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Endorsement and Solidarity Statement

From Harambee Radio and TV

Dalani Aamon
CEO and Founder

Harambee Radio and TV Network is honored to stand in solidarity with the quest for
justice for Jamie and Gladys Scott, two sisters who have been imprisoned for over 16
years. We deem it unconscionable that the Scott sisters received two life sentences for a
crime that netted a mere eleven dollars; a crime for which they have always proclaimed
their innocence.

The Harambee Radio and TV Network is pleased to be able to spotlight this egregious
case, a case which continues to shock the conscience of those who hear it. Harambee
features commentary and interviews from the most respected activists from across the
nation and we seek to actively broaden awareness around the sisters’ case. As part of
our solidarity, we are opening our airways with a special focus on this travesty of justice
through both our online radio and television outlets. And, in concert with our mission
statement, we will collaborate and partner with others to strengthen the movement that
will allow justice to prevail.