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Layos anas Liea1 FAN 21 SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC Hagel day spa MINISTRY OF ELECTRICITY algnaall Bibi PUBLIC ESTABLISHMENT OF ELECTRICITY 248 10s hy ppb AUN aly Sil Atal al NOR GENERATION AND TRANSMISSION (PEEGT) Fi@3o 23 DATE 3-3 2008 EACSIMILE MESSAGE ATTENTION: [Mn Mauro Basano, COMPANY: “urbo Care. _ TOFAX NO: | 6666039 MESSAGE NO, Pages inoluding this cover page:( 1) SUBIECT Contract SVENTIPERGT Wanias Projoct for 2 Gas Twrbince in Simple Oya a __| Proposal For HY Cable Romting. 7 Dear Sir, With reference to your letter No,D4/76%08 dated March 4, 2008 concerning above mentioned subject. We would like to inform you that the obstacles which non movable and in the cressway of HV cable ways are as the following 1- Two underground 66K cables channels See attached drawing ( X &Y have been already prepared by your stafT for above Demi water pipe channel for isolators washing system. mentioned obstacles ) DEamfismeficess oy Potent > Demmo os4, General Director of PEEGT. Questa & 4 tote Dowarena* Eng. Higham Mashfej Di osaces vsoatgenuD Wo Sige Pencotso Wd Acemare J Audie Avant? Appents Ho k tons A Toe / cx MANDO Page Fort