wracked by silent weeping.

"They were Arda's mother and father, weren't they?" The nun's voice was implacable. "In the course of all this newly discovered [oy, you both became careless. You-" she slabbed a finger at Davida, "-went to lhe house to meet Arda, and by chance, Thoros was there too. In fact, he was agitated, telling Arda and her mother to pack their bags immediately. When you arrived. Arda ran to you and Thoros realized there was more between you than poHle friendship."

The Italian nodded, ashen faced. "He was furious! No one could understand why. He struck Arda and made to wrench a ring he'd gifted her from her hand. He was shouting and saying terrible fhings. I ... I tried 10 SlOp llim:' Davide rubbed his face with the back

of his hand. Theodora realized there was a dark bruise purpling across his jaw. "lnnerant students are no match for ex-soldiers, much less Armenian nobles who spent their lives fighring the Saracens on the Edessan frontier."

"He beat you," Theodora said. her voice grim, "and then you found Ihe new power could do more than make pretty bouquets and flultering birds in rhe mo()nlighf."

"No," Del/ide said, shaking his hand sadly. "He put me down WiTh one blow:'

Marrhias and Theodora looked at each other and then turned to Arda. The Queen's tear-streaked face was an impassive mask monied with eye-powder and pale ye.llow dust. She stared back. at them wilh Flinty, cold eyes.

"You?" Theodora said, liffing her chin.

"Pater would have killed Davide," Arda said quietly, her knuckles white. "I

was ... furious and the hare burst

from me and and they were on fire.

and then they were dead."

"So:' Manhias turned to Theodora.

"Murder by sorcery. Practicing illegal arts." His eyes narrowed. "Bur that does not explain you and your brawny Saxon in. the villa. What were you luoking for, dear Thea? Were you hunling !noros, as I have been? Or this Davide?"

"Neither," the nun said, eyes glittering.

"I waslookfng for the Queen, or more accurately, for-"

"Now, now," Harold interjected. giving Theodora a queUing look. "lts obvious

her ladyship doesn't know any1hingl"

The nun looked at Harold and gave him a tiny shake of her head. "Child,


------ -


we're not gertmg off this boat unless The retrarch believes me. We have to lell him the truth of the matter:'

"About what?" Matthias's lips settled into a Jhin line. "What are you stepping around so carefully?"

"We were trying to reach mlsrress Arda," Theodora said quietly, "before Sadir al-Sur's master found her and took the cause of all this trouble from her by force Or stealth:' The little old woman shook her head slowly in regret. "And we have failed. The Ismafi'i have the ring."

"The ring?" Matthtas looked from face to face, seeing Harold's dsspproval, Davide's perplexed expression, and Arda's involuntary glance at her bruised hand. "The one Thoros tried fa take back from his daughter?" The ImperIal officer slowly turned 10 Theodora. 'The ring mar gave this Italian fool real power?"

"Only _when he was wilh Arda," Theodora said gently. "He's harmless now, as she is. Without Hecate's Ring on her finger, all the moonbeams and fairy-lights and gossamer douds are daydreams once more."

A troubled look crept into Matthias' crauy features. "Who did you say had come by rhls trinket?"

"An Ismali'i agent," the nun said bitterly. "One who has tricked us before, who grows more bnlIen each time we meet! Hasan, grandson of the master of Alamut."

"Here?" Matthias bolted upright,

hand on his sword. "Hasan the Younger Is in Constantinople?"

"Yesl" Theodora snapped, finally lettins her anger blaze fQrrh unrstralned. "On the dhow you've ignored whlle it slips away in the nighT. heading for Egypt! You fool, if you'd just let us got"

Matthias' expression turned pale.

"What does Hasan want with this ring? I knew Thoros was in correspondence with Sadir, blJt not with the Ismall'i!"

Theodora made II sour face. "I'm not sure you'd believe me if I rold you:' She looked ar Harold, who shook his head very slowly, a desperate, pleading look in hiS eyes.

"Tell me," MaTThias's hand crept to the hilt of his sword and there was a soft rasp as me blade began to emerge from the sheath, "Do you have proof of Hasan's presence?"

"Will you believe?" Theodora said, more to herself than the Imperial offi-

cer, She shook her head in despair. Then she lifted her gaLe, staring at Arda's wan face. "What is that on your brow, mistress?"

"My brow?" The Queen looked puzlied. Matthias, raking the cue, stepped to her and brushed pale saffron dust from her forehead. He sniffed the powder, and his face lightened.

"POppy dust. One of their tricks .. :' "My lady," Theodora said, looking to Arda again, "did Sadir say where he was bound?"

"The citadel of Ascelon on the l.evantine coast. He was surprised father was not with us .. :'

Theodora turned to Matthias again.

"Thoros acquired something of immense value two years ago, but he didn't realize how valuable until he had fallen on hard times. Then he tried to auction the collection to make good

his debts, and the Ismali'i noticed him. One of the things he intended to sell was Hecate's Ring, but he'd already dispersed the other items they wanted."

"Other parts? There are other rings?"

Mal'lhias sounded alarmed.

"The other items are not rings, but could

eaSi~Y. be ~istaken r.-

for Jewels. . "Th I· tt

Theodora's , e e ers

fac~ wrln,kled I are Nabatean

up Ifl a bit-

rer smile. but the language


crossed is Latin, This says

paths in 'in me be



with Hasan the Younger and he made off

with a fragment,

but That made its way to the Temple Mount from Thoros as part of a wed-

ding bequest on the Queen's behalf and led us to her in turn."

Manhias scowled, glaring ill Arda.

"Your ring, where had he gotten It?"

"I don't know," the Queen said quailing at the officer's expression. "Pater collected relics his whole llfe, That's how he kept rhe house in rhe City lind mother in silk and jewels, He smuggled religious artifacts between Christian and Muslim lands." She managed a queasy smile. "Since the franks seized the Holy City. there is -a bustling market."


"Where did your faTher find this ring?" Mann as's voice was low.

"He .. , he had gotten some 'blue emeralds' and had rhem set into boxes and rings and a necklace and ... and other things." She brightened, nodding to Theodora. "There was a reliquary he'd gifted to the Temple of Solomon' It contained a saint's w thered hand!"

"We know." rhe nun said in a low, dry voice, "The Hand of Naaman. Did your father say where he'd gotten These 'blue emeralds?'"

"No." Arda shook her head, deflated once more. "He was very secretive about the whole business, even more so than with his dealings with Sadir and the Egyptians."

"A dead end, then." Matthias said, rubbing his chin.

"Not quile yet," Theodora said, lookIng sharply at him. "I have hint of a trail-but you will have to let me use

my arms."

Matthias sighed and produced a dagger to cur away her bonds. The nun rubbed her elbows, giving the Imperial officer an aggrieved look and then, when her fingers were working again, she produced a bit of parchment bearing a

rubbed impression of un-known letrers, "The item in Jersualem was

inscribed, which made an impression in some glue, Are

These letters familiar to you, my lady, or to you Matthias?"

Arda peered at the bit of paper and shook her head.

"I've never seen writing like that before."

"Nor I," Matthias admined in a 'PUlzled rone. He held the scrap up in front of the Italian. "How about you, student of the ancient arts?"

"Hmm ... " Davlde squinted aT the paper. "I don't know. , ."

His face cleared, and the Italian tilted his to the side. "I believe, master terrarch, the parchment is upside down:'

Matthias reversed the paper. Davide nodded TQ hlmself, a slow smile breaf<ing on his face, "I know this script! There is a biJ of a grammar in the Exareh's

great mischief may be averted:'

Harold grunted, rs-

drawing the ",' .

nun's atten- She held up

rlon. He I the ,.p. archment

looked' trou-

bled, again, face grim.

"Hasan was

the youth I "They have the Ring

fohugchhr in I and the Hand', what

Ie "ape

of Saints?" else could they

"Yes," she lack?"

replied sharply,


library in Ravenna. The letters are Nabatean bUI Ihe language is latin. This says ... 'in me be reborn."

WiTh a hiss, Theodora snatched back the paper and turned to Matthias. "Enough foolery here, putrhis ship under oars righT now,and we may be able to intercept Sadir and Hasan on the sea road 10 Ascelon! Then a

he was under our

very noses all, day! All weeping and wailing and playing the innncertt]"

"Kia?" Harold's eyes widened and he blushed. "Bul Hasan is ... is a man!"

"Yes, and he made a pretty girl. 100, didn't he?" Theodora made a groaning sound then tumed sharply back to Arda. "But what did Hasan and Sadir buy from your farher? Whar was in the long crate they loaded ontothe boat? They didn't just come for the Rin.g, did they?"

"I don', know!" Arda wailed. "He didn't tell us!"

"'I know what it was," Matthias said grimly. "Certain norebles In the Faramid government in Cairo are sometimes ... helpful ro the Empire, They Informed

us several: months ago that a 'Greek merchant' had arranged the purchase and shipment of a certain salt-preserved body out of Egyp'. A corpse, I rnusr say. of pressing interest to the Fatamid vizier."

"Whose?"Theooora felt a sreb ofirr!· ration, The intricacies of The USurper dynasty in Cairo WE:T'e nOT c.ompletely familiar to her, and Matthiias knowing more about politics of interest 10 The Empire than her was galling.

"The mummified body of Nazlr, the last Imam of the Ismali'i, the 'true kalif: the last descendant of rhe prophet Mohammed through his daughter Fatima and his son-in-law Ali. A man murdered

twenty years .ago by the current Faramtd vizier's farher."

Theodora's face gelled into a grimace. "What the devil do they want with this ancient body?" Harold demanded.

Theodora pressed the scrap of parchrnsnt flal, squinting at the words. "The same thing they want with all the bits

and pieces of this jeweled cup .... 'in me be reborn," She stared doselyar Arda, who was showing signs of age.

"You wore Ihar on your finger - every day?"

"What a hor-

ror ... "Malhis turned a striking greenish shade. He looked ITtIly horrified. ''They

could ... they could restore Kalif Nizar to life? To a living,. moving body?" "Huh!" The linle nun

kaUrate of Cairo wereunlred againST King Baldwin? If Jerusalem weT'e assalled on all sides?"

The S<'Ixon STiffened in defiance, and he started to say, "Ths knights of the Kingdom are the bravest-"

"'No one dlsp!)lesri1is," The nun said as gentl'yas she could manage, "but the Crusaders captured Jerusalem in the midst ofa bitter feud among the Seljuq emiFS who succeeded the late and unlamented Sulran Arslan-a STruggle, my young friend, which ensured none of them could concentrate 'Iheir ire upon your 'bT'3veknighrs: But now, if the Ismaili's gain control of Egypt-"

"k, they already influence Syria and even Baghdadi" M<'Ithi<'ls lamented.

