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Please note: There is no homework set for this week and I have also decided to cancel next week's

spelling test, to give more time at home to revise for the final exams.

Grade 1C - Weekly Planner

Week 29: 29th May 2010
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English: Phonics English: Spelling Test Arabic Arabic Science English: Grammar Math Social Studies

Spelling test on last week's


words: How does food get from the Adding Groups of 10 &
"Families Work Together"
Reading compound words, farm to the store? Ch.12 Lsn Adjectives for How Many: Adding Tens to Two Digit
Arabic Arabic (Lesson 3) pp.210-213, AB
practice book p.103. lie, tie, high, might, right, 2 pp.346-347. Workbook G&WP Book pages 89 & 91. Numbers Lsn 12.1 & 12.2
p. 52 & 55.
night, bright, light, pie, tight, p.127A. pp.459-462.
above, laugh.

Math Islamic Studies Arabic Arabic Social Studies Science English: HFW English: Spelling

Chapter 12: A Healthful


"picture", "remember", "room",

Adding Two Digit Numbers Worksheet 7.4: Surah Al- Neighborhood "Community Compound words, spelling
Arabic Arabic Chapter 11 Test "stood" & "thought." Practice
Lsn 12.3 pp.463-464. Ikhlas (Part 2) Helpers" (Lesson 1) pp.222- book 1.2 p.106 & 107. practice book p. 90 & 92.
225. AB 56 Lsn 1 & AB 58,

Art English: Reading and Comprehension Math I.T. Arabic English: Handwriting

This week's story

Handwriting Assessment 9 -

"Peter’s Chair" pp.130-149. E, F, Z, V, W, X & Y.

Regrouping in Addition Lsn
Art I.T. Arabic
12.4 pp.465-466.
Comprehension (See website for an
advanced copy)
"Character, setting & plot", practice book p.104

Islamic Studies P.E. Science Math English: Phonics Arabic Arabic English: Spelling

What tools can you use to


Worksheet 7.5: Surah Al- make dinner? Ch.12 Lsn 3 Subtracting Groups of 10 Lsn Reading vowels "ew", "ue" & Compound words, spelling
P.E. Arabic Arabic
Falaq (Part 1) pp.348-351. Workbook 12.6 pp.471-472. "ui", p.105. practice book exercises p.91.

P.E. Math Science Arabic I.T. English: Grammar English: Week Review

No school today for Grade 1 (Only)