eScholarship Publishing Services

eScholarship provides open access, scholarly publishing services to the University of California and delivers a dynamic research platform to scholars worldwide. eScholarship’s publishing services and research tools enable departments, research units, publishing programs, and individual scholars associated with the University of California to have direct control over the creation and dissemination of the full range of their scholarship. That means no publication delays, no access restrictions, no copyright transfers, and no fees. With eScholarship, you can publish the following original scholarly works: • • • • • Journals Books Working Papers Conference Proceedings Paper/Seminar Series

eScholarship also provides deposit and dissemination services for previously published articles or “postprints.” What can UC authors expect from publishing with eScholarship? • • • • • • • • • • • • Digital publication of original scholarship Digital dissemination of previously published materials Manuscript and peer-review management systems Significant reduction in time to publication Author retention of copyright Clear institutional affiliation and context Google optimization for enhanced discoverability Increased citation rates* Perpetual access and preservation services Full-text search and display Comprehensive usage data Free setup, training, and publishing support

eScholarship is a service of the California Digital Library.
For more information, contact your campus library or the CDL Publishing Group: Catherine Mitchell Director CDL Publishing Group 510-587-6132

Elise Proulx Marketing & Outreach Coordinator CDL Publishing Group 510-587-6439

Matthew Winfield Operations Coordinator CDL Publishing Group 510-987-9869

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