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Executive Coordinator

Salary from $40,000 to 50,000

35 to 40 hours per week
Under the direction of the President

o Executive Advisor
o Acts as an institutional guide for the executive and organization
o Interpretation and application of constitution and by-laws, policies &
o Advice to executive on matters sensitive in nature
o Council on campaigns, advocacy, special events
o Able to suggest projects to improve the federation
o Helps put executive projects into action
o Assists with operations of the federation as directed by the executive
o Human Resource
o Advise the executive if human resource policies and procedures are not
being followed
o Advise the VP Finance on all human resource related policies and
o Advise the VP Finance on human resource related matters
o Research and update all human resource policies and procedures with the
VP Finance on an on-going basis
o Suggest and organize employee appreciation activities with the VP
o Organize orientation sessions for new and current employees
o Organize appropriate human resource sessions for all supervisors
o Organize job descriptions for approval
o Organize recruitment with the VP Finance
o Prepare employee contracts for approval
o Retain and keep employee files up to date
o Ensure all employees have up to date contracts
o Keep an up to date listing of all federation employees
o Administrative
o Supervision of employees
o Ensure all deposits are made in a timely and proper manner
o General administrative aid to the executive

Ideal Candidate:
o Good understanding of how student organizations work
o Post-secondary degree or equivalent
o Thorough understanding of the student union environment
o Experience researching and developing policies and procedures an asset
o Experience working in student union environment or equivalent an asset
o Experience supervising staff
o Good interpersonal skills
o Good organizational skills
o Knowledge of MS Office environment (PowerPoint, Access, Word and Outlook)
o Knowledge of Excel
o Must be able to effectively communicate in both French and English