"Then,"Theodora centtnusd, "vast armies will issue forth from black Ascelon in the south, and from Damascus and Tyre in the north, and holy Jerusalem will be their goal. Deathless Niza!r will rule in the ihirdholiest city in all Islam,and the knives of the Ismaili's will drink deep of his enemies' blood, all if Hasan the Younger and his agenrs can secure the last pieces. of Ihis Nabataan trinket]" She held up the parchment again, face grim. "Which, it seems, they have done. They have the Ring and the Hand, what else could they lack?"

''What kind of language is Nabarean?

Where did this thing come fr·om?" Harold asked. plain.fively,

"M, I know this," O/1lvide declared in a proud tone, "From the Red City, from Perra, in me deprhs of Moab. Sir knight, why Is your face so pale?"

Harold looked Sick, pressing the hilt of his sword to his breast "Perra. Yes, I know Petra:'

"You do?" Theodora ga .... e !he Saxon a considering look, "'Good, for 1 fear If Hasan has the rest of the 'blue ernsraids.' we will be forced ro give chase

and the Good God alone knows the end of our trail .... "

To be concluded in ''The Altar of Duzars" in issue #319! e

grimaced in distaste. "There is

no guarantee the 'living body' would be occupied bvrhe soul of this Ni.lar, but something would certainly move the 'limbs to uncanny life, and whatever fell spirit rook up residence would surely join the Ismali'i in makil'lg as much mischief as possble for the living."

"A catastrophe." Mathias sat down heavily on the cabin's tiny bunk. ''The situation in Egypt is parlous as it stands now. With Nizar reunired with his followers in Syria, there will be civil war for certain:' He pressed his hand to lips. thinking, eyes dark with concern.

"So?" Harold shrugged belligerently, testing his bonds once more. "Then the Saracens can slaughter each other and leave us in peace!"

The Greek officer's face stilled,

and dark, coldeyes shifted to fix

the young knight with an angry

glance. "Now I am sure Theodora has kept you in her service out of pilY and kindly mercy rather than any great estimation of your mind, wit, or common cunning!"

"Hssrl Mathias, the boy has only recently come into this part of the world." Theodora stifled her amusement, although the comers of her eyes were tight with ill-disguised worry. "Child, do you believe the latin Kingdom would last more than a summer-mereihan a year-if rheemirate of Syria and The


--_ ~

- - - - -~ - -- - -

b)' Mat Smith . illustrated by Sam Waod

Tie world of EBERRON beasts an array of different character races. There yOu will encounter such famlliers as dwarves. lvss, gnomes, half-elves. half-orcs. ha!flings, and humans. You will a'150 discover new races unique 10 the sening. including changelings. fhe kalashrar,and shifters. WheTher older new. each of fhe character races has alook and feel rhar's distinCT

to the cinematic, pulp-neir flavor of The fBERRot.J Camp4ign Setring. No other race. however. Is so closely linked 10 rhe spirit of this magically infused, war-tom world as the mee of sentient constructs kl10wn as lhe warforged.


The master crafrers of House Cannithotigjnally conceived rhe warforged as constructs for labor and industry. As II new age dawned on; the kingdom of Galifar. experimentation led to the development of newer modeis-censrrucrs designed for exploratienand defense. It was around this time that King Jarof began to perceive lnnumerable threats ro Galifar,. threats which he imagined were gaThering all around the kn,gdom-hordes of monsters from the western reaches, the mysterious elves of Aerenal, the barbarians of .Argonnessen, and maJ1¥ omers, Seeing Ihe potential of rhe versatile constructs and how they could playa part in proteCTing Galif'ar from the dal'1gers arrayed on all sides, the king urged House Cannifh to de\'e\op I"lew censrrsers deSigned for war.

M!lJTlx d'Canni!ncreated the first w:arforged prototype. When King Jar01 died, and his children sundered the kingdom, each faction was bolstered by its own complimernof warforged. While the initial warforg:ed mode! was a remarkable achievement, 'Merrix believed he could create an even better soldier .. Wi~hin twenty years of the beginning of the Last War, Marrix inrrodl.lced near-senneneeinto bts warrior constructs .. Several years later, Merrlx's son. Aarren.made the final breafcrhrough ihar resu'lted in Ihe warforged becoming truly liVing censtruets,

During the last th.iny yeurs of the, House Cannirh created and sold warforged soldiers To anyone who could afford them. While Breland. Thrane, and eyre fielded the largesr armies of warforged, v,iMually every nation involved in the confltct was strengfhened by

at least a small force of the combathardened warrior constructs. By the ftnal years of the Last War, the warforged were Ihoroughly associated with the continually escalaring, seemlngly endless battle.

The Treaty of Thronehold brougttr an end to the Last War and esreblshed two important factors regarding the warforged. First, the status of warforged

was changed: They were no longer property-Iney were people. Second. House Cann!!h was forbidden to produce any more warforged. While some nations, such as Thrane and Karrn'ath. retain control of some warforged through indentured servitude, most of the warrior constructs are free to make their way in the world. Some of These warforged choose 10 conlinue In their roles as soldiers; others pursue different options that suit their own individual desires. In the aftermath of the Last War. many warforged discover rhat the adventurer's life is am; fa which they are weil suited.


Built as mindless war machines to fight in the Lasl War, the warforged developed sentience as a side effect of the arcane experiments that soughT to make them the ulfima'e weapons of destruction. Wi1h each successive model that emerged From the creatton forges of House Cannith, the warforged evolved until They became a new type of beingliVIng constructs.

WarFor:ged are renowned for their combat prowess and rheir single-minded focus. They make steadfast allies and fearsome enemies. Earlier models of warforged are true consfructs, and some of these remnants of the Last War appear in monstrous varieries, such as the warforged ritan (described in tl'le EBERRON Campaign Setrind'J.

Warforqed Racial Traits

o +2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom. -2 Charisma: Warforged arc resiUent, but their dif'ficuhy in relating to other creatures makes them seem aloof or even hostile. They are also less pereepnve than humans .

• Living Construct: Warforged are living constructs with some a the advantages and disadvantages of both

living creatures and constructs, as derailed below.

• Me(l:ilJm: As Medium con$tructs, warforged have no spedal bonuses or penaflies due to their size.

o Warforged base speed is 30 feet.

o Composite Plating: The composite plating used TO build the warforged provides a +2 armor bonus. This plating is not natural armor and does nor stack with OTher effects Ihat give an armor bonus (other than natural armor). This composlre plating occupies rhe armor/robe body location, and thus, a warforged cannot wear armor or magical robes. Warforged can be enchanted just like annor can be. thoug'n they must be present for rhe entire lime it takes to enchant them.

Composite plating also provides a warforged with a 5% arcane spell Failure chance, similar to the penalty for wearing light armor. Any class ability that allows you 10 ignore the arcane spell failure chance for light armor lets YO\) ignore this penally as well.

~ living Construct (Ex): A living construct is a subtype of construct, given sentience and Free will through powerful and complex creation enchantments. A living construct is a sentient. artificially constructed creature that combines aspecrs of both consrrucrs and living beings. As a liv1ng construct, a warforged hes the follOWing features:

-A warforged gets its Hit Dice, base attack progression, saving throws. and skill points from the class iT selecrs, -As a created liFe Form, a warforged has a Constitution score.

-A warforged only has normal vision.

-As a liVing construct, spells that tar-

ger constructs as well as those that target living creatures affect the

warforged. Because of Ihis, damage dealr to I't warfoTged can be healed by a cure light wounds spell or a repair fight damage spell. and a warforged Is vulnerable to disable construct and harm. However, spells from the healing subschool provide only half effect to a warforged.

-A warforged is not immune ro rnmdaffeCTing effects.

-A warforged is immune to poison. sleep effscrs, p<lralysls, disease, nausea, and energy drain. A warforged 15 not Immune TO dearh effects or necromancy effects. except those mentioned here.


While many warforged seek 10 embrace lhelr "humillllly" or ro pursue vecanens beyond 1he bani(!f'ield. serre mSlead COIle nrrare on tiniSl1lng rhe 1ask IMI Ml!frix i!.!'Id Allffen d'Cal'l!\llh began: to ~QITH!

rhe moS! highly refmedInarruments of barlie ever cortteived.

From lhe momenl lhey emerge from the creation forges ot House Cannllh (or thar of rbe renegade Lord of Blades). each of riles warforged focuses on til rtgorous se/f-Improvem nr, enhancemems. and augmemauens Ihlll WIll shape 11 mre a de.adly living weapon-1M warforged tlJl!!erTlJU1. The werforgcd jUgg«rrnutr preshge class appears In lhe £IX/ItiOIV CJmfXJi,gn Scning.

The firsl warforged mmUlture appears In .he Gf(mw of Legend mlnl.:llures Sill. due 10 release In June.

-A warforged responds slightly differenrly 10 reaching a hrt points than olher living creatures do, AI 0 hit points. a warfurged is dIsabled, JUSt li\;e a living creature, He can only fake a sillg!e

move action or standard action each round, but strenuous actiVity does not risk further injury. When his hit points are between -1 and -g. a warforged is inert. He is unconscious and helpless. and he cannot perform any actions. However, an lnert warforged does "OT lose addtllonal hit points unless more damage is dealt, exactly like CI living creature that is srable.

-A warforged cannot heal damage naturally. It must be healed or repaired.

-A warforged is subject to criliCal hits (but see the light fortification feature), nonlethal damage, ability damage, and ability drain.

-A warforged does not need to eat, sleep. or breathe, bur he can still benefit from the effects of consumable spells 87



"The ... arforged IIr aw Of! '''''0 I)f I~ central theme. of UERIIOH: the unpertant role Ihal magtc play~ within clv,lilafoOn and the ImpacI thaI the recent war has had on lhe MUons of EaE~~oN. Go lems an:

rna ,ns 1 ay s of rhe DUNO£OHS sr OAAOONS game, bur golems are

ml nd less e r6ilI\lre5 and n:qUI re I h ~ won of cxlremelypowerful spellcasters (0 n d a seco nd~ry element 0 I [m:RRON IS trYing 10 Ii mil the num bel' or h,gh-Ievel NPCs III the world 10 ensure that rhe player characters are Imporlant). The warforged arc a bridge berween human and golem. A w~rforged soldier latkslhe full power of an Iron golem, bUI II IS sennenr and capable of respondll'\g and adapllng 10 evolvmg tacncel SII uarlons. Wh~1 II lacks In raw physIcal power, 11 can make up for In

s ~III, 51 nee unlike J golem, II war forged can gilln clan levels, Meanwh"e. II rernams illirel~s !IOI di er, capable 0 r fighung for days withoul rood, Woller, Or sleep a

u~er ul 1001 10 have m yo ur ill' 511n3! In 3 major war.

