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Laos Z008 rasan FAN 2120ua8 ener anos SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC day pall Lally ggaasl MINISTRY OF ELECTRICITY nasal Saal a3 PUBLIC ESTABLISUMENT OF ELECTRICITY . . PRT ATION AND TRANSMISSION (PREGT) — 44t..gSt) ARUat at gy Jt ated Las gal FOR Gt rer: 658/125 \ Datk: jee F 22008 a FACSIMIU MI[SSAGE Lom F: Ni: 0963-1 | ATTENTION: [Mn Mauro Basano. — | COMPANY: [Turbo Care - q TOPAXNO: | 6666030 County: Syria-Damaseus _| Pages including this cover page: (T] Project for 2 Gas Tarbines in Simple Cys Site Office. MESSAGE NO. SUBILCT Toutrae a81/EXTIPEBGT Ba Sulanission of Drawings for Bam Dear Sir, With reterence to your lester NO.DA‘S14/08 dated Apvil 6 2008 concerning above inentioned subject. We have reviewed the submitied drawings and we would like to inform you eur approval with the following comments 1 Please add floor drain 120 mm in addition to fluor diain 125 mum in al! kitehens for Turho Care, PEKGT and TOLC bu'lding Please increase the volume of all water storage tanks to he 1000 liter in all buildings Turbo Care, PEEGT and TOEL 3. Please use telereptors to switch on and off ling 1 ( corridor lights ) ftom three points ( inain entrance ard oiler beth sides of the contior in all buildings 4 Please prowde fire prevention alzm system ane fire fighting system in all ~— huiidings Turbo Care, PEEGT and TORC In site layout drawing all road should be covered with asphalt instead oF grave! ( area No.8) Knowing that this approval does not release you from ary correctness of design that rust be in conformity with the terms znd conditions af the contract Best Regards General Director of PEEGT Eng, Hisham Mashfej ae