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ase uy 14:28 FAN 2129998 REST Boos SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC Rapist MINISTRY OF ELECTRICITY sesaslgas PUBLICESTAILISHMENT FOR ia po MBO yd GENERATION AND TRANSBESSION (OF ELECTRICITY (PEIEGI REE: 32; 00 pati: goss BS 100% FACSIMILE MESSA¢ - FROM FAX NO. =00962-11-329052 _ — “Attention: | Mr. Mauro Rasano - = Page including this eover page : (1 Contract 461/EXT/PEEGT Banias project for 2 Gas Turbincs in simple cycle. Submission of Banias Project Critieal Path Method Dear sir, nd our fax No. 35-100 detad 22/4/08 With ref. to alm subje Pleese be informed that, we are still waiting your reply fir the modified CPM to enable us io follow all the activities of execution of the project Best regards. General Director of PEEGT Eng. Hisham Mashfej