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Date: 9th, May 2008


Dr. Surin Pitsuwan

ASEAN Secretary-General

The ASEAN Secretariat

70A, Jalan Sisingamangaraja

Jakarta 12110


Dear Mr. Secretary-General,

ASEAN must act for Burma Cyclone

On 2 May 2008, Cyclone Nargis ripped across the coast of Myanmar (Burma) bringing massive
devastations to hundreds of thousands of people. The scale of the devastation is so immense that
a huge relief and reconstruction efforts will be needed as soon as possible. There are a lot of aid
teams waiting outside to go in with supplies but are being blocked by the Government of

With these concerns, we, the Burmese People, strongly urge ASEAN to act as a proxy-role to
divert resources and aid from the United States, EU and Middle Eastern countries to Myanmar
(Burma) for effective aid and breaking the aid deadlock and mistrust.

Furthermore, we, the Burmese People around the world, would like to urge ASEAN to organize
to send humanitarian assistance teams from governments of ASEAN countries, China, Japan,
India and Australia to Burma as an urgent matter.


Concerned Burmese People for Cyclone victims

For further information,

Dr. Tayza (UK), Email:, Tel: (+44) 7855046422

Mr. Simon Don(Thailand) , Email: , Tel: (+66) 878008972

Ms. Khin Ma Ma Myo (UK), Email:, Tel: (+44) 1224 524077

Ms. Khun Mya Hlaing (Thailand), Email:, Tel: (+66) 2776355735

Mr. Nanda (Singapore), Email:

Ms. Nwe Lay Wai (Myanmar), Email:

Mr. Soe Moe (US), Email:, Tel: +1(515) 97589190

Mr. Zaw Myo Lwin (US), Email:, Tel: +1(515)468-8215

Mr. Kyaw Kyaw (Malaysia), Email:, Tel: (+60) 122482976

Mr. Tayzar Tay (Denmark), Email:, Tel: (+45) 22838096