Newsletter #9

May 2010

- noun Study of the heart and its functions. If had to reflect on the past month I would have to say that it has been … bittersweet. About two and a half years ago Trevor Gird received a ‘new’ heart at the age of 16 years old. He joined 13thFLOOR in the beginning of 2010 and I immediately fell in love with the way Trevor approached life. One might at first glance labeled Trevor as cocky, but as I got know Trevor more and more , I realized that this teenager had an unusual appetite for life. Always smiling and pulling mischievous pranks. As part of my technical team, Trevor was always up for the task, no matter how big. In February, on our Eastern Cape tour, Trevor was hospitalized and I only then found out that he was a heart transplant survivor. Unfortunately, after a three month struggle, Trevor passed away last week. This of course has cast a shadow over all other happenings in my life this month, perhaps bringing different perspectives. In the past month I have tried t o I understand why Christians get labeled as hypocrites. Aren’t we suppose to share and love? Isn’t that our heart? In that case, I don’t want to be called ‘Christian’ anymore. My new God-given heart doesn’t resonate with the Institution. I want to serve Jesus and follow His guidance with love. If it is through music, so be it. I pray then that where I serve, across South Africa and maybe even in Europe (possibly November), that the heart of the Creator is pulsated through my actions and my words.

create relations h i p with several Christian Institutions in Pretoria and my heart broke. I have realized: ‘the bigger’ the Institution, the less collaborative they become...UNLESS you fork-out a large amount of money for the benefit of the Institution’s pockets.

I hope the fruits of my cardiology are love and fellowship.
Eugene van Deventer
Music and Technical Administrator



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