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Weekly Report of features you have worked on this week and tasks performed.

Name: ____Jalal alowibdi ______________________________ Date: __June 02, 2008____

Feature name Start Specific tasks you performed. Hours

date worked
EPF May Basically, the task was to document using the EPF tools 5
27, that Mike provides to us. So that I did some work on
2008 this.

Team meeting discussing May I meet with Nan to discuss progress so far and also the 2
27, team as well.

Set up email discussing May As a project manager, I did send out summary email to 2
27 the team to start discussing what went right and what
2008 went wrong and what should we do as well. Also this
discussing contain any other question regard to how to?
Also, we discussed many things.
Status report Meeting with May Discussion the status and issues via emails. 1
PM's 27,

The reason for my small amount of hours is that I went to my country with my wife as I told you. Also, many
thanks to Nan who said that he will work on the rest of the work which was basically take data from the db and
store it to the db.

Road blocks: