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sees ue tus Las# FAR mugearreienp6L Peer ‘goo SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC SS MINISTRY OF ELECTRICITY 7 PUDLMCESTAS SHMENT FOR - GENERATION AND TRA (OF ELECTRICITY (PEEGT) aa RE: pg (oe DATE: Leos aS FACSIMILE MESSAGE EROM PAN AO. :u0963-11-230062 j Astaiions Tv Mauro Basano ae | Company ‘Furbo en ste 1 Fax Nes —*6a39 ie ae = Message Na, — —— = _>_ Page ineiuating this cover Contract 461/EXT/PEEGT | Subject Banias project for 2 Gas Turbines in simple eyele. oe — — Submission of Banias Project Critical Path Method Dear sir, Wilk ref: to afm subjeet and your Ioter No. DAS6/08 dated! 14/4/2008 attached with | ne Critical Path Method (CPM), No. 601065 Rev.2, dated 14) said CPM. 8 and after checking the Please be informed the ioLowing: | 1. The commencemant order is om 17/1/2008 according to our previous fax No 20544 1402 dated 1/4/2008 The site handing ever is on 1 The main DWG list should be | ovr previous fax No. 637/125 dated! 14/4/2008 ‘ending to our counnents mentioned in i 4 Temporsry Power Supply: and Ras Water are already: availabe ‘We ask yom