"Now the war Is over, and rh!:

ceu n ITy I h~1 used Ihe gl"lIarest numbe r of WB rforged no longer e)(1 SIS. As a warforgnd, a player character must determine Ihe role II played In 11'1 e war and ... hilT role It "" III play In the future. Will 11 embrace 115 warIlorn 01 ure, honl ng i IS rna I'll ~I ~kliis and se.1Tr.hlng lor new banles to fep,~I? W,illir lurn us back on lIS ongl n 01 purpose, -ernbracln,g t h~_ study of millie or Itle religion.!! of 115 crearers? How does II ',eel abi:IUl 1 he Lord or B lades, rhe warforged msu rgen' who seeks Ill' rally thll

e I he r conSlr UC.15 agam ~I rhe 0 rEa n lc being, 0 r I lie world?

"Shaped by maBie and tempered In bante, the wariorged embody rhe core Ideas of EBu~GN. Berween rhe roleplaying polenTijlI or rhese Wilrrlor to n "rue rs ~ nd Ihe ,nl e res t Ing garrH' rnec hanic s <Issocla re d WII h r he race, I wou Id be 9U rprlse(J to s ee an ad venluring Il2 n y I Nl I do es no r

mel u de a warforg<.-d I n I rs Til nks." -Keith BDk!!r

89 April 2004

and m<lgi!; iTems such as heroes' feaST and potions.

-A warforged is imm.ul'\e to the effe<:ts of fatigue and exhausnon,

-As a living construct, a' warFor:ged can be raised or resurrected.

• light Fortification (Ex): When" criti!;,,1 hit or sneak artack is scored on a, warfor:ged, there is a 25% chance rhaT iris negaTed, and damage is instead rolled normally.

• A warforged has a slam altack that deals rd4 pOinlS of bludgeoning damage. This is a naruna I weapon.

• Automatic languages; Common. Bonus lan_gu~es: None,

• Favored Class: Fighter. A multiclass war'orged's fighter class does not count when derermining whether he suffer'S an XP penalty for multida.ssing,



In addirion TO all rheother feaTS aVallabl.e ro any character, warforged may Take advantage of a specialized collecrlon of Iears Iha.t BVgmenr or enh,mce properries of rheir construct bodies. Here are a few of the feats available to warforged characters,


At the cost of mobiftlY. a warf'orged character's body can be crafted with, -a layer of adamanTine tbar provides formidable protective armor and some damage reducnon,

Prerequisites: Warfurged, 151 level only .. Benefit: Your armor bonus ts increased TO .. 8 and you gain DR 2/adamantine. Howeve-r. your base speed is reduced to 2.0 feel, and for all purposes, yQuare considered to be wearing heavy armor .. You now have a maximum 'Dexreriry bonus ro A.t of +1, a -5 penalty to all skills. Ihat armor check penalties apply to (Balanc.e, Climh.Esc:ape Anist, Hide. Jump, Mo .... e Silently, Sleight of Hand, and Tumble), and an arcane spell failure chance of 35%.

Noma!: Without this r~t, your warfor_ged character has an armor bonus of +2.

Spcclat Unlike ml)Sf feats, thIs fear muSf be laken at ist level, during character Cl'1eationc Warfurged druids who take tllis feat cannot casr on,rid spells or use any of meir druid supematuraI or spell-like class abilmes. This fear canner be combined WiTh the M.ithralLaced Body feat.


Yuu improve warlorgeQ damage reduction.

Prerequisire:Warforged ..

Benefit: You garn DRI/adamantine or improve your existing DR by I.

Special: If you have the AdamantlneLaced Body Feat, you may take this feat multiple. limes.


You improve your warforged fortitkaTiQn to gain immunrty to critical' hits and sneak arracks.

Prerequisite: Warforged. base- attack bonus .. 6.

BenefiT.: You gain immuniTy to criTical hits and sneak aUacks; however, you lose the ability to be healed by magical healing,


A. warf'orged cbaracter's body can be crafred with a Ia-yer of mithral that provides. some prerecnen WahOwT hinderil'lg speed or grace.

Prerequisites:Warforged, 1ST level only, Benefit: Your armor bonus is, increased to +5. and for all purposes yOIl: are considered to be wearing light armor. You now have a maximum Dexlel'ity bonus 10 AC of "5,11-2 penalty roall skills rbar armor check penalties apply to (B.alance, Climb,Escape Artist, Hide, J'ump, Move Silemly,. Sleight' of Hand, and Tumble.l,cmd an arcene spell Failure chance of 15%.

Normal:WiThoul this feat your warforged character has an armor bonus of +2..

Special: Unlike most fears, this feat must be Taken at 1ST level, during cheracrer creanen. Warfo:rged drutds who take this feat cannot casr druid spells or use any of their druid sl,lpematu!1ll or spell-like class abilities "This feat cannot he combined with the Adamantine-Lace.d Body feaT.


Your movements are smootner and more fluid than other wsrforged,

Pl'ere.qllillites; WBrforged, MiThral-L1U;ed Body.

Benefits: The ma) Oe:>::rerify bonus you can apply to AC is increased by 1, In addition, the armorcheok penalties to Balance. Climb. Escape Arrisr, Hide, Jump. Move Silent:ly, Sleight of Hand. and Tumble are r-educed by I.


'The wnrforgcd, one of many unique elements 10 Ihe CIJOIR/')N Ci1mpaiJfn Seffing, flrsl 8PPf:3redff: £l

in KCllh's '~5-pagf: seiling hible.! can't rernern .. fZ,..,,~t;;zfi-

ber wheTher Ihey came our of discussions we ,

had .... hh Kelrh prior 10 seruling him off 10 wrill! ~ T

Ihe billie, or whel~r we iusl found rhem when . ~

we were reviewing II, In the bibl!., Ihe war- 1" LZ

forg~ had a difFerenT naMe and a slighlly dlf- V~. Ierenr ongin, bUI !he basics 01 the ide.'! were In

place James Wyatl and I dlscussed Ihem a bil, and I believe II was James who suggl!sled Ihe name. thai Sluck-the warforged, We even played wllh Thai ~s rhe name of the selling for I lime, before deciding re go willi 1M name of the world.

"The arnsrs 10lle the warforged. Sreve Prescott, one of rhe con-

Special: This feat cal') be taken multiple rimes. Irs effects slack. However, armor check penalties cannot be reduced to less than +0.

The exciting, new [fJ£RRON Campaign Se"ing hlrs the shelves of your favorite bookstore or hobby shop in June. Until rhen. keep coming back to see more of what you can expect to find inside.

Next month, you'll get ro explore the different aspects of magic .hat pervade the entire world of EBERRON, including rhe magewright. an assortment of new spells and cleric domains. a glimpse at rhe cosmology of EBtJiROfil, and a look at one of the more interesting and dangerous creatures spawned by the Lasr War-the !iving spell. tlJ

cep. ar.isIS we

brougnl in 10 help us visualize the world, creBled the look of Ihe basic warforged chamtter Al'ICther of CllJr cooc-ej1t ;mists, Merk Tedln, developed one of the larger versions rhaT Win grace Ih~ monster secncn of .he cM'Ipa'gn seltlng book, And our cover anls' Wayne Reynolds, has IlIusrr;lled iI few dilfereru Indlvld· ual warforged rh<11 you're 11.151 gomg 10 have 10 sell to believe. The .hlng <lboUI lhem. ill! W In any core race, Is .ha! whil rhey mOlY ~ilVC II tlass or two they are besl suired ror, any Indi· IIlduJI worlorged mlghl selecl any class. Sa, in addiroan 10 Ihe fighters and barbnrlans, we've seen versiOnS of rhe other eXTreme-warforged WIl-lIrds and screerers.

"My goals [or the race were slmpll'l. I wanred 10 m~ln'a.llllhe splnl of Keilll's Idea: Ihlltlhe warfurged were senttem ton~lrucls built for waf rrYlng 10 find thelr place In rhe ne .... ly (lthieved puce. Olher key parts of the Idea as orol!,nally put torlh IS Ihelr al,en nalure, Ihat

In y would mmnlain some construct 1I'3,IS, and Ilml bonding magi~ Items 10 Ihemselvl:S would be a key fealure of cheracter Improvement

"! wanled 10 make ur we could build the rules so IMI .hc warforged wouldn't need D level adlUstmenl, For" eore race In Ihe ~tlint, It's lmporrant Ih:n there are 85 few obstacles as possible, You don'r have 10 gIVe up class Fea· rures 10 milke il dwarf or elf charoc.lnr, for exam!, c. and I wamed tn.11 10 be. tl'U" of lhe warforged land Ihc other ne .... races we've developed for lhe scuingJ, This was one of the hardesl aspects or Ihe race 10 balance. and if 100 Inl! won. oJ all ihree dt:.Slgnl!rs (Keith, myself. and James Wyan). our development I1l3m lied by Andrew Finch), and our p1ayteslcrs..

"~I wouldn't 1m surprised .t mesi ~dvenlurong part les In EBfAAON have d wilr fo rged (:Ila rat! er among .hem, lind I know we'll see the warforged Ill!gln ro mlgrale 10 orher carnp.1igr1 worlds-noT neGessarily in products, bUI cer'oUlly among gaming groups everywhere. The .... artorged are lusl ,h", cool and new, TheY'fa definilely DUNatONS r;r O ..... noas, bur Ibcy're also deFinitely somerhine nllw bUIll wifl1,n the parameters of lhe game sY5rem.~

-B,1l Slavlcsek 89

xpanded Psionics Preview #4

Psionic Monsters


The pslonlcs rules for DUNGEONS Dr DRAGONS receive a faceliFt in the Expanded Psionics Handbook. The new pslcntcsrolebcok seeks to improve on the 3rd edition Psionics Handbook, with more content, revisions to problem mechanics, and a few completely new systems thar simplify your psionic experience.

The first preview article for the Expanded Psionics HandbooA (DRAGON #314) discussed the new player character races, featuring an all new race, the synads. The second preview article (DRAGON #316) described psionic fears and the concept of pslonlc focus. The third preview article (DRAGON *317). showed changes to psionic powers. In this article, you'll learn something about psionic monsters.


The 3rd edition Psionics Handbook contained a selection of psionic monsters; some new, but many revised from earlier creatures of the same name.

You mighl be familiar with the monsters from the PsioniC5 Handbook. CerTainly, you know of Ihe psionic monsters in the Monster Manual. such as the illithid and abolerh, both of which can use psionics. In 3.0 rules. psionic monsters could use psionic powers bUT instead of using power points, they could freely manifest their powers a number of times per day; specific monsters each knew a specific list of powers.

Essentially, none of this changes in the Expanded Psionics Handbook.

Early design drafts of the Expanded Pstonics Handbook contained rules for monsters manifesting their powers From a pool of daily power points, just like characters, bUT later development drafts of the rulebook pushed monsters back toward their Psionics Handbook mechanical base. While there is an elegance to character and monster mechanics working in union. The opinion that carried the day was that it was still Simpler, on the whole. for monsters to continue to Freely manifest their powers.

Psionic monsters do see some changes, however, simply because they now see the benefit of the new "technology" nf power manifestation and feaT usage. Psionic monsters also gel their own subtype (as do psionic characters).

