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Can You Help Me

S:大家好!我是 S. 欢迎到 LCN.

M: dajia hao! Wo shi ML.
S: Pencil and paper ready? Hao! 请,Please, qǐng, please say the Chinese out loud with us.
M: And we'll be really happy - feichang gaoxing.
S: feichang gaoxing.
M: And finally,车来了, the car (actually it's a taxi) has come, chē láile. 现在,我们离开机场,
now we leave the jichang. Xianzai, women likai jichang.
S: So I'll get my luggage. 哎呀,我的行李很沉。Whew, my luggage is very heavy! Wo de xingli
hen chen. 司机,你能帮我吗? Sīji, nǐ néng bāng wǒ ma?
TD: Mei wenti.
S: Xiexie.
M: Guess what Stuart asked the siji, the driver? Listen.
S: 司机,你能帮我吗? Siji, ni neng bang wo ma?
TD: Mei wenti.
S: Xiexie.
M: Can you guess? Right he asked the driver to help him. Ni neng bang wo ma? Néng NENG
NENG néng, means ‘able' or ‘can'. Bāng BANG bāng, means ‘help'. Ni neng bang wo ma? Can
you help me? Ni neng bang wo ma? Ni neng bang wo ma? Stuart could also have asked…
S: 你能帮忙吗?
M: nǐ néng bāngmáng ma? nǐ néng bāngmáng ma? Bangmang BANG MANG bangmang, also
means ‘help'. Please help, 请帮忙,qing bangmang.
S: Mei wenti. 让我来. Let me do it. Ràng wǒ lái.
M: Wonderful, let's put the luggage in and get going. Stuart 和我坐前面。Stuart and I will sit
in the front. 我们坐前面. Women zuò qiánmian.
S: Wo tongyi.
S: Now let's look at the new words.
S: ML 和我坐前面。ML and I will sit in the front. Women zuò qiánmian.
M: zuò qiánmiàn. zuò ZUO ZUO zuò, to ‘sit', zuò.
S: qiánmian QIAN MIAN qián mian, the ‘front', qiánmian.
M: Women zuò qiánmian. We'll sit in the front. Women zuò qiánmian. We can also say,
women zuo zai qianmian. The same, yíyàng, yiyang. women zuo zai qianmian.
S: Women zai qianmian. Na henhao!
M: Wow, we've just learnt a lot of Chinese.
S: Try and practice it before the next lesson, when we'll start with the whole dialogue, our
longest yet.
M: It includes, zuo zai qianmian – sit in the front – zuo zai qianmian.
S: And bāngmáng, to help, bangmang.
Coryright 2007
M: So, 好好学习 – study hard.
S: hǎo hǎo xuéxí.
M: And we'll see you tomorrow.
S: Zaijian!
M: Zaijian!

Coryright 2007