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Night Activities 2

R: Hey welcome everyone to another edition of Chinese Studio. Wo shi Raymond.

Y: And wo Shi Yajie. We’ve got an incredible show as we’re continuing our Chinese about
Night Activities.
R: Yep and what are we doing tonight?
Y: Well we’re all tired out from the clubbing and massages, so lets do something that doesn’t
involve dancing.
R: Ok lets check out the key words of the day.

Key Words Of the Day

Which bar is the cheapest? 哪间酒吧比较便宜? Go and watch a movie 去看电影吧。Go and sing
karaoke 去k歌吧。 All in today’s Chinese.

Y: I’m running low on dough. Maybe we should go to a different place this time.
R: Yea, I don’t want to be broke. I do have to eat for the rest of the month.
Y: Well we could go to a cheaper place?
R: Ok good idea. Lets go to a cheap bar. Lets ask this guy. Wait before that how do you say
“Which bar is the cheapest” in Chinese?
Y: you’d better have me ask this question: nei3 jian1 jiu3 ba1 bi3 jiao4 pian2 yi4?
R: nei3 jian1 jiu3 ba1 bi3 jiao4 pian2 yi4?
Y: Remember last time, we learned that nei3, is the colloquial pronunciation for na3, and it
means which or what,
R: nei3,
Y: jian1 is the measure word for bar,
R: jian1,
Y: bar in Chinese is jiu3 ba1,
R: jiu3 ba1,
Y: bi3 jiao4, relatively or comparatively,
R: bi3 jiao4,
Y: pian2 yi4, is cheap,
R: pian2 yi4,
Y: nei3 jian1 jiu3 ba1 bi3 jiao4 pian2 yi4?
R: nei3 jian1 jiu3 ba1 bi3 jiao4 pian2 yi4? Which bar is the cheapest?

Conversation 1
A: 哪间酒吧比较便宜?
B: 这间酒吧好像比较便宜。

  Coryright 2007 
R: Hey I think I’ve had too much to drink.
Y: Me too. Those mixed drinks were definitely mixed.
R: Yea, I think we need to go rest. What time is it?
Y: 8:30 pm.
R: Oh my gosh, we got plastered and its only 8:30. I guess we should do something else.
Y: Yea lets go watch a movie and kill some more time.
R: Ok how do you say “Go and watch a movie”?
Y: qu4 kan4 dian4 ying3 ba.
R: qu4 kan4 dian4 ying3 ba.
Y: qu4 kan4, go and watch,
R: qu4 kan4,
Y: dian4 ying3, a movie,
R: dian4 ying3,
Y: ba is used to indicate suggestion,
R: ba,
Y: qu4 kan4 dian4 ying3 ba.
R: qu4 kan4 dian4 ying3 ba. Go and watch a movie.

Conversation 2
A: 才 8 点,时间还早呢。
B: 去看电影吧。
A: 好啊。

Y: Well that was an interesting movie.

R: Yea, I dunno if I really like Josie and the Pussycats.
Y: It was so much fun! But hey its only 10:30.
R: Dang, its still too early to go in. I think my roommates would laugh at me if I got home this
Y: I know, I love singing. Lets go and sing some karaoke!
R: Ok how do you say “Go and sing Karaoke” in Chinese?
Y: Listen up, here is a trendy way: qu4 K ge1 ba.
R: what?
Y: well, let me explain for you. k ge1: is a trendy way for singing karaoke, instead of saying:
ka3 la1 okay.
R: k ge1.
Y: qu4 is go,
R: qu4,
Y: qu4 K ge1 ba.
R: qu4 K ge1 ba. Go and sing karaoke.

  Coryright 2007 
Conversation 3
A: 去 k 歌吧。
B: 好的,很久没 k 歌了。

Y: Well we’re just going to enjoy the rest of the night here. I hope you all picked up on some
of these night time fun times.
R: And we’re going to do the quiz of the day before we end this program.
Y: The quiz of the day is how do you say “Go and sing a karaoke” in Chinese.
R: That’s right we’re giving away an incredible Chinese handbook with idioms to the winner.
It could be you.

  Coryright 2007 

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