The Psionic Subtype

The psionic subtype applies 10 creatures That can use psionic powers or abilities and Ihose thaf have the abilIty to manifesr powers. ('In other words, a creature with the psionic subtype either has a power point reserve or has psi-like abrllnes.) It also applies to creatures from other books (such as rhe MonSTer Manual) that have spell-like abilities labeled as "pstonlcs," Characters who have levels in any class that grants the use of pstonics, or who have psl-llke abilities as racial traits, also gain the psionic subtype.


Alt creatures .... nll pSI-like IIbilltles ore assigned a mamlesier leyel, which indrcalllS how dlfficull II Is fo dispel Ihelr psilike effects and determines atilellill-dependent lIanables (such as r .. nge or du"all~lI1) the abilities mrght have. When a creature uses a psHike abUny. ItIe. power 15 manifCSled as if me creature had spent a number of power points equal 10 its mamfesler level, which may augment rhe power 10 Improve Irs damage <;II" save DC. Howeller. the creaiure does nOI actually spend power POlO1S for irs pSi-like abilities. even if 11 has a power polnr reserve due fO raoa abilltres, class levels, or some olher psioniC abihty. For example. a creature thaI manifests mmd thrust iI~ is 5th-leyel manifester effecllvely spends 5 power polnl3 on the. power. and fhere rare de als Sd I 0 poi nts of da m age and adds 2 10 Ihe saye DC of lhe power.

The DC of a saying throw (if applicable) lIgain$t a creature's p:>l-hke abllny IS 10 .. the level of rhe power

or spell .he abiliry duplicates + rhe creature's Charisma modifier. Remember 10 check rhe power's Augmenl eon·y

10 see If the creatur 's manrfester level (and thus the eff eclive power point expenditure) Increases Ihe DC of rhe saving throw,

Other than the fact thar all psionic creatures have psionic powers or psi~likeabj\ilies, psionic creatures have no speciflc traits, The psionic subtype simply identifies creatures that might be vulnerable to powers, spells. and effects targeting psionic creatures.

PSionic monsters are said to have psi-like abilities. which are very similar 10 spell-like abilities. Naturally. they are psionic (and therefore magical as well. unless rhe DM has decided TO segregate magic and pslonlcs in the campaign) and work just like powers or spells. A creature with psi-liKe abilihes does not pay for these abilities with power points and does not pay any XP cost associated with manifesting a power their abilities duplicate that otherwise has an XP cost.


Neither of the pslonlc monsters introduced below are actually taken from the Expanded Psionics Handbook. They are unique to rhis article but are compatible with the rules and powers introduced In the Expanded Psionics Handbook. In some cases, that means you might have 10 wail unril you ger a copy of the £xpanded Psionics Handbook to understand rhe ruJl extent of The creature's capabilities.

La rval Flayer

Tiny Aberration (Psionic) Hit Dice: 3d81-3 (16 hpj Initiative: +8

Speed: '5 fl. (3 squares), climb 10 ft.

Armor Class: ,8 (+2 size, +4 Dex, +2 natural), touch 16, fiat-footed '4

Base An8ck/Orapple: +2/+0 Attack: Touch +8 melee (ld3)

full Attack: Touch +8 melee (u;l3) Space/Reach: 2-1/2 ft_fo ft.

Special Attacks: Attach, brain sap, psi-like abilities Special Qualities: Blindsighr 30 ft.

Saves: For! +2, Ref +5. Will +4

Abilities: SIl' 10, Dex 18, Con 13,lnt4, Wis 13, Cha 1'2 Skills: Climb +12. Hide +14. Move Silently +8

feaTs: Improved InitiativeS, Stealthy, Weapon Finesse Environment: Underground

Organintion: SoliTary, pair, or pool (3-12) Challenge Rating: 2

Treasure: None

Alignmenf: Usually chaotic evil

Advancement: 4-6 HD (Small); 7-12 HD (Medium) Level AdjustmenT: -

This creature appears somewhat like a tadpole, although il" is a full twa feer in length. If is eyeless, and irs "ttJil" is a squiggling mass of four tentacles, which panial/y obscure a lamprey-like mouth.

Mind flayers are said to reproduce through a process caUed ceremorphosis, This gruesome method involves the imphmfatio" of larval-stage mind f1ayers (also called iHithid tadpoles) into recipient creatures, If tadpoles grow

too large for implantation, they are destroyed. but somelimes they escape the briny pool of their birth.

Even after growing JUST a little bit. larval flayers are dangerous. Oesptre being only 2 feet long. their blossoming psionic abilities, combined with their inborn need for nutrition of a specific Iype, makes them a threat no creature wants to come upon unawares, In rhe fullness

of time, larval flayers grow into neothelids (see the Expanded Psionics Handbook), bur most are slain by their kin: J11lthids view the unrestrained grOWTh of their larva as taboo.


A larval flayer attacks by using psionic dimension door to drop onto a victim from above. finding a vulnerable spot (typically near the neck}, and plungIng its STubby tentacles Into the flesh. This is a Touch attack that can target only Small or larger creatures.

Attach (Ex): If a larval flayer hlrs with a touch attack.

it uses irs four proro-rentacles to larch onto the opponent's body (usually the head). An attached larval FJayer is effectively grappling its prey. The larval flayer loses its Dexterity bonus to Armor Class and has an AC of 14. but holds on with great tenacity. Larval F1ayers have a +12 racial bonus on. grapple checks (already figured into the Base Attack/Grapple entry above).

An attached larval flayer can be struck with a weapon or grappled itself. To remove an attached larval f1ayer througn grappling, the opponent must achieve a pin &gainsl the larval flayer.

Brain SI!P (Ex): A larval flayer eats gray matter, dealing ld4 points of InTelligence damage each round it remains attached. Once it has deal! 4 pomrs of Intelligence damage. it detaches and slithers off to digest the meal. A larval flayer can reduce its victim to 0 Intelligence in this fashion. which in this case kills the victim. If its victim reaches 0 Intelligence before the larval f1ayer's appetite has been sated, the larval f1ayer detaches and seeks a new target.

Psi-like Ahilities: 3/day-burst. pSionic 'evirare; ,fdaypsionic dimension door (MI. 7th). Manifester level 3rd. The save Des are Charisma-based.

Shadow (ft

Large Outsider ([vii, Extraplanar, Psionic) Hit Dice: 6d8+18 (45 hpj

. Initiative: +1

Speed: 50 fr. (10 squares)

Armor Class: 20 (-1 size, +1 Dex. +10 natural), lauch 14, flat-footed 23

Base Anack/Qrapple: +6/+14 Attack: Claw +9 melee (ld6+4)

Full Attllc~: 2 claws +9 melee (ld6+4) and bite +4 melee (ld8+2)

Space/Reach: 10 ft./IO ft.

Special Arracks: Psi-like abilities. venom of the mind Special Qualities: Blindsighr 60 ft .• hide in plain sight. spell resistance 19. aversion To daylight

Saves: Fort +8. Ref +6, Will +7

thy <puest For 0ut-0F-Prlnt GaJr1es Ends+h Here.

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No, """,pu~ WrioorQi' <:!lfmIll)~ lIn: ~l'I<IrIh ~Il ... d. Sui", 1St OriQl>T~.Nl u;I(i~

Abilities: Sir 19. Dex 13. Can 17, Int u, Wis 14. Cha 16 SkiUs: Balance +10. Climb +13, Hide +10", Jump +21. Listen +11 Move Silently +10, Sense Motive +11. Spor +11 Feats: Dodge, Improved Natural Attack. (bite)B, Mobility, Spring Arrack

Environment: Plane of Shadow Organization: Solitary or emptiness (5-8) Challenge Raring: 5

Treasure: Double standard

Alignment: Always neutral evil

Advancement: 7-12 HD (large); 13-18 HD (Huge) Level Adjustment: -

An awful shope oozes from rhe nigh!. If is a creature formed half of bone and half of dsrkness so absolute thst it possesses actual substance. In silhouette like a faceless, wingll:Ss demon, irs bony ciswssre /o,ngand lipped wdh the blacxness of utter void

A shadow eft is a large demonic humanoid in shape. a fiend without features except for fused bone and solidified shadow. It stands eighl feet tall and weighs about three hundred pounds. on average

Shadow efts are a race of psionic monsters that dwell between worlds, subsisring on psychic residue. Sometimes, traumatic events cause emotion so intense that shadow efts are drawn through ccnduns of darkness. where they are able 10 prey direclly upon sentient minds. Their numbers on material worlds swell on the darkest night of the year, the winter solstice. when the night has her greatest dominion over aU rhe world.

Shadow efts cannot speak. although they understand 11 variety of languages, including Common.


A shadow eft prefers 10 STrike from hiding, readying itself with offensive pslonlc powers and then c::harging forward using irs psionic lion's charge 4lbility.

Venom of the MiJ1d (Ex)~ Whenever a shadow efr uses irs truevenom psl-like abillty. it heals 5 hit polnts, via a psychic Transference, for each I point of Constifulton damage dealt to its victim. no matter the shadow eft's spanal or planar separation from the victim.

Psi-like AbiYIfies: 3/day-duodimensional claw, pSionic lion's charge, true venom (ML ~h); I/day-shedow body (ML 15Th). Manifesrer level 6th. The save DCs are Charisma-based.

Aversion to Daylight (Ex): Shadow efts are creatures of the night and loathe light. If exposed to nature I daylight (not merely a daylight spell), they t<lke a -4 pen<llry on all attack roils .. saving throws, and skill checks,

Hide in Plain SighT (Su): A shadow eft can use the Hide skill even while being observed. As long as it is within 10 feet of some sort of shadow. a shadow eft can hide iTSelf from view in Ihe open wirhouf having anything to actually hide behind. It cannot, however. hide in irs own shadow.

Skills: ·When hiding in a dark area. a shadow eft gains a +8 racial bonus on Hide checks . .,

Carnpaiqn Play for D&D Minatures


by Jesse De(;ker and Michael Donais

Add excitement to the DUNQEONS fJt DRAGONS skirmish game by playing a short campaign. _SkirmIsh campaigns include a short series of banles thaI pair players of relatively equal skill. They reward consistent vlcrortes by Tracking each player's score and allow the warband's primary commander (called the warlord in campaign play)ro gain small advancements in level and ability. Chapter 5 of rhe Miniatures Handbook outlines the basic rules for campaign play, including guidelines for campaigns of different lengThs, scoring, player paJring, warlord advancement, and magic items.

This month, "Under Command" looks at a specific campaign rhemed around rhe vicious struggles of powerful draw houses, describes new scenarios for use either in campaign play or as oneshot skirmishes, and provides optional rules for equipping your warband with


The Halls of the Spider Queen skinnfsh campaign described in Ih;s article requires the MInlafures Handboolr to use. However, the new m~gic item~ descnbed here can be used In bolh s$armishes and ,he Dt..H.i£0t-IS ~ DR ... OONS roleplaying game. The seenal'loS described here can be used in the OtlfO sk;rmlsh game even if you don" have the MllIIJltures HJJndbool..



magic items. In addition, players of the Df)rD roleplaying game will find a selection of new drow-themed magtc items.

