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SYREN de uE AEPUINL HC nun ner Agel aa ph teyyets Mints ter oF eLcCrMeHY seb N5y PUBLIC FSFAMLISHMENE OF ELECTR st 5 TORGEMECTION 100 TRAASUINMIONT 2a A fy A Lt CONTACTS Dreterwae xT wee OBI pare: 2b 2, FACSIMILE MESSAGE. ‘YOUR LETTER NO, DA/791/08 DATED IN 17/3/2008, Dear Sin Reference to your am letter, we inform you that the L/C is opened with the toval value mentioned in the contract ie Euro /77208778/, so the mentioned total value is covered by the Commersial Bank of Syria and as per the contract provisions agreed by you, so the Following payments: =10% against the advance, 5% against the approval of drawings. =10% for works completion. 10% for provisional seceptance These payments will be effected according, 1 an authorization from us to the comesponding bank through the Commercial Bank of Syria, So the corresponding bank found the inability to confirm 35% of the L/C value. but he is able to pay 10% against the advance once he is provided with the necessary instructions from us. So, we kindly ask you Wy submit needed documents to pay the aim payment without any delay and we will ask ou bank to pay the payment even if the confirmation is only 65% of the value although we asked our bank (o ask the avin bank 19 se his confirmation to the total value of the L/C because the del confirmation the Rost Regards otal value of the L/C will not prevent the use oF it > LEC. General Director of PERGT. Con flees: / Susn oft Lng. Hishym Mashioj (Lv > DeHnie os? 27/08 2008 10:38 FAX 803116060039 -ruocame SvIA ste TH REFORT ase TRANSHISSION OK ‘rave 80 [CONNECTION TH SSHRADDRESS| CONNECTION 1D st. TINE 7/08 10:38 USAGE T n0"25 Pes. SINT 1 ESI ox w vast ' las “sat 12,00 Laavst geran suuz KEL As int NnLtaitysoo Seamus re00800 (10 BEY "ta, SOLAGANNID aes oy VL S26 LION XL eee