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Minutes of Meeting Syren Gas Company peear. Turboare Me. brahim Khaddour_ ~~ Dr. Mhoammed aad Mr, Mauro Ba ‘Mr, Hassan Mahmoud 7 i ‘The meeting was requested by SGC / PEEGT by reference to PEEGT letter 1358.23 ot 22.31.2007 regarding Barias Gs Turbine Power lant. ‘SGC confirmed the request fr a low calculation as per PEEGT letter 1358123. ‘The calculation by means of calibrated orfi:e is acceptable. The flow calculation stall include alsothe pipeline that I feding the gas heating system (aso inthis case a calibrated orifice ls acceptable). ‘TurboCare took rate thatthe flow metering orifice type I acceptable, ‘TurboCare wil evaluate thelmpact ofthe requirement. 2 S6C intorm PEEGT and TurboCere that his normal policy In all hisgos treatment plant isto have always avaiable» "future connection’ (manual valve + blind ange) in oder ta avoid future "hot works’. In this moment SGC ge treatment plant in Banas has one "future connection". ‘Snce TurboCare pipeline wl use this "future connection” as Terminal Pont, SGS ‘require the instalation of anew 26" manuel vale + bind flange. ‘This requirement of SGC implicates for TurboCare the supply of 2 "T connection", @ 28" manual valve and blind flange. “TurboCare took rote fthisnew requirement and willevalvate the impacts in ‘terms ofthe extra costs. 3. SGC informed TurboCare that a future access road (8 meters wide) tothe existing ‘SGC gas treatment plant will pass near TurboCare gas tation as indicated inthe attached slatch ‘This new access raad implicate thatthe TurboCare pipeline runring from the ‘Terminal Point tothe gas station shalleross the new access roae: 2. underground, or 'b, 6meters above ground with gantry. ‘SGC confirmed that in case the crossing ofthe road will be underground, then the ‘cathodic protection willbe made by SGC. TurbeCore took note ofthe requirement and wil evalate the best option and its impacts, Homs, 27.03.2008 Nouvis*F) Nolwonazy svp