HAllS OF THE SPIDER OVEEN Lolth, the demon goddess of the drow, rules wIth a cruel and fickle hand. Her complex schemes blend together .. forming a web of plots impenetrable to even her most devout worshippers. Yet as subtle and unpredictable as the Spider Queen is, her desire to test her favored servants. rhe drow, remains ever present. As other races penetrate ever

more deeply into the Underdark, the Spider Queen drives her followers out from their great cities TO meet the invaders. To encourage her people to greater heights of power and cruelrv, Lolth has scattered rnagtc rings, known as rings of me spider, throughout the Underdark and promised great power and prestige TO any of her followers who retrieve them. Drow of every

caste have struck out into the Underdark in small bands. dramatically increasing the tension between other underground denizens, thelr own forces, and even surface-dwelling races. As a result, the areas around drow cities teem with small warbands of nearly every affiliation, the draw hoping iO secure the favor of rhelr demon goddess and many others hoping to thwart the plans of rhe Spider Queen.

The Halls of the Spider Queen is a DUrO Skirmish game campaign deSigned to support the campaign rules

described in Chapter 5 of the Miniatures Handbook To learn the basics of campaign play. tum to page 111 of The Miniafures Handbook.


Here are II few tiPS to gel yuu up to speed on campaign play. Remember rhar you can reconflg\Jre your warband e.ach round. Takfl a look al wh.11 people. are winning wnh and try 10 design your army arourod 'hos If the person that I:> winning keeps cha~tl\g !\is I.!IlIroand, then lhis cen backfire. so walch oul ror lha, roo. fOHunalely. most warbantlS will be weaker In some scenarios and slTOl\!lel' In olner:;. so f(lndomly rollrng for scenarios each round Will cause sorne ,n!~resflrlg

sir uati ens, Choose your warloro caT'efully. because as she Increases In level she becomes very Imporranr. Try '0 find a warlord wirh good defenses or. If her defenses are low. keep her In the back so that she can survive 10 gain II level.


There are some special rules for bUilding warbands and playing scenarios in rhe campaign.

You can use more than one copy of the Mushroom Tangle tile that was fearured in DRAGON #316 when selectlng your terrain cards. You still choose and place three terrain tiles and one assembly rile in each scenario.

Any warband that includes at least four drow Figures gains a +4 bonus to


~ . -

- -"' _ ~ J -- , •

_ _-.. _ - -_. ~h • ~ f . ...

";~,,,.,. '. -_. :,' . __ '. - . . . -

__ ~_P4~4 ..... ~-. . ... . ..

I I.' I • • ~

14.~ 4 ...... ".. J".. ."

the terrain initiative ron and to the first two normal initiative rolls of each game.

Once the campaign progresses TO the point that play features loa-point (or more) warbands, the Drow Cleric of l,Qhh becomes an eligible choice for a warband's warlord. Because the Draw Cleric costs too many points TO be chosen as a warband's initial warlord, you must follow rhe normal rules for using a substirute warlord if you decide TO switch ro me Drow Cleric.


SPIDER QlIEEN CAMPAIGN ROUND See page 111 of the Miniatures Handbook for full rules on saMing up and running a skirmish campaign.

Step I! Pairing

This step works exactly as described on page 112 of the Miniatures Handbook.

Step 2: Determine Scenario

The Halls of the Spider Queen campS1gn uses a special subset of Ike scenarios presented in the Miniatures Handbook plus a few scenarios new to me campaign (see New Scenarios secrton). One player rolls idao and consults the table below to determine which scenario they all will play. Everyone plays the same scenario each round.

Random Underdark Campaign Scenarios

dae Scenario

1-5 Srandard (see the Miniatures Handbook)

6-9 Quickstrike (see Ihe

Miniatures Handbook)

10 Ancient Drow Ruins

II Kuo- T oa Sacred Pool

IZ Touched by Lolth

13 Drow Ambush

14 Prowling Large Monstrous Spiders

15 Prowling Umber Hulk

16 Chambers of Dread (see the Miniatures Handbook)

17 Contested Ground (see the Miniatures Handboold

18 Halls of Decay (see the Miniatures Handbook)

'9 Restless Dead {see the MiniaTures Handbook)

20 Warlord's Tomb (see the Miniatures Handbook)

Step 3: Vlctory and Loss

This step works as described on page 1\2 of The Miniatures Handbook.. ""iTt'! one exception. In addition to the normal magic items found at the end of each scenario, the victor also finds a ring of the spider. Lolth commanded her fol-

described below. Andent Drow Ruins

You have come across ancient droVII ruins The arrackers foresee ancient and valuable rewards within. The opposing warbands rush TO beat one another to the treasure.

Special RLJle: Before terrain set up


,begins, place two Treasure Rooms in the exact center of thls map. The Treasure. Rooms face opposite directions and the side openings match up so that they are connected. These Treasure Rooms represent the ancient drow ruins.

Any model that takes only a move and does not arrack or move twice can search the ruins. That model's owner mUSl roll idao, On a '4-2.0. mal' mooel finds a new magiC lrem (rolled randomly). The discovered magic irem is permanent just like those obtained Through campaign play. Only one magiC item can be found in this way. If the battle ends before anything is found, then the victor gets the magic item.

In addlnon, a second magic nem (rolled randomly) is found by whoever wins the scenario (standard skirmish rules). This scenario always provides two magic items above what is normally found in a campaign game,


You are marching through the Underdark when you are ambushed. Your warlord must make iT through at all costs.

Special Rules: The ambushed warband (determined randomly) must rush across the board while the ambusher tries to stop him with Ihe help of some drow forces. The ambusher may add two Draw Archers or Draw Fighters to his warband for rhls scenario. They are considered to be the same faction as The rest of the ambusher's warband_

Victory: The ambusher wins by diminafing the ambushed warband or preventing more rhan half of it from escaping. The ambushed warband wins

,~~ ~ ".

,~. ~ l"i\~ =-=-~ ~ , -_~ ~ _ -~~ --=_:_-_..: ~~ ---=-_.: __ ~ ~ _. -==- -~ ... 7.. '-= .1';.... "J

. -.. .~ -_,_ ~~ '''~~ .. '''1~.1~~1io.'''''~'''''.u:.!M .. ~1I;1io ••• ~ .... _ f·- .' - .

. ,

. ... _- "," _._. ....._ .,_,. ~.,.,._ .... -_ .W\'\:z.o_com,dragon 95

.. \ .. .\ I~ 4 I..... " •

lowers to retrieve these rings, and they have special power in the hands of a draw. These magic rings are described for berh RPO and skirmish play in the section entitled Treasures of The Spider Queen.


The rules about changing warbands are described on page 112 of Ihe Miniatures Handbook.

Step I: Warlord Advancement

The campaigns chapter of the Miniarures Handbook provides a Simplified skirmish-only prestige class for commanders in campaign play. If you win a scenario wilh your warlord alive and on rhe battle grid, it attains a new level in either the warlord prestige

class described on page 112 or the Miniarures Handbook, or a revel]" one of rhe three prestige classes described in the New Commander Prestige

Classes section. Warlords who advance more man once need not always

choose to take a level in the same warlord prestige class-any warlord can take a level of any warlord prestige class whenever it advances, There is no penallY for multicJassing within a skirmish campaign,

Step 2~ Reconfigure Warbands

This step works exactly as described on page 113 of the Miniatures Handbook.


The Halls of the S?ider Queen c.ampaign uses some of the scenarios presented in rhe Miniature S Handbook. It also presents several new scenarios, as

by moving half of his points off the opposite edge of The map. Anywhere on The edge of The b,mle:grid that is net blocked by walls is legal.

Kuo-Toa Sacrl!d Pool

The Magic Circle represents the KuoToa Sacred Pool. It is a large, knee deep phosphorescent pool sparkling with various shades of blue and green.

Spec.ial Rule: The first person to place a terrain tile must place the Magic Circle tile (rhls tile is in addition to the normal four terrain tiles that

a player has) and it must overlap

'he center of the map.

Anyone fighting inside the pool gains the usual benefits of a Magic Circle. however there are rwo additional

rules. Any model that ends its turn anywhere on the terrain card that contains the Magic Circle suffers an arrack from a long daw that resembles a huge lobster claw. The attack is a +2 melee attack, and ir deals 10 points of damage. Also, once per game, a unil thar ends I.IS turn In the pool can partake of The magical waters and remove 10 damage.

Prowling Large Monstrous Spiders l.olrh's creatures hunger for blood.

Special Rule: This scenario works lust like the prowling marauders scenario In the MiniatureS Handbook except that you must use rwo Large Monstrous Spiders Instead of an Owl Bear.

Varlant: If you dcn't have the spiders needed for rhls scenario, use an Umber Hulk instead.

Prowling Umber Hulk

Umber hulk.s don't really "prowl" so much as terrorize.

Special Rule: This scenario works just like rhe prowling marauders scenario in the Miniatures Handbook except that you must use an umber hulk instead of an owl bear.

Touched by lolth

Lolth has chosen this area to manifest her dark powers. All of the combatants ringle as they are imbued with the goddess's powers. The characters in return must sacrifice their opponents to the goddess to gain her favor.

Special Rule; All creatures can climb

over walls like a spider. Any thin wall Is ignored when counting movement (walls still work normally for line of sight). All combatants are also shrouded in darkness. Any model that does not have the Conceal ability gains Conceal 6.

Victory: When a model is killed, leave it on the battlefield where it died. It does nor change the type of terrain in its square at all. Any model can perform a ritual sacrifice of a destroyed enemy model by using its whole tum. This gives the points for the kill a second time, effecrtvely giving you double points for enemy models that you destroy and then sacrifice. Models that leave the board cannot be sacrificed.

To win, you must score points equal to the cost of your warband.


The following rules can enhance both your Halls of the Spider Queen skirmish campaign as well as your DvtD RPG campaign.


Instead of roiling on the lab Ie in the Miniatures Handbook when determining what magiC items you find, roll on Ihe chart below.

d20 Magic Item

1-16 Determine the magic item normally using table 5-6 in the Miniarures Handbook.

17 Arachnid whip

,8 Spidersilk pendant

19 Piwafwi of shadows

20 Arc of darkness

THE SPIDER QUEEN'S JUAsURE Spread at the whim of the Spider Queen. the caverns of rhe Underdark house unique and powerful magic items. These Items. described below, can be used both in DDtD RPG play and DtJrD Skirmish play,


The length of This whip is covered In poisonous barbs, tipped wilh a long dagger-like spider fang, and crafted speCially for high priestesses of Lolth.

In addition to being made for battle. it is enchanted by l.olrh's worshipers to

ooze a potent venom.

