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Snacks 3

Y: We’ve taken the Chinese Studio out on the street this week, for a little taster of what’s on
offer in the snack line. Wo shi Y, come and join the fun.
B: Da jia hao, wo shi B. I reckon I’m learning a word for every calorie I’m putting on. By the
time I’ve learned enough to get by, it’ll also be time to join weight watchers.
Y: Don’t panic just yet B, besides, there’s heaps of snacks still to try.
B: You’ve talked me into it Y, and here are a few keywords I need to learn.

Key words of the day

Steamed dumpling 蒸饺I’d like some vinegar. 给我拿点儿醋。steamed bean paste buns 豆沙
包Sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves 粽子. I’m full我已经吃饱了。All in today’s Chinese

B: Ok Y, time to come clean, my favorite snack food here is the steamed dumpling, and they
seem to come with all sorts of different fillings. What’s the Chinese word for these?
Y: zheng1 jiao3.
B: zheng1 jiao3.
Y: zheng1 means steamed,
B: zheng1,
Y: jiao3 is dumpling,
B: jiao3,
Y: zheng1 jiao3.
B: zheng1 jiao3. Steamed dumpling
Y: and they usually have pork inside, or other meat, or veggies.
B: Let’s start the day with a pork zheng1 jiao3 or two, or three.

Conversation 1
A: 来一笼蒸饺。
B: 好的,马上就来。

B: Before we move on, it seems to be the custom to dip zheng1 jiao3 into sauce. Sometimes
there isn’t any sauce. How can I ask, I want some dipping sauce.
Y: That sauce is usually vinegar, cu4, so you can say: gei2 wo3 na2 dian3er cu4.
B: gei2 wo3 na2 dian3er cu4.
Y: gei2 wo3 literally means to me,
B: gei2 wo3,
Y: na2 means bring,
B: na2,

  Coryright 2007 
Y: dian3er means a little bit,
B: dian3er,
Y: cu4, vinegar,
B: cu4,
Y: gei2 wo3 na2 dian3er cu4.
B: gei2 wo3 na2 dian3er cu4. I’d like some vinegar.

A: 服务员,给我拿点儿醋。
B: 好的,请稍等。

B: Now, time for something a little sweet. How about those sweet steamed bean paste buns,
what are they called?
Y: I think you are talking about: dou4 sha1 bao1
B: dou4 sha1 bao1.
Y: dou4 is bean,
B: dou4,
Y: sha1 is something like paste,
B: sha1,
Y: bao1 is steamed stuffed bun,
B: bao1,
Y: dou4 sha1 bao1
B: dou4 sha1 bao1, steamed bean paste buns… And what about the sticky rice wrapped in
bamboo leaves?
Y: We eat those at dragon boat festival time, and they’re called zong4 zi.
B: zong4 zi. You know Y, my eyes are bigger than my stomach, although there’s still heaps
of things to try, it’ll have to wait cos I’m absolutely full. What’s a good way to express that in
Y: You can say wo2 yi3 jing1 chi1 bao3 le.
B: wo2 yi3 jing1 chi1 bao3 le.
Y: yi3 jing1 means already,
B: yi3 jing1,
Y: chi1 means eat.
B: chi1,
Y: bao3 means full,
B: bao3,
Y: wo2 yi3 jing1 chi1 bao3 le.
B: wo2 yi3 jing1 chi1 bao3 le. I’m full.

Conversation 3
A: 再点点儿什么?
B: 不用了。我已经吃饱了。

  Coryright 2007 
B: Time for a little nap but first up, what’s our question of the day Y?
Y: How do you say, “I’m full” in Chinese?
B: Send us an answer to Remember, the correct answer and you could
win yourself a prize. Mingtian jian.
Y: Mingtian jian.

  Coryright 2007