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Airplane Etiquette I

Y: Welcome to Chinese Studio Wo shi Yajie.

R: And Wo Shi Raymond. Today we're learning how to fly. As it is holiday season for most
foreigners, those of you who haven't taken off to see your loved ones, get to listen to this
edition of Chinese Studio!
Y: Well here we are with some ways to help you get some of what you want with Airplane
R: Lets go! Here’re some key words of the day.

Key Words of the day

airport 机场 terminal 航站楼。 Please take me to the airport 请送我去机场。I’m going to the
terminal one. 我要去一号航站楼。 All in today’s Chinese studio.

R: rrrrrrrrrrr
Y: What are you doing?
R: rrrrrrrr Pretending to be an airplane.
Y: Why would you ever do that?
R: Well I heard that the best way to teach people languages is to make noises of cars or other
motor propelled vehicles.
Y: Um wrong.
R: Ok well then I guess its best to tell me, "Please take me to the airport, taxi driver.”
You can say 请送我去机场。Qing3 song4 wo3 qu4 ji1 chang3.
Qing3: please
Song4: send or deliver
Wo3: me
Qu4: go
Ji1 chang3: airport

Literally: please deliver me go airport

Please take me to the airport


Y: Wow what's that!

R: I think you mean the terminal. And tell me how to say “I’m going to terminal one” in
Chinese, so I can tell the taxi driver.
Y: wo3 yao4 qu4 yi1 hao4 hang2 zhan4 lou2.
Wo3: I

  Coryright 2007 
yao4: need to
Qu4: go
Yi1: one
Hao4: the measure word for terminal
Hang2 zhan4 lou2: terminal
I’m going to terminal one.

R: Well that's the end of Chinese studio.

Y: Time for the quiz.
R: Ok. How do you say "Please take me to the airport" in Chinese.

  Coryright 2007