RPG Stats: Due to this whip's deadly construction. iT deals Id6 damage, has a

threat range of '9-20, and adds the wielder's strength modifier to the damage dealt. Also, unlike areglJlar whip, armor and natural armor do not prevent this weapon from dealing damage.

In addition, anyone struck by an erechmd whip IS Injected with poison. The poison has an mitlal and secondary damage of ida Dexterity (DC '3 Fort save). Finally. the wielder of the whip gains .a + 4 resistance bonus to saving throws against poison. The arachnid whip otherwise functions just as a +1 whip.

Moderate necromancy; CL ;rth; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, pOIson; Price 32.350 gp: Weight 2 lb.

Skirmish Stats: Any humanoid model equipped with this weapon gains Melee Reach 3. In addition 10 raking normal melee damage, a model hit must make a DC 13 save or lose I AC. The Wielder also gains Immune Poison.


This finely carved black hand crossbow is endowed with the power of infinite darkness. Originally designed to nghr surface elves, it was so effective that it is now commonly used by any draw who can get his hands on one. Each bolt launched From this weapon turns itself Inro a flickering black shadow that pierces foes. leaving them feeling cold and empty inside.

RPG StaTS: Any bolT fired from this +1 hand crossbow deals an additional Id6 points of damage due fa negative energy. The we!lpon ignores any mTss chance due to concealment such as That from displacemenr or blur. The damage due to ne.gative energy does not heal undead.

ModeraTe necromancy: CL 11th: Craft MagiC Arms and Armor, slashing darkness", true sight, Price 18.400 gp; Weight 2 lb,

Skirmish Stats: Any humanoid model equippedwlrh Ihls weapon gams a

new ranged attack. The arc of darkness has a maximum 6-mch range and deals 5+5 negative damage. This ranged attack is made at +6 to attack. Attacks With the arc of darkness ignore concealment. If the model already has a ranged attack. then it may use that bonus with this weapon, bur it must use the arc of darkness


:-:-:--~ - .... --.1. ,'r·"'"# "



1 ' 96"'1\P11I~'" -- -. . - , .. _ , .

J.. .. I 1. ,,.. , . ...

.. ..

damage and range. If a model has two different ranged attacks. it may use either one interchangeably.

"This spell appears in "he MiniaflJres Handbook.

poison effect that it causes. The bonuses from mulliple rings of the spider do nor slack.


Commanders who lake levels in the battlemage warlord presrlge class have more spell options Ihan those who take levels in the standard warlord prestige class {even with the spellcastlng option provided within the standard warlord prestige class}, but their physical abilities do not improve at all. Each level of the banleroage commander prestige class provides the following:

• Level +1

• An addiTional use of a spell your warlord can already cast

• Resist energy (fire) l/si<irmish (Resist 10 Are)

• Cat's grace 1/skirmish (+2 AC, ranged arrack +2)


This is a small pendant in the shape of a very intricate web. The spidersilk pendants are crafted by draw wizards For use by draw priestesses of Lolth so they can call forth webs as they need.

RPQ Stats: The spidersilk pendant can be used to cast a web spell once per day.

Faint conjuration; CL 3rd: Craft Wondrous ITem, web;' Price 2,.60 gpo

Skirmish STars.: A sp.idersilk pendant can only be assigned to a f1gure with the humanoid type. A figure equipped with a spidersilk pendant can cast the web spell once per skirmish. Web adds difficult terrain to a z-inch radius area permanently. Anyone in the area when rhe spell is initially cast is entangled (DC '4 save).


This long dark cloak can be wrapped about its owner. A stationary character can use if 10 hide. even in plain sight. IF examined closely, the cloak seems to fade in and out of your vision. An examiner able to see mvisibiJiry can notice dark, intricaTe web patterns covering borh sides of

the cloak.

RPG Srats: You may hide in plain sighr, as The shadowdancer ability, as long as you do not move more than 5 Feet per round while hidden. See the DUNOEON MASTER's GUide, page 195. In addition, you gain +10 competence bonus to all Hide skill checks.

Moderate illusion; CL 81h; Craft Wondrous Item, invisibility; Price 19,000 gp; Welgh' , lb.

Skirmish Stats: A. model wearing the piwafwi of shadows never counts as the nearest enemy unless rhe attacker is within 2 squares.


Commanders who take levels in the driven commander warlord prestige class g~in very little in personal power when compared to those who take levels in other warlord prestige classes. bur they become much better at commanding and affecting their followers.

• Level +!

• Saves ... ,

• COmmand Radius Increase: at each level, the range of the driven commander's commander effect increases by one square, For example, a warlord with one level in 1he driven commander warlord prestige class would gram its commander effect re followers within 7 squares. Count the squares to dsrermtne range just as you would fer movement. e


These three new prestige classes are For use only in skirmish campaigns and provide alternsnves to the standard prestige class presented in the Miniatures Handbook. Levels in any of the prestige classes described here stack with levels in the warlord prestige class for determining the advancing commander's command rating.


These magiC rings are Jhe focus of the Halls of the Spider Queen campaign, and one is discovered by the victor after each scenario.

RPG Stars: The wearer of iii ring of the spider can apply poison to a weapon without any chance of aCCidentally POIsoning himself.

In addition, the lings nave even greater power in the hands of a drow. Any drow wearing a ring of me spider gains a +1 bonus to the DC of any enchantment, evoearton, or necromancy s1Jells that he casts.

Moderate transmutation; CL 9th; Forge Ring. neutralize polson, permanency, Price 6,000 gpo

Skirmish Srats: A ring of the spider can only be assigned to a fig\lre with the humanoid type. A figure equipped wilh a ring of me spider adds a DC 12 poison eFfect to the first attack that it makes each round.

It' you assign the ring to a draw figure, the figure gains an additional +1 to the DC of any spells that it can cast and an addirional +1 to the DC of any


Commanders who take levels in the scaut warton:! prestige class are not as physically powerful as those who take levels in the standard

warlord prestige

class, but they can generally inflict more damage if they can maneuver their followers into a flanking position. Each level of tl'le scout warlord prestige class provides the FollOWing:

• Level +1

• Sneak attack +5

• Hide (no effect if the warlord already has the Hide ability)

• +5 hp

d 20stuff. eo m

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Play's the Thing


by Michael Mearls

Tie DUNGEONS £It DRAGONS rules are built with the assumption that a party of adventurers includes our basic components: a fighter, a rogue, a cleric, and a wizard. If your group lacks any of these basic building blocks, or a character that fills a similar role, you might have trouble with encounters that would be a moderate or easy challenge for a balanced parry. This article gives Dungeon Masters and players advice on coping with parries that lack an arcane caster, such as a wizard or sorcerer, or a divine one, such as a druid or cleric, The firsl installment of this two-part series appeared in DRAGON q,317, and covered rogues and fighters.


Sorcerers and wizards are perhaps the flashiest

classes in the game. A fighter might be able to defeat a' powerful opponent in a single round. but an arcane caster can blast multiple opponents to cinders with a single spell. With the right fears, they can creft magic nems that meet nearly any of the party's needs.

Arcane casters also have one of the most diverse bags of tricks in the game. A wizard can use fly to evade traps or escape a monster, knock to walk through a barred gate. and rope frick to hide from a pursuing foe. While most players and OMs might think of the desrructive arcane spells as these classes' primary asset, their true value lies in their versatility. A mage with the right spell can overcome almost anything.

Player Advice

If your parrylacks a wizard, you need to find a way to compensate for the loss of firepower and vast array of utility spells. A cleric or druid can make up for some of your shortcomings. but both of them have spell lists that are focused on a few themes. Clerics are good at de.aling with undead and monsters of a specific alignmenr, as many of their spells are tailored to injure chaotic, evil. lawful, or good opponents. Druids are at their best in the wilderness, In such wild areas, they can serve just as well, if not better than, an arcane

caster. Once you are in a dungeon or city, though, things change for the worse. Druids have combat spells such as flaming sphere and ice storm: but they receive a much smaller selection than sorcerers and wizards. In addition, a druid might need to devote spell slots to cure spells, especially iF she is your primary divine caster.

An arcane caster's combat spells are perhaps the best way to deal wilh damage reduction. If you encounter a devil or lycanrhrope, you might not have the weapon needed to pierce its defenses. Since a wizard's spells deal energy damage, they can punch through most damage reduction, The fighters in rbe group should carry a spare weapon crafted of silver. cold iron. or adamantine. If your OM allows you to purchase magic items or commission them from friendly spellcasrers, design your primary weapons to include an exonc material thaT can overcome damage reduction. While this solution doesn't allow yO!) ro overcome every creature's defenses, it does give you a better chance TO cope with them. Align \N'ei1pon becomes an important cleric spell, since it represents the only chance you have to overcome damage reduction based on alignment. The party's cleric should prepare thaT spell often or make sure he has scrolls of it on hand.

Wondrous irems can till some gaps. Items that offer multiple useful abilities, such as cloak of the bat, can duplicate a wizard's spells. Slippers of spider climbing, a carpet of flying. and gems of seeing all allow you to cast the equivalent of an arcane spell multiple times per day. Focus on utility items rather than combat ones, since the fighters. rogues. and clerics in your group can still use their melee attacks to dish out punishment. If you need a replacement for fireball a neckiece of fireballs offers a cheap alternative. Thls item's biggest drawback is that it eventually runs out of spheres. On the OTher hand. any character can use it. While you are usually better off buying wondrous items that do nor run out of power over time, the necklace is a good emergency tool or bac up measure.

Without an arcane caster, your group rnlghr have more problems coping with enemy spellcasrers, devils,

Arcane spellcasters have one of the most diverse bags of tricks

in the game.

and other threats rhat rely on magical abilities. Creatures that can fly or that use magic 10 move around the battlefield also present greater challenges. Stock up on ranged weapons to counter their ranged abilities, especially composite bows.

Most mages load up on defens.ive spells before II fight. Their good Armor Classes, concealment. and other defenses might foil your melee and ranged attacks. The party's divine caster should prepare dispel magic or carry lr on a scroll, allowing you to srrip away a foe's spells that improve his abilities, such as bull's strength and haste. If the party's rogue SCouts ahead of the group, you can surprise opponents so they don't have lime to cast their defensive spells or you can trick them into wasting their spells, then hold off your attack until their duration expires.

DM's Advice

The biggest challenge you face when DMlng a group without an arcane caster lies in finding opponents that present 1he proper challenge torhe pes, Select big creatures with power-

ful attacks and plenty of hit points rather

than magical abilities. With the party short on spells, the PCs lack the ability to counter magical effects that can

hinder party members. Monsters with magical abilities also lend to keep away from their opponents, using their ability to fly or move via teleport or dimension door to avoid melee. A party that relies on f'l8hters and barbarians in place of an arcane caster might have undue difficulty with Ihem. Giants, ogres, dragons. and similar big. strong foes present the best match up. They on physical attacks ramer than magical abiliTies and are a good match for parties that deal most of their damage through melee and ranged attacks. rather than magiC.

