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Commercial Rabbit Raising Rich

Commercial Rabbit Raising Rich

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Published by: tespinoza812 on May 28, 2010
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Castration of bucks may be de-

sirable; for example, where An-

goras are to be kept in colonies

for wool production. In produc-

ing domestic rabbit meat for mar-

ket, there are no advantages to be

derived from castrating bucks for
improving the rate of growth and

condition, reducing the quantity of

feed required to produce a pound

of gain in live weight, and improv-

ing the carcass and pelt. Prob-

ably the only advantage to be de-

rived would be that it reduces

fighting and makes possible the
maintaining of a number of cas-

trated bucks in one inclosure, there-
by saving equipment, time, and

labor. Castration is a simple oper-

ation, most easily performed when
bucks are 3 to 4 months old. You

also can perform it at weaning


To restrain an animal for the
operation, have an assistant hold

the buck's left forefoot and left
hind foot with his left hand, and

the right forefoot and right hind

foot with his right hand, with the

animal's back held firmly, but

gently, against his lap. Clip all the

wool from the scrotum. Disinfect a

Figure 18.—Vertical section of a box for restraining a rabbit for tattooing. The
spring-type holders tacked to the lower side of a movable floor compress the

rabbit toward the top of the box. A movable cross partition holds the rabbit
toward the front. Blocks of wood on each side hold the rabbit's head in the
center of the hole at the top.



sharp knife or razor blade. If you
do not use a disinfecting agent on

the rabbit, he will lick the wound

frequently, keeping it clean and

the tissues soft, thus promoting


Press one of the testicles out into

the scrotum. Hold it firmly be-
tween the thumb and forefinger of

the left hand. Make an incision

parallel to the median line and

well toward the back end of the

scrotum to allow the wound to
drain readily. To keep the testi-

cle from being drawn up into the
abdominal cavity, as soon as it
comes from the incision pull it out

far enough from the body for the

cord to be severed just above it.
To prevent excessive hemorrhage,
sever the cord by scraping with a

knife rather than by cutting. If

too much tension is put on the

cord and it is drawn too far from

the body, injury may be brought

about by internal hemorrhage or

other complication.

After the second testicle has been
removed in the same manner, lift
the scrotum to make sure that the

ends of the cord go back into the


Handle the animal gently. After

the operation, place it in a clean
hutch where it can be quiet and


Care of Herd During Extreme

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