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Ecce Romani

Chapter 20
pp. 168-171
As you read pages 168-171 answer the following questions in complete sentences. Be
sure to back up your answers with details from the selection.

1. Rome expanded geographically during the early part of the Republic. Describe three
reasons this growth occurred.

2. Why did the Romans decide to elect two consuls yearly?

3. Explain the cursus honorum and the responsibilities of each office it contained.

4. Why wasn’t the position of dictator part of the cursus honorum?

5. For whose benefit was the Centuriate assembly divided by wealth? Explain your

6. What system of checks and balances did the Romans institute with the Tribal

7. What group held the most power in the Republic? Explain your answer.

8. How was the plebian class especially important in Rome?

9. What were the Laws of the Twelve Tables, and how did they help the Romans
maintain a representative system of government?

10. What methods did the Romans use the counteract the increasing enemy forces it
11. Explain the meaning of the expression (still in use today) of a Pyrrhic victory.

12. What measures did the Romans utilize after conquering their enemies militarily to
strengthen Rome’s political and military might.