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Airplane Etiquette II

R: Welcome to Chinese studio. Wo Shi Raymond.

Y: and Wo shi Yajie. We are here at the airport. Woooooo so windy.
R: Yep that's right we're about to board.
Y: Well before that let’s go over the key words of the day.

Key words of the day

Check 托运 I am going to check two bags. 我要托运两个包. bon voyage 一路平安
All in today’s Chinese Studio

Y: Hey Raymond. you should put those guns away.

R: Ya you're right, I think guns are illegal on airplanes. That means you should also put away
your bomb.
Y: Its not like I have a bomb. but I can say the word bomb as many times as I want. Bomb
Bomb bomb Bomb Bomb.
R: Oh no, don't let them take away your luggage. Make sure you have your kung fu grip on
your bag.
Y: Well maybe we should just check it in. This is how you say "I am going to check two bags"

Wo3 yao4 tuo1 yun4 liang3 ge4 bao1

Wo3: I
Yao4: need to
Tuo1 yun4: check your luggage
Liang3: an informal way of saying er4, which means two,
Ge4: the measure word for bag
Bao1: bag

I need to check two bags/ I’m going to check two bags.


R: What are you doing~!
R: Ok you're crazy.
Y: What?

  Coryright 2007 
R: You know its proven that making airplane noises doesn't help you learn languages. You
have to say stuff like "Let's GO!"
Y: Ok. Sounds good.
R: Well since we're "Going" lets figure out to say "Bon Voyage" in Chinese!

In this case, you’d better say: yi2 lu4 ping2 an1 一路平安

Yi2 lu4: all the way

Ping2 an1: safe and sound

Safe and sound all the way/ bon voyage 一路平安


R: Well that concludes our "GREAT" Chinese studio.

Y: Please take care of all your belongings and put your tray tables in an upright position.
R: how do you say "bon Voyage" in Chinese.

  Coryright 2007