Incorporeal creatures and those with an array of magical defenses also present problems. since the party's physical attacks have difficulry affecting them. As a rule of thumb. try fO avoid creatures with an innate abJlity that offers a nat percentage chance that a melee or r<lnged arrack misses it. These creatures are vulnerable to area-of-effect spells. precisely me area where the party is weakest.

Since wizards are the best class in terms of crearing magic lreros, you should take cart to design treasures thai present useful tools that the party can use. If you use a random method or assign' treasure based solely on Ihe monsters' needs, !he characters might only rarely end up with weapons, armor. and miscellaneous Items they can use. You can solve this problem by allowing them to buy and sell items, giving them the chance to sreck up on useful gear. Clerics and druids can take item c eation feats, bUT they Typicany lack the sp lis needed to make many of the most useful weapons. armor, and other items.

Enemy spell casters present a more dift1culr challenge than normal to the pes. Unless the characters can catch a wizard In melee. he can blast Them with magiC

missile and other spells with impunity. When creating encoun-

rers that involve such opponents. give the PCs a chance 1'0 close with their opponent

with good planning or decisive action. An

arcane caster NPC shouldn't be stupid, bUT

chances are he cannot create a perfect hiding spot

that allows him to avoid any exposure to danger.

Spells such as protection from arrows, fly, and invisibility can shield him for a time from a low-level parry's attacks. The PCs might have ro spend time climbing a rope or fighting through a horde of underlings in order 10 engage the main villain, but don't simply use his spells to make him invulnerable.


Missing clerics and druids epitomize the concept of a parry rnar lacks II core character class. for many gaming groups, no one wants to play either of these

classes. Yet. a party That lacks a divine caster faces tremendous difficulty on any adventure. The characters might be able to survive their first few encounters Without difficulty, but as their hit points dwindle and they suffer ability score damage and other ill effects,

they become and weaker. After a few fights. they might be unable to lake on even the puniest foes.

Player Advice

The divine caster is perhaps the most difficult role to fill with magIc ilems and other plans. since you need to utilize healing and other restorative magic after almost every encounter. Healing becomes a priority for everyone in The group, and any character with a Wisdom bonus needs ro place a few ranks in Heal. Preventing a character from dwindling down to -10 hit points allows you to restore a comrade to full Fighting ability with a few potions. It also saves you the expense of II retse desd spell and it keeps the group strong by maintaining everyone's experience level, Without the cleric's cure minor wounds to instantly stabilize a friend. you need to make sure Thar one or more characters has this skill.

Potions are the easiest way to ensure that you always have healing on hand. Don't stop at me various cure spells, Invest in porions of lesser restoration to handle ability damage .. Unfortunately, these items can drain your coffers rather quickly. IF your grQup has a rogue or bard, he should put as many ranks as possible into Use Magic Device. The DC to activate a wand is only 20, making a wand of cure moderate wounds a handy rool for such a character. If you carry a few of rhem around. you can more easily handle the consequences of rolling a natural 1 on the skill check and losing the use of the item For 24 hours.

Of course. if the monsters can't hit you to begin with, then healing isn't an issue. focus on magiC lrerns and

spells thar increase your AC. Blur and similar spells give your foes a flat chance to miss you, making

20% of the attacks against a PC automallcally fail. Use ranged attacks and your arcane caster's spells 1'0 sorten up tough opponents before they come within melee range. When they finally attack you, rhelr reduced hit points make it possible to defeat

them quicker and reduce the total number of attacks they can make against you. Scouting also helps in rhis regard. If you know what's coming, you can better prepare to meet it. Spells like resist energy cur down the damage you suffer, but you need to know something about your opponents' attacks before you can properly cast it. Good scouting also allows you to prepare surprises for your foes. A fast character, such as a barbarian or a monk, can

lure opponents into

traps and ambushes. With a surprise round. you can chop down opponents before they have a chance to attack you.

With the Leadership

feat, you can gain a cleric as a cohort. While your follower is probably too low a level to make a good combaran I, she can stock up on the spells you need to mend any damage you sufFer berweerrenccunrers. Since your cohort doesn't need to shine during an encounter, her lower level doesn't Come into playas often. She isn't likely to use her spells to blast enemies, making her reduced ability to defeat SR and her lower save DCs not much of a problem. Unfortunately. a cleric follower is likely too weak to handle the undead you meet with her rurning ability, but her cure spells still make her a useful resource.

check, but the other classes find them much more difficult. Undead are immune to sneak attacks, the

rogue's primary combat talent, and they can ignore many arcane spells such as charm monster. The powerful ones also have damage reduction and SR, helping to foil bolh arcane spells and a f1gnter's at1acks. You might want to increase an undead monster's CR by I

to reflect rhe greater threat it poses to a parry WiThout a cleric.

Supplies and fresh waTer become much more important withouT a divine caster who can cast

creste Iood and water or create water. During long dungeon and wilderness adventures, be sure to give the party the chance to restock their supplies by huntIng or by purchasing items at outposts maintained by friendly creatures.

Finally, clerics and

druids have access fo many spells rhar enhance the party's arracks and defenses, such as car's grace and death ward. Not only do rhe characters

lose a divine caster's healing abilities, they also lose access to defensive spells that reduce their dependence on them, Consider toning down the number of creatures that impart negative tevels or cause ability score damage. Such effects reduce the party's strength and might slow down the game, as the PCs must retreat to town to remove them. e

Missing clerics and druids epitomize the concept of a party that lacks a core

character class.

DM Advice

To keep the game moving and 10 prevent healing poHons from draining away the party's money, consider dropping the price the PCs pay for potions or give them access to a friendly temple thaI casts divine spells on them for free. This situation shouldn't be a simple case of charity, though. Perhaps The characters must maintain a good relationship with the temple, completing quests on its behalf and defending il against its enemies. If the PCs become too dependem on the temple, you can introduce complications to their relationship. The townsfolk mighl accuse the temple of harboring criminals or interfering in local politics, especially if il represents a new faith or one that Is not parncularly popular in the area, The PCs' reputation could suffer due to their connection to an evil or unpopular religion. The characters might be forced to choose between actions that help fulfill rheir personal goals and ones that advance the temple's. If the PCs go againsr The clerics' wishes, they might find their free healing cut off.

Undead monsters also become Tougher than normal.

A cleric can these foes with a single turning

PRES11GE ClASSES FOR NON-SPEllCASTERS The follOWIng prestige classes give warriors and skill-orlI!J'lled classes a be tier l:OOnCI! at f"cing down magle- ..... eldlng foes. Some of mese have minor spellcllsling or rum undead requlrement!> 1001 can easUy be mel by a paladin or ranger.

Comp1~t~ Warrior Hunter of tne Dead Knlghl of the Chalice Occul! Slayer

FOROOTTUI Rw ... s c.mpalgn Senlng Di\lin~ Seelter

Harper Scour

Miniatures Handbook Or38O'n Sa:mural Sl;ulldan HUnler

Masters of rile Wild

Sword and Fist Ghoslwalker

Sage Advice


by Skip Williams

is month, the S a ge considers questions about monsters and Ih ir abilities. You can email the Sage with your questions at sageadvice®

What happens when a monster that carries a disease attacks another monster of the same kind (or somenow biles or scratches itself)? What happens jf the monster attacks a monster of a different kind that carries the same disease? For example, dire rats lind wcrerats both carry filth fever. Whel.t happens when one dire rat bites another or bites a wcrerat?

Although the rules don', specifically say so, creatures thar carry a disease are generally immune 10 that particular disease. Thus, a dire rat cannot infect itself, another dire rat, a wererar. an oryugh, or any other creature that causes filth fever (or vise versa), as they are both already carriers.

How are save DCs for disease attacks calculated? Judging from the MonSTer Manusl, disease DCs would seem to be based on Constitution. That can't be correct. can it? The higher the Constitution score, the healthier the monster, right?

When a monster has a disease special arrack the save DC for that disease is 10 + I/Z the creature's Hit Dice + the creature's ConstiTUtion modifier,

As a general rule, any special attack that comes from the attacker's body uses Constitution to determine the save DC. In the case of a mlJndane disease that functiollsas a special attack, neslrhler creatures carry a more virulent strain. For example. Table 8-2 in rhe DUNGeON MASTUf's Guide lists a DC of 12 for filTh fever. Nevertheless. it requires only a DC 11 Fortitude save to avoid contracting filth fever from a dire rat's biTe. while an otyugh's bite causes the same disease on a failed DC 14 save.

Special attacks that involve supernafural diseases often use Constitution ro determine the save DC as well. In some cases, the creature or the disease might warrant using a different ability score. A mummy's

mummy rot, for example, uses Charisma instead of Constitution because undead creatures lack Constitution scores.

When a character is exposed to a disease in some manner other Than a monster's special attack, use the save DC listed on Table 8-2. For example, iF a characrer steps on a rusty nail and ts exposed to filth Fever, 'he save DC is 12.

Are afflicted Iycanthropes supposed to have worse damage reduction than natural Iycanmropes, or is the Text TO That effect in the Monster Manus/ao error? Are amicted Iycanthropes really unable to pass on lycanthropy? Is that an error, too?

Afflicted lycantbropes do indeed have lower damage reduction ralings than naturallycanthropes, as they are meant to be less powerful than Their natural counterparts.

Afl'licfed lycanrbropes also canner pass on the curse of lycanthropy. although natural onescan This was a calculated decision that prevents one affllcred PC from deliberately infecting the rest of The parry. It also puts a sanity cap on the campaign-wide implications of a "werewolf plague."

Can a character use dispel mB8ic against a monster's spell-like or supernatural abilities? for example, a party encounters it basilisk. and the wizard casts dispel magiC on it TO suppress its gaze anack.. Does the spell suppress the gaze attack for Id4 rounds as iT

would a magic irem? ~

Supernatural abilities aren't subject 10 dispelling iii

al all. i

You can't suppress a spel.l-like ability with dispel ~

magic, but you can dispel an ongoing effect from a C3

spell-like ability provided that the spell dupltcated is ~

subject to dispel magic. For example, a covey of three I green hags can use several different spell-like abilities, .. including dancing lights, animate dead. and forcf!lCQge ~ You could use diSpel magic to dispel the hags' dancfng ~


Ilghls effects, bur not animate dead or forcecage. ~

Animore dead has an instantaneous duration, so there's nOlhing For dispel magic to dispel once the effect is in place. forcecage is not subiect to dispelling. as noted in its spell description.

What happens when creatures use their no rura I weapons as secondary attacks along with a manufactured weapon? For example, lizardfolk have two claws that also serve as hands. What happens when rhey wield a one-handed weapon in one hand and nothin.g in the other? Do they lose both claw attacks in exchange for 'heir attacks wi.h the weapon?

Wielding a manufactured weapon doesn't prevent a creature from using all its natural weaponry. provided that the creature is using the full attack action and the addlrtonal natural

weapons are Free.

