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Fruit 2

B: Dajia hao, hello everyone, perfect your Chinese every day, right here in the Chinese Studio.
Wo shi B.
Y: wo shi Y. Those apples and peaches we had the other day were very delicious. Let’s see
what else is for sale in the fruit stand.
B: Good idea, let’s check our key words of the day as we go.

Key words of the day

Fruit stand 水果摊Grapes 葡萄, Portugal,葡萄牙,Are these grapes sweet or not? 甜不甜? very
sweet 很甜. It’s a bit sour 有点酸 a bunch of grapes. 一串葡萄 All in today’s Chinese Studio.

B: There are so many places to buy fruit, right here in the street, what we can call fruit stands.
Y: That’s right, in Chinese we call them: shui2 guo3 tan1.
B: shui2 guo3 tan1.
Y: as we learned shui2 guo3 means fruit,
B: shui2 guo3,
Y: tan1 means stand,
B: tan1,
Y: shui2 guo3 tan1
B: shui2 guo3 tan1, fruit stand, and they’re just like mini markets.

Conversation 1
A: 附近有水果摊吗?
B: 有啊。超市门口就有。

B: And those grapes look hao3 chi1, they look delicious.

Y: They do, grapes we call pu2 tao.
B: pu2 tao. hey isn’t that part of the name of the country Portugal, who played so well in the
recent football World Cup?
Y: That’s right, Pu2 tao2 ya2, actually means grape tooth. We don’t need to know that at
shui2 guo3 tan1, the fruit stand.
B: Those pu2 tao are very sweet and juicy, shall we buy some grapes?
Y: okay, you can ask the seller: tian2 bu4 tian2. Are they sweet or not?
B: tian2 bu4 tian2.
Y: tian2 means sweet,
B: tian2,
Y: bu4 means not,
B: bu4,

  Coryright 2007 
Y: tian2 bu4 tian2.
B: tian2 bu4 tian2, Are these grapes sweet or not? I tasted some and I found it very sweet.
How do I say that in Chinese.
Y: You may say-- hen3 tian2, very sweet.
B: hen3 tian2.
Y: hen3 means very much,
B: hen3,
Y: tian2 means sweet,
B: tian2,
Y: hen3 tian2
B: hen3 tian2, very sweet,

A: 葡萄怎么卖?
B: 三块钱一斤。
A: 甜不甜?
B: 放心,绝对甜。

B: We’ve just learned how to say the grapes are very sweet. But sometimes they are a bit
Y: And we call that: you2 dian3 suan1.
B: you2 dian3 suan1.
Y: you2 dian3 means a little bit,
B: you2 dian3,
Y: suan1 means sour,
B: suan1,
Y: you2 dian3 suan1.
B: you2 dian3 suan1. It’s a bit sour. So, how do I say, a bunch of grapes?
Y: Try this: yi2 chuan4 pu2 tao.
B: yi2 chuan4 pu2 tao.
Y: yi2 chuan4 means a bunch of,
B: yi2 chuan4.
Y: as yi1 means one, and chuan4 means bunch, which is the measure word for grapes,
B: yi2 chuan4,
Y: pu2 tao, grapes,
B: pu2 tao,
Y: yi2 chuan4 pu2 tao
B: yi2 chuan4 pu2 tao, a bunch of grapes.

Conversation 3
A: 现在是吃葡萄的时候吗?
B: 再等等。现在还有点酸。

  Coryright 2007 
B: Gee I think we’ve found our very own Garden of Eden, but perhaps we’ll stay away from
the pingguo, the apples today.
Y: What’s that Adam? Well before we go, here’s our tempting question of the day.
Remind us how to say, “Grapes” in Chinese of course.
B: Please send us your email answer to Mingtian jian.
Y: Zai jian.

  Coryright 2007