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Sons 0g SUN LL:48 FAX ooosa142L20081 SYRIAN ARAN RKEUSLIC SHIRIHY OF MIME EY PUBLIC ESTABLISHMENT FOR GENERATION AND TRANSMISSION OPEEPCTRICTIY (PEC T) 15a 109 12-G-%oB ener DATE: EACSIMILE MESS 96: EROM HAXND, T Mr. Mauro Basana Boor Sapte gpa peered Ay a aaa a some of the main drawing We ask you kindly to send a list of the drawings, Best regards. With ref, to aim subject, and your lettar No. DA/RSOA0N dated 5 TTurko enre | 6666039 - Country: Syria - Message Nog ____ Page imeiuding this eover page? () Contract 461/EXT/PEEGT Subject Banias project for 2 Gas Turbines in simple eyele. Submission of main drawings _ Dear sir, legends whieh were used in the aim General Director of PEEGT. Eng. Hisham Mashfej