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about directions

Yajie: Perfect Chinese your way in only five minutes a day. 大家好. Welcome to Chinese
Studio. This is Yajie.
Cam: 大家好, and this is Cam. We learned how to ask the location of something last
time. But when I say yin hang zai nar, which means “where is the bank”, what would the
answer be?
Yajie: Good question. Let’s check today’s Key Words of the Day.

***********Key words of the day

Today we’ll learn more about directions. 离, away from; 这儿, here; 多远, how far; 医院离这
儿多远?How far is the hospital from here? “往前走两百米” Walk straight two hundred meters.
All in today’s Chinese Studio.

Yajie: 离 means away from.

Cam: 离 (li).
Yajie: 离, l-i, the second tone.
Cam: 离 (lí). This is confusing because li, in the second tone, also means pear,right?
Yajie: Yes, but they are different characters.
Cam: I see. So how do I say “here” in Chinese?
Yajie: It’s 这儿. and 那儿 means there.
Cam: jar - nar
Yajie: Right. 多远, means how far is …?
Cam: 多, d-u-o, the first tone; 远, y-u-a-n, the third tone.
Yajie: Right. 多远, how far is …?
Cam: 多远 (duō yuǎn).
Yajie: 离这儿多远?
Cam: 离这儿多远?(li zher duo yuan) means how far from here? So I could say chao shi li
zher duo yuan, right? That means How far is the supermarket from here?
Yajie: Right!

Conversations (1)
(1)---- 医院离这儿多远?(男)
(2) ---- 医院离这儿多远?(女)

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(3) ---- 医院离这儿多远?(男)

Yajie: So if you want to ask how far is a hospital from here, you may say it in this way “医院
Cam: Right. Just put the location at the beginning of the sentence, then add “离这儿多远?”.
Yajie: 医院离这儿多远?How far is the hospital from here?
Cam: 医院离这儿多远?(yiyuan li zher duo yuan?)
Yajie: And Cam, how would you say: How far is the post office from here?
Cam: “邮局离这儿多远?” (youju li zher duo yuan?) Am I right?
Yajie: Yes,and the answer could be the general distance. For example you may say “往前走
两百米” which means 200 meters ahead.
Cam: 往前走两百米 (wang qian zou liang bai mi.) What does wang mean?
Yajie: Wang qian means forward. Wang is third tone. Wang. Qian is second
tone. Qian. Wang Qian.
Cam: Wang Qian. Go forward. And zou means walk, right?
Yajie: Yes, zou. Third tone. And mi means meters. Mi, the third tone. Together, it is
wang qian zou liang bai mi. Walk forward 200 meters.
Yajie: Or you may tell the person how long it will take them to get there.. For instance, you
may say “走路十分钟”, ten minutes by walk.
Cam: 走路十分钟 (zou lu shi fenzhong)
Yajie. Zou means walk, and lu means road.
Cam: And shi is 10, fenzhong is minutes. Zou lu shi fenzhong. It’s a 10 minute walk.

Conversations (2)
(2) ----您好,请问邮局离这儿多远?(男)

Yajie: And to ask how far the supermarket is from here, you can say “超市离这儿多远?”
Cam: 超市离这儿多远?(chaoshi li zher duo yuan?) Last time we also learned the word for
bank, which is “银行(yinhang)”.
Yajie: Yes, 银行(yinhang), all in the second tone, bank.
Cam: So how far is the bank from here should be “银行离这儿多远?”, right?
Yajie: Yes. 银行离这儿多远? How far is the bank from here?

Conversations (3)
(2) ----您好,请问超市离这儿多远?(男)

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**********Key words Reminder
Today we learned more about asking for directions. 离, away from; 这儿, here; 多远, how far;
医院离这儿多远?How far is the hospital from here? “往前走两百米” two hundred meters ahead.
“走路十分钟”, ten minutes on foot.

Yajie: As we mentioned before, to be more polite you can add “您好,请问” to the sentences
we taught you.
Cam: 您好,请问 (nin hao, qing wen), hello, please may I ask….?
Yajie: Exactly. 您好,请问超市离这儿多远?
Cam: 您好,请问超市离这儿多远?(nin hao, qing wen chaoshi li zher duo yuan?)
Cam: With that we come to the end of this edition of Chinese Studio. Last time we brought up
a question of “Where is the post office” The right answer should be “邮局在哪儿?”. Now
question for this time:
Yajie: How do the Chinese people say “How far is the hospital from here?”

  Coryright 2007