The African American Freedom & Reconstruction League

PO Box 28657, Philadelphia, PA 19151 215-235-6776/215-474-3577

To the Gray-haired witnesses: The African American Freedom and Reconstruction League is a grassroots organization that stands solidly on the righteous principles of our ancient African ancestors and we demand the immediate release of Gladys and Jamie Scott. For the past 15 years, the Scott sisters have suffered indignities, mistreatment, and torture at the hands of the Mississippi penal system for a crime that does not merit their being incarcerated for 2 life sentences. We believe in the innocence of these two sisters and demand that they be released immediately to their families and that Jamie Scott receives proper medical care at a facility that will cater to her medical needs. As it stands right now, the state of Mississippi is slowly executing this sister by refusing her proper care in proper medical surroundings. In addition to their release, we demand that they be compensated for the torture they received at the hands of the racist Mississippi regime. Those who have allowed this injustice to go on for so many years should be prosecuted for dispensing a cruel and unusual punishment for a non-injurious petty crime that netted only $11.00. We believe that Eric Holder, head of the Justice Department, should step up to the plate, investigate the state of Mississippi, and give those sisters justice and freedom because Jamie and Gladys Scott certainly haven’t seen it in Mississippi or America as far as we are concerned. “We, who believe in Freedom want honesty in religion, ethics and politics. We anchor our moral strength in the Hebrew, Christian, and Islamic traditions and beliefs in justice and brotherhood; in the ancient Egyptian, Dogon, Yoruba and Akan search for balance and harmony between women and men, society, nature and cosmos. We seek, therefore, to tell no lies, nor claim easy victories in our struggle for freedom. We call upon all women and men, children and youths of good will to put truth and principle before lying and deceit.”AAFRL Mission Statement. Ashe, Heri, Hotep, Members of the AAFRL, Robert Gray, Chairperson.

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