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osnS “us THE OT 0 eRe copusa zs tzppeL var oes ‘MINISTRY OF ELECTRICITY easy POHL. ESTARLASTIMEN TE HOR ety ods (GENERATION AND TRANSMISSION (OF REFCTRICITY RRC) res RE: bq yue os Date: 3. teow EACSIMILE MESSAGE _EROMTAX NO. WHGLIT T2000 Aitentio Mr. Mauro Basano - _ Companye Turho care _ - To Fax 6665059 Cinimeey: Syria Message No. Page including this eover page?) Contract 46U/EXT/PEEGT subject Banins project for 2 Gas’Curbines in simple cycle. Stoppage of works Dear sir, With ref, to your letter No. DA‘19/08 dated 24/4/08 and your letter No, DAMS 49/08 cat 5/5/08 concerning a’m subject, and afler we checked with our site staff We'd like to inform you the following: L. You hive to submit us the wlated execution work drawings tn be approved by | | PEE YT before initiating of work execution ‘Lhe water pipeline and rhe electrical eable wore not a reason of work sloppage arid he work susn’t copped at eny time, 3. PREG has taken the necessary measures to remove the elvetreal eable ancl the | wuler pipeline. + as Sil drawing, for the uudurgromnd cleutricdd cable was handed over to your “totive in Damascus Mz, Franshisco on 6/3/08 (pls, see our attached fas No, | 48] !128 dated 13/3108, General Director of PEEGT Eng, Lisham Mashtoj ah | Rest regards. SYRIAN RAB REPUBLIC SANISTRY OF ELECTRIC are UTSLABLISHMIENE OF RLRCTRICITS ce PUBLICIST BLIND igansnussron PEEGID S54") EEF: fy nag 21 (23 cor 666603 Gk NB. Pstension of Bai | Request for drawine aan the wandity 0 and ihe Fest¢ gest Regards