The example

lizard folk can', make a claw attack wi.h the "hand" that holds its weapon. although it does get to attack with rhe weapon

itself. However, if it's using tne full sliack action, it can use ils other claw as II natural secondary attack (-510 attack rolls, half Strength bonus), and can also bile as a natural secondary attack. in eFfect, the lizard folk is using its normal full attack routine with the manufactured weapon attack subsrlrured for one claw attack.

manufactured weapon? If 50, what happens to the rating for a prilflary nerursl weapon that gels demoted. to secondary slams?

When a creature uses bolh manufactured and natural weapons rogerher WiTh The full attack action, treat the manufactured weapon as the primary attack (using the creature's normal attack bonus) and treat all the natural weapons as secondary narural attacks (-5 attack penalty, or -2 if the creature has Ihe Multiattack fear).

The basic damage rating for a secondary natural weapon doesn't change, but the creature only gets naif its Strength bonus ro damage for the secondary attack, ellen if it would otherwlse be a primary natural weapon. The troll entry in the Monster Manual pro-

vides a good example of this.

Wielding a manufactured weapon

What happens when a creature's secondary natural weapon becomes a primary natural weapon? For

c)Csmple. what is the anaek and damage bonus if aliun:lfO\k usas its b,t" for Bnattack acrion or for an mack of opportunity?

A secondary natural weapon is always a secondary natural weapon, even when a creature attacks only with that weapon. A lizardfolk attacking with only a bite has a - 5 attack penalty (-2 wirh rhe Multiarrack feat) and gains only 1/2 its Strength bonus to damage with the bite attack. Secondary weapons are inherently less effective than a crealure's primary natural weaponry, mostly due to limits of the creature's fighTing skills or physiology. See page 31a in the MonstBr Manual for details.

doesn't prevent a creature from using all its natural weaponry.

Wfult happens when a monster has a high base attack bonus, and it uses a manufactured weapon along with secondary natural weaponry? For instance. suppose a Sfh-levell12ardfolk tlghter wields a batrleaxe. What would this creature's attack routine be?

Jusl add the natural secondary attacks to whatever manufactured attacks rhe creature can normally make. Assuming that the example character has five fighter levels, she has a base ertack bonus of +6 (+1 for being a lizard folk, + 5 for fighter levels). Assuming rhe character doesn't use a shield, she has two natural secondary anacks available-her bite and her free claw. There's a -5 penalty when using a natural secondary weapon. So. when the character uses the full allack action. her arrack routine Is +6/+1 melee (battleaxe)/+I melee (bite)/ +1 melee telaw).

However. if the example character were using the standard attack acnon instead, she could make only one attack. This single arrack could be a +6 if she used rhe manufactured weapon or a claw (a lizardfolk's claws are ils primary natural weapon), or +1 if the character chooses to bite. You always take rhe secondary weapon penalry when you use a secondary natural weapon, see the Monster Manual glossary.

When a creature has natural weaponry, do all Its narural wellpons become secondary attacks when it uses a

When a monster USI!S II speclal attack option, such as trip or sunder, must it make the attack wrth its primary natural We.aPOT1? Are there any lImits 0(1 which natural weapons can be used in B k'i"p or sunder attack? 'When II monster has multiple natural weapons, can it use each of fhose weapons re make trip or sunder attacks?

A monster with natural weaponry doesn't need to use its pr1mary narurel weapon TO make sunder or trip anaeks, If 'It uses a secondary weapon, however. Ihe penalty for a secondary weapon applies to the attack (-5, or -2 wirh the Multianack feat). In the case of sunder, the secondary weapon penalty applies to the opposed attack roll the creature makes to accomplish !he sunder arrack In the case of a trip arrack, rhe secondary weapon penalty applies to the melee touch attack roll the creature makes to srarr the trip attack.

A creature can make II trip arrack with just about any natural weapon, al!hough the DM must exercise some common sense in The mailer. Claw and bire attacks are excellent for trip attempts, as are tentacle


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., ... d. and fullq a rbcub'ed J~t ~b &. """I (hmlJr

O...-Iat =m"" .... th full

p.' u..,,,,., p .. rt~ ~.I, .. ...I ~

"""'pi""" .bop"blj .tcp m~bl.rc:bon L"""lIcl.

,s"nd Hot~' (pluo H.~, .h,Pf" "g;. ... J 1..",.,jI",oU w.

Craft Armour

1)'71 r .... rre LJIIC,5t.o 100 Lo= ,,J ,do. Cd ~ZQZ"

OV_ .... W,h.:>'~ .. www C--""~tAr'm'mr.t'nm

attacks, Since tripping in the DDtD game involves grabbing a fQe and pulling him down, stings, gores, hooves, and most 51!1m attacks should not work for tTipping <although tail sl a ps work),

A natural weapon must deal bludgeoning or slashing damage to be useful for a sunder attack. Gore and sting attacks deal only piercing damage and thus aren't useFul for such attacks (see page 312 in the Monster Manila/for a list of natural weapons and their damage types), but again, some common sense is in order here. Creatures with pointy fangs, such as monstrous spiders or big snakes. probably deal only piercing damage with their bite attacks and aren't really smart enough to make sunder attacks anyway.

In either case, a monster making a sunder or trip attack follows allthertrles a player character uses forme arrack in question, including provoking an attack of opportunity.

A monster wirh several natural weapons can make a sunder or !Tip arrack with each one, provided that iT uses the full attack action, and irs natural weaponry is useful for fhe arrack in question.

Note rhar some monsters have special trip or sunder attacks. In such cases, use the rules given in me monster's description, not the general rules discussed here. For example, a wolf can mske a free trip atlempt when it hits with irs bite attack and does not provoke an attack of opportunity when doing so. Likewis.e, a bebilith's rend armor arrack is similar to a sunder attack, but it only works on a foe's armor, and only when the bebilith hhs with both claws. Rend armor doesn't provoke an attack of opportunity.

What happens when a creature with multiple narunll weapons gets to iIlake an attac.k of opportuniry? Does it have to use its primary naturel weapon? What happens If the creature has II pair of primary weapons such H3 a bear's two claws.

An attack of opportunity is a single melee arrack: no marrer how many weapons or natural weapons the creature making the at1ac.k has available.

When a creature with natural weaponry makes an attack of opportunity, il can use any natural weapon it has. If iT decides to use a secondary weapon, however. it suffers the usual -s attack penalty for a secondary attack (or -2 if it has the Multiattack fe<lr), and il applies only half it's Strengrh bonus on damage if rhe attack hits.

How does poisoning (or any other ability draining effect)

work, eXBctly? Can a character get ability damage l~rolJgh poison several rimes from one monster in the same ~ encounter? Can there be more than one secondary saving ~

throw for poison? ~

First, poison causes ability damage, nor ability drain.. -e


You can heal abililY damage on your own (unless you 0

lose the fight and become a monster snack), bur you need li' magical intervention to recover ability score points lost to ~

ability drain. ~

In either case, rhere's no limit to the number of times a ~

monster can beat down your abi!Jry scores with successful j

ability damage or ability drain attacks. Resolve each attack IJl

Wha happens jf you get hit

with several different paralyzing

attacks at once?

and apply their consequences separ3Tely, It's possible thaI a monster could have an ability drain OJ ability damage attack Ihar could nOT affect t~ same foe mul>tiple times, but that would be a special case noted in the monster's description, None of the creatures in the Monster Manual have such a limlrarion.

In the case of poisons that deal ability damage, you must make a saving throw against the poison's initial and secondary effects each time a poisonous attack hits you. For example, if a Huge monstrous scorpion Slings you five times, you'll have to make five initial saves and five more secondary S3Ves, each one minute after the initial save for that attack. It's quite possible to survive a long tight with a. poisonous creature only TO SUC-

cumb to its venom

later. Smart players break our rhe neuIffJlize poison spells healer's kits, antitoxin, or all three after encountering venomous foes.

In the case of poisons thaI have non--damaging effects, such as paralysis or unconsciousness, the effects don'r Slack, but each one runs for its full duration, see the next question.

What happens if you fight a carrion crawler or gholll and get hit with several different paralyzing attacks at once? Do you have to save against each one? If so, is the duration of the paralysis extended for each failed save or do the effects run concurrently? What happen5 if you later receive a spell such as remove paralysis? Will it take more than one spell to remove all the paralysis effects?

As with poison, you have to make a, saving throw for each paralyzing al1ack that hits you. IF you fail your save more than once the paralysis effects don't stack. The effects overlap and you stay paralyzed until the effect with the longest duration wears off. Likewise, if you become paralyzed and are later affected by another paralysis effect you remain paralyzed From the time the first effect STarted until the last effect ends.

Generally, overlapping effects remain in place until all ,heir durations run out or rhey're all negated somehow, in the case of fhe various "remove" spells in rhe Player's Handbook (remove blindne~s/de<ifness, remove curse, remove disease, remove fear, and remove paralysis), one spell removes all the overlapping effects that currently affect you, provided that those effects are subject to the spelt For example, if you have four overlapping paralysis effects. one remove paralysis spell deals with them all. When such a spell allows you a new saving throw Clgainsl an effect rather than simply removing it (as remove paralysis docs when the caster splits it among several

recipients) make one saving Ihrow againST the overlapping effect with the highest save DC. If that save is suc.cessful, Ihe spell removes all the overlapping effects. if The save fails, the spell has no effect.

Chapter 10 in the Player's Handbook says a spellcaster must have one hand free to cast a spell WiTh a somatic component, and the caster must have any material components in hand already if he doesn't have It free hand, So, new does a Creature like a naga C8St spells at an? Nagas don't have hands!

Creatures Thar have hands indeed need af least one free hand to cast spells with somatic or material components (or both).

Creetures fhar

don't have hands don't need hands 10 cast spells (see page 3'5 in the Mons/ar Manuah. They use body movements to complete somanc

componenTS and use material cernponents either by touching them (but not if they're in anomer creature's possession) or by having them somewbere on their bodies. A n<'lga mighr carry material components stuck 10 Its scales or even temporarily swallow them.

In a game I run, one of my players tried to use Mordenkainen s disjunction on a golem. The spell

failed to get through the antim$gic field provided by the golem's creator, so I didn't have to make a ruling thiS time. My ques1ipfl is, would it have worked? Is a golcm more of a crearure, having been listed in the Monster Munua~ or a magic item, as it's created just like one? On thaf 5ubjecl, a golem is immune to magjcsl effects, would this include Mordenbfnen's disjunction? Thar is, is a golem a magicsl effect for purposes of ruolvrng a Mordenkainen 's disjunction spell?

You can't disjoin a golem because a golem is II creature, nOT a magic item or magical effect.

Anything that has both a Charisma score and a Wisdom score is a creature, not an object. Mordenk.8inen 5 disjunction would destroy Clny magical effect a golem ytas using, such as a stow effect from a stone golem. Jg