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Everything Nothing

Everything Nothing

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Published by Louiza Patsis

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Published by: Louiza Patsis on May 29, 2010
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The below is from my second book

Life, Work and Play: Poems and Short Stories
,available on www.authorhouse.com, www.amazon.comandwww.bn.com
Everythin and !othin
Scientific discoveries,
Tri%s to the moon,
& mother's cry as she ives birth,
(os%el sinin in the choir,
Parents' )oy at a child's first actin role,
The %layoffs,
The victory of war,
The sanctity of marriae,
The thrill of orasm,
+eliious freedom,
.lown in the wind.
&re nothin, are nothin,
.ut small, insinificant,
Pur%oseless, short %oints
/f tem%orary brihtness,
0lluminatin nothin.
The hurricanes, the earth1uakes,
The floods,
The winds,
2ome swee% it all away.
Look at the stars in the sky.
The embraces of friends found by fate,
The bond of motherhood,
& letter awaitin to be o%ened
+oses and %ets,
3ouses and furniture,
The subway in rush hour,
.eloved land, and laws, and food,
+idin on a shi% in the sea to find
& randmother's smile,
The skin of a baby,
Education of far4away lands,
Survival of the fittest,
,isease and death.
&ll of these are nothin,
5et all of these are beautiful,
&ll of these are real.
Everythin, everythin,
We are iven, we create
.efore us
&nd in our souls
0